Mikal Wilde, Convicted of Killing One of His Workers on a Marijuana Farm in 2010, Dead After Apparent Suicide

mikal WildeMikal Wilde, the Humboldt County man convicted of the 2010 shooting of two of his workers, one fatally, died September 26 in an apparent suicide.

According to a spokesperson for the Federal Correctional Complex in Terre Haute, Indiana, where Wilde was housed, he “was found unresponsive in his cell on Friday, September 22, 2017, at approximately 11:30 a.m. Upon discovery staff began life saving measures. Mr. Wilde was transported to a local hospital for continued treatment. Mr. Wilde remained at the local hospital until he was pronounced dead by hospital staff on Tuesday, September 26, 2017, at approximately 5:00 p.m.”

According to an AP article, “Wilde apparently hanged himself in his cell.”

A statement by the US Federal Attorney in 2015 after Wilde was found guilty, stated that Wilde, a marijuana grower, had a falling out with his workers, and on August 25, 2010 attempted to shoot two.  According to the press release,

Wilde shot Mr. [Fernando] Lopez-Paz in the face, but he survived, hiding in the woods all night until he found help the following morning. Wilde shot Mr. [Mario Roberto]Juarez-Madrid three times and hunted him down.  The final shot was a contact wound to the back of Mr. Juarez-Madrid’s head. The third worker, Christopher Bigelow, also fled into the woods and hid until he was found by a jogger the following morning.

When Mario Roberto Juarez-Madrid was killed, he left two minor children and a wife in his home country of Guatemala, according to an article in the Times Standard.

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Note: Members of the Wilde family are dear to the heart of this reporter.



  • Karma is like a gun! Bang your dead.

  • Waiting for answers

    RIP Mikal.

    Condolences to victims and their families. Healing prayers to the Wilde extended family.

    I know it’s unlikely but I am going to say please don’t be mean in your comments. A harsh comment only serves as more torment for the living and it isn’t going to help.

    He was someone’s baby. Someone’s son. Someone’s friend and loved one. When someone snaps it doesn’t erase your fond memories or the love.

    There is probably more to this story .

    • Thank you for your kind words.

    • There is more to the story…..banana crank!….

    • More to the story? They were growing millions of dollars worth of weed and he didn’t want to pay his workers. When they said they wouldn’t work for him anymore, he shot them and hunted them down. Any more to that story? More to the story would be to look at who financed the grow.

      The deceased was also a son, father and husband who was working hard for little pay.

      • Waiting for answers

        I agree with your sentiments. The facts of the (tragic) story before federal prison are pretty well known .

        What I’m saying is that what happened in the timespan after he was convicted and committed for those crimes and in the days weeks leading up to his death has more questions than answers .

      • Thank you for mentioning the investors! That is the real story. As was stated in public court Mykal was stressed out hard over his investors’ demands on their returns. That’s why these guys were reduced to hauling water by hand! There is no excuse for shooting your workers. But in the context of what was happening we could have easily found more criminals. Why didn’t we? Why was there zero research done or light shown on who these investors were? They are guilty at least of some RICO crimes- investing in a huge weed grow to make money and then applying pressure to ensure their return to the detriment of the entire project and safety of the workers. Why is everybody seemingly okay with that kind of behavior?! Here’s an obvious plum of a clue which was ignored or willfully avoided- Mykal’s girlfriend was [edit] The same [edit] who sold maybe half of the grow operations in north county while pushing the grow angle to them yet pretending to play dumb. How did that guy get subdivisions through to sell to entire neighborhoods of growers and greenrushers and continue doing so for well over a decade? His daughter does the same kind of greenrush real estate deals especially all out Rt 36. How did these 2 names never come up in the Mykal Wilde capital murder case?!! And how have they been allowed to stimulate almost single-handedly the greenrush in north county? Connections and money exchanging hands and yeah this county is sleazy and corrupt and full of organized criminal units of many persuasions…all are facilitated by the home-grown club.

        • I wasn’t going to drop names, but yes, we are on the same page.

