Southern Humboldt Woman Named to State’s New Cannabis Advisory Committee

Kristin Nevedal from the International Cannabis Farmers Association

Kristin Nevedal photo from the International Cannabis Farmers Association

This week, Kristin Nevedal of Southern Humboldt was named to the brand new Cannabis Advisory Committee that works under the Bureau of Cannabis Control. Nevedal first became active in the local cannabis community. Later, she began participating in statewide organizing efforts. Eventually, she began working for Americans for Safe Access and then began working to coordinate with international efforts to promote sun grown cannabis.

Below is the press release from the Bureau of Cannabis Control:

The Department of Consumer Affairs today announced the members of the state’s new Cannabis Advisory Committee under the Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC).

The committee will advise BCC and the other licensing authorities – the California Department of Food and Agriculture and the California Department of Public Health – on the development of regulations that help protect public health and safety and reduce the illegal market for cannabis.

“The department received hundreds of qualified applications for the committee and reviewed all of them during the selection process,” said Department of Consumer Affairs Director Dean R. Grafilo. “These individuals represent the diverse backgrounds of California and the cannabis industry and have the necessary experience to make the committee successful.”

The members appointed by Department of Consumer Affairs Director Dean R. Grafilo include:

•    Avis Bulbulyan, CEO, SIVA Enterprises
•    Timmen Cermak, Psychiatry and Addiction Psychiatry, Private Practice
•    Matt Clifford, Attorney, Trout Unlimited
•    Bill Dombrowski, President and CEO, California Retailers Association
•    Jeff Ferro, Director, Cannabis Workers Rising (United Food and Commercial Workers)
•    Kristin Heidelbach, Director, Teamsters Joint Councils 7 & 42
•    Eric Hirata, Chief Deputy Director, Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control
•    Alice Huffman, President and CEO, A.C. Public Affairs, Inc.
•    Catherine Jacobson, Director of Clinical Research, Tilray
•    Arnold Leff, Public Health Officer, Santa Cruz County Department of Public Health
•    Kristin Lynch, Deputy Executive Director, Service Employees International Union, Local 1021
•    Kristin Nevedal, Chief Compliance Officer, Sunfed, Inc.
•    Joe Nicchitta, Countywide Coordinator, Office of Marijuana Management, County of Los Angeles
•    Lavonne Peck, Owner, Native Network Consulting
•    Matt Rahn, Mayor Pro-Tem, City of Temecula
•    Keith Stephenson, Founder and CEO, Purple Heart Patient Center
•    James Sweeney, Principal, James W. Sweeney & Associates
•    Tamar Todd, Policy Manager and Legal Director, Drug Policy Alliance
•    Helena Williams, Captain, Drug Evaluation & Classification Program, California Highway Patrol
•    David Woolsey, Sergeant, San Jose Police Department, Division of Medical Marijuana Control
•    Ben Wu, President and Chief Operating Officer, Kush Bottles
•    Beverly Yu, Assistant Policy Analyst, United Domestic Workers

Committee members serve at the pleasure of the Director of the Department of Consumer Affairs. Members will not be paid, but will be reimbursed for any necessary travel for approved advisory committee meetings.

BCC will work with the new members to set a date for the first meeting of the advisory committee. Additional information and meeting agendas will soon be posted at, and on the Cannabis Web Portal,



  • Important Info……… 3-4 Huey helicopters with netting leaving Garberville airport headed towards Gibson / Miller Creek watershed out by Whitethorn. Choppers are in camo field dressing.
    Just for your information, but be advised.

    • Yes!! We need something like this every day. And under federal law they should start eradicating these huge “permitted” grows especially!!

    • Are you sure? There are PG&E helicopters out and about today.

    • Really, there’s was two bell jet ranger helicopters flying around today probably pge, the only uh1 (huey) that flys around here belongs to cdf. You can never mistake the sound of a Huey.

  • Victor G. Flashman

    An interesting assortment of characters on this committee! It very much appears that they will agree on not much… Humboldt thinks they have a corner, but Cannabis is everywhere! If you want to survive in Cannabis, it is time to form a group, process and deal as a co-op or even a corporation, learn to brand, market, advertise… This is not rocket science! Will bud be sold at the farmer’s market for $20/lb?

    Here comes the future – get ready!

    • The future is already written. Anybody living on weak dreams and hippie hopes is about to be annihilated. Sell out now at top dollar and run far away. It is going down and will not come back up for 20 years- that’s real estate. Weed prices- they will never come back. Thank a mega-grower millionaire on your way out- for “everything they did for the community”.

      • Exactly, all these pieces of land in Thorn and Ettersburg that people think are worth a million bucks ain’t going to be worth squat in a few years . The value of the land was based on the fact that you could make good money off it . Now you can’t make much and it’s going to get worse . Have fun in EB come winter time when you’re cold and broke . Have fun applying for work at shop smart .

      • Those places aren’t selling. The bottom has fallen out . There’s a ton of places for sale near me, no one even looking at them. Also, people want to be cashed out with legal money so they can leave this shit show and buy somewhere far away from this shit show. Growers have mostly buried cash, that won’t work.

      • No. Thank all the yuppy libs from LA and the Yay area for passing recreational marijuana! This is another reason for Jefferson state….

      • Buzzard , remember the Calif. Lotto bill that came up for a vote about 15 years ago, They said it would support our schools and improve Calif. education. That turned out to be the biggest lie the Government has ever told us. Now they want to tax another sin, Drugs. Gambling and drugs , Next will be the taxing of Sex. just like Thailand, A bustling sex industry with all the problems that brings. none of these will work. the government wants easy money just like the freeloading travelers that choke up our natural resources. The growers know that POT is no more easy money. Everything about it is difficult, from cloning to growing, harvesting, trimming, drying selling. I work my ass off and my Net income is around 40-50 K a year. Time to move on.

    • As long as the East Coast, the South, and the Midwest are in high demand for the herb, that 20lb. is just a fantasy.

  • Feds got 147 lbs of pot off some dummy on 36 near the Pines last night

  • Yep forest service Leo’s had 36 covered yesterday haven’t heard them yet today. Everybody needs a scanner