Car Fire in Redway Yesterday

car fire

[All photos by Shanon Taliaferro]

At approximately 1 p.m. on Saturday, a Ford Crown Victory caught on fire on Orchard Lane in Redway. By approximately 1:15 firefighters had managed to put the blaze out.

Shanon Taliaferro captured these photos of the fire

Thanks, firefighters!



  • Crown Vic? Was it an undercover cop car?

  • Bummer a crown Vic lost its life .I own a retired police interceptor what a fantastic car I got a detective s car not thrashed, they haul ass,so much fun to drive .I’ve always been in the back seat lol ,but now I m the driver it’s actually my wife’s daily driver .they are very safe my wife hauls my grandbaby s two little girls .gives me peace of mind .that they are safe than a normal car .

    • Just one example of what Americans can do well (build a good vehicle). Be sure to carry a small dry chem fire extinguisher under the seat. It can put out an engine fire in two seconds by the driver if needed.

  • *Victoria.. 😉

  • A fire extinguisher is cheap insurance

  • Crown Victoria’s had a history of exploding if they got rear ended. Their gas tank is in the crush zone, behind the rear axle. Cops had their cars rear ended and they exploded. I think that was about 10 years ago that I heard about that.

    • Pintos as well, were notorious for exploding when rear ended!!! My fuzzy memory seems to recall other vehicles as well but of course no names to go with!!!

  • Glad it didn’t spread!! Good job

  • lorrie neuenfeldt

    I heard thst the driver ran away do they know who owns the car.

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