        • That’s why i never worked for realtors they are scum scum!!

        • Good call. Why aren’t the investors up on murder charges ? It could be argued that it’s just the same as renting your garage to a dude that’s running a butane hash lab. Bust them and let the people decide.

          • Yes. It’s very interesting what gets prosecuted and what never even gets mentioned. I’m not sure the investors should be facing murder charges but the fact that they were never investigated or evenly publicly identified is an insanely corrupt sidenote to this sordid affair. Mykal Wilde went nuts and pulled the trigger. But the pressures eagerly put upon him by other people looking to make huge money on an illegal operation? That is extremely relevant. But what do we get…..dead silence.

    • There is peace in knowing he is with God now. That troubles no longer are with him. Prayers for his family.

    • Well-stated. A family is grieving today. Love for family is unconditional – and people are more than their crimes. My sincere condolences to Mr. Wilde’s family as well as the family and victims of the horrific crime. RIP Mr. Wilde – my prayers that you had made peace with the Universe in some way… Just sad for all.
      And please – before the hater trolls attack- forgiveness does not mean forgotten or condoning bad choices –

      • Hey Marie, just so you know not all of us are blinded by the bizarre emotional ties of “family” I’m not sure where you get this unconditional crap from, but are you saying that because someone shares your DNA you will let that override any horrible actions they commit? Interesting priorities you have,,,

        • No, that is not what she is saying. Or at least, let me speak for myself, for me when someone I love does something horrible (and yes, they have) I expect to hold them accountable for what they have done and that also means holding them accountable for the good they have done. If you truly loved someone, not just had some mistaken idea of who they were, you will keep on loving them even if they have made terrible choices but that doesn’t mean excusing crimes.

          • Well you are certainly entitled to hold that view, but I still disagree with the blanket statement that all family love in unconditional. I can for a fact say that there are actions a person can take that would make me have no more love for them, family, friend, or stranger. I just view things from a logical lens rather than an emotional one. The fact that you are genetically more similar to someone really makes little difference to me.

            • You are a sad person Freedom Club…I hope you find the love you are seeking in this world.

              • Not sad at all actually. I live quite the rich and content life. I am not seeking any love in this world, I am fully capable of making my own. Just because someone has a different world view than yourself does not mean they are lacking something and even if they are don’t assume they want the same things as yourself. I hope you find the open mindedness to consider alternate beliefs in this world.

          • Thinking allowed

            I actually met a relative of Hitler. Was no one allowed to say they are happy he died only it should have happened much sooner because he has some decendent somewhere?

            It seems that acknowledging the wrong a person did should include not expecting sympathy or even courtesy from others just because of a personal connection.

          • Thank you Kym- you captured my meaning and intent very well. There is no blind or blanket loyalty simply through DNA – I was referring to the bond that many families and friends carry from knowing/loving/or living with someone long enough to understand they had many great attributes – prior to their crime. I strongly believe that even the most heinous of criminals have a mother and father and probably siblings that love them and agonize over the loss of a loved one regardless of their bad acts – and these families suffer immensely. Regardless of opinions I find zero joy in celebrating a death of any single person and in the rare instance I do – I would remind myself that their family is suffering and for THAT I am sorry.

            • Thanks for clarifying your opinion. Not sure who you are referring to, but I never said anything about celebrating death. Although when it comes to suicide I feel relief for the person that they are no longer suffering that which was so bad it made them want to escape it for good. I know I can’t be the only one that believes a life in prison is no life to live at all.

  • Wow.dont do the crime if you can’t do the time!!it’s sad


    • You must be a native American or else your an immigrants offspring who is straight up talking out your ass. My guess is someone in your family immigrated here and your just a sociopath that thinks only your family was worthy of coming to a different piece of land that belongs to no one but mother nature.

      • Thinking allowed

        Everyone immigrated as the current scientific view is that all humans originate in Africa or the middle east.

        • Marlon Sherman, an instructor at HSU, refuses to acknowledge or discuss scientific theories of human migration into the new world. He claimed to instead believe native american creation stories. When asked which creation story, he said all of them. Though they are clearly contradictory.

          • No, they aren’t contradictory. But it requires deep, deep thought to hook them up.

            • Exactly anon.
              Buddha, jesus, etc all the same parable about men who most likely never existed physically.
              The great flood is recorded in every cultures history. And every culture has its own story about it, just like christians do.

              My guess is hmm is leaving out part of the conversation, which i am sure mr. Sherman would be glad to explain.
              Besides,how is it different for him to believe the myths of creation than a prof saying jehovah made this world. Its all myths with parables for us to learn from.

          • Liberal hypocrisy

            A great example of what is wrong in the university system

            • Conservative Stupidity

              The University system is a bastion of intellectual freedom that threatens the peabrain party of STUPID Conservative.

      • He’s just a troll. All the crazy shit said in all the threads are trolls trying to piss you off. Kyms site was clear of them in the beginning , but is now infected . They try to incite with racial innuendo, misogyny and just plain insanity.
        The best thing to do is not answer them, let their stupid comments stand alone with no response, unless you enjoy getting in arguments with trolls that are laughing at getting a rise out of you

        • They are every where, not just here. It seems to be a growing trend that people rip into others, act like their thoughts are the high road and the only road. They thrive on division and hate; it excites them with a sense of false power and righteousness. They do not want dialogue nor to contemplate the other person’s words/actions. Put downs, angry words are the norm. They are living a life of negativity and unfortunately it splatters. I like your idea of no reply. I had just thought today I would leave off reading comments but yours has given me a new thought and action (action = no reply!). Thanks!

    • Where were decedents from? Sounds like that move wasnt approved by many of us either, and would have saved us all the 4 mins we just wasted in life reading your two sense (cents) worth.

  • Thinking allowed

    Karma schmarma. This is a story of doing bad things for money. And, as is so common when such people get together, it ended badly. It may not have been inevitable but it certainly seems a more extreme example of a frequent event reported in the media.

    But I suppose some pro legalize all drugs, anti incarceration web site will add this man’s conviction to the statistics in the horrorible effects of criminalization, ie it would have never happened if drugs were legal.

  • All that marijuana money wasnt worth it. Didnt this dispute with the workers originate over wages or pay??

  • I have to admit, this does not make me feel any better about this whole terrible crime.

  • My heart goes out to his family, you didn’t deserve this.

  • Sleepy Alligator

    Good riddance! I’m picturing those workers running thru the woods for their life after being shot, shot at, and knowing their friend isn’t running with them because his life has been taken by this asshole. Good riddance!

  • More shitbag dope grower behavior. Hopefully prop 64 will flush almost all growers out of humboldt,leave the growing to real farmers.

    • It wont happen overnight, but legalization will bring an end to black market BS and its associated crime. Real businesses who pay taxes, comply with laws and employ local people do not take kindly to greedy amateurs. Those who have come here for a quick buck will find the going ever tougher, eventually impossible. Thats how it works. That is why we legalized it.

      • Thinking allowed

        Then the sort of thinking that created pot criminals will change to another drug that isn’t legal. It’s the nature of beast. Both users and suppliers. It’s happening now. Newer and ever more virulent versions of the old standards are marketed.

        It doesn’t change and is harder to uproot that scotch broom once established. It’s part and parcel of the idea that drugs create a happier life. The search for the end of the rainbow is never stops because you can’t find what doesn’t exist.

      • Until the feds and all the other states legalize it, the black market will thrive. California grows over ten times what it consumes. All these greenrushers are selling out of state.

    • Is the the BridgeChump in bame disguise??!!
      Or its a ridiculously awful, local chess club. Oh well, your chumpness is at your service again. From his knees to his sick, educated insight to cannabis eradication and how that excites the chump in the many ways that we dont want to hear bout. (Thanksjohn)

    • Take a life,Forfeit yours…

  • I believe justice is like gravity, a natural law. It always evens things up. We are all subject to the death penalty. Try to be good and do good. I find this tory to be filled with sadness.

  • fuckwalterwhite.com

    So this years trimmers that hear about this will come armed.

  • All for greed, look where it got him.

  • My old neighbor. He’s in a warmer place now.

  • I’ve dealt with suicide among friends so many times I’ve lost count, and just this afternoon my daughter posted on FB that she’s had suicidal thoughts due to long-standing depression. She is getting professional help and has a supportive husband and family, so is doing well right now. Her FB post mentioned the classic saying is that suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem, but sometimes the problem isn’t temporary.

    As I understand it, Mikal was serving life plus 35 years. Not hardly a temporary problem. I’m sorry he couldn’t find another way to deal with his demons and very sad indeed for his family and friends.

  • Nice to know so many of these insensitive, selfish trolls are without sin. Suicide is not a laughing matter, regardless of who it is, and whether you like them or not. Wait until it happens to your kid. SMDH!

    • Gotta love the fools who toss around the word sin. Because taking the lord’s name in vane is totally the same as shooting people in cold blood. Perhaps some of us would rather not have our tax dollars go to pay more money per year to house these hopeless life sentence criminals than we spend on ourselves to live each year while we live peacefully and don’t violate others like he did. If you are going to rot in a cell for the rest of your life then you are just wasting resources that could be spent on much more deserving and needy people.

  • I thing there is much more to this story that we’ll never know………

    • We’ll never know….Or it will be revealed months or years from now. Life and death in the federal pen are insular. There is I would bet a federal inquiry into this incident. The details of which will be hard to obtain. I don’t think you are supposed to be able to hang or harm yourself while in custody so that is one thing. Also who are the nice un-murderous people in a federal prison? I bet there are only a few. Do you think the guards are nice? …well i bet it could be dangerous. Honestly I hated that he murdered and shot those guys. I also am disturbed by his death. Violent death of any sort is just disturbing .

  • Can’t blame that death on the HCSO jail staff this time!

  • You reap what you sow, he took the Cowards way out and didn’t have to pay for taking life from those others! Prayers for his family and also for the families of the victims!

    • You hit the nail on the head.

    • Without being present, we cannot know who actually chose his path to the other side, can we? I used to know a sundance intercessor who was crossed over under similar circumstances (minus the murder part). He was definitely not a “coward”, but his death was ruled a suicide by hanging.
      Maybe someone’s tongue was starting to loosen up. Maybe the traditional way of justice prevailed behind those walls. Hard lessons all around. Peace be with you all.

  • “A man at the center of a case that rocked Humboldt County has died.”

    I was here, but I don’t remember being rocked.

  • RIP Mikal. Condolences and prayers to his family <3

  • RIP Mikal.
    Once a shy kid. He got caught up in the worst of the marijuana element. (One particular individual’s name is withheld here). I’d like to think that he was on drugs at the time of the murder. It would help me understand ‘how this could happen’.
    Sad end to a tragic story. (RIP to those he murdered too).
    May his family find some peace now. Whatever were Mikal’s demons and the mindset that he carried (guilt/regret or denial/ego, etc), be that now calm.
    QUESTIONS: Does anyone know if he had remorse?
    Anyone talk to him after his arrest/ conviction (to get a sense of his mindset)?
    And. What part did prison life play in his decision to kill himself?

  • My sincerest and deepest condolences to the Wilde Family.

    To the rest of you hate-filled people… I hope suicide never touches you and your family.

    Suicide is a terrible thing. None of you know what happened out there with Mikal. You weren’t there.

    How about you have some type of human compassion and stop judging others!!

    • Not sure if I qualify for the category of hate filled people or not, but I and my family have been touched by suicide. I still don’t view it as a universally bad thing. Like many other things in life I believe it can be good, bad, and everything in between. Most people have such a strong existence bias, that they can’t see the other side of it. Sometimes it is the best option to eliminate immense suffering. Death is the most natural thing in this world and having control over your own can be very empowering.

  • Where in Kneeland did this whole thing go down?

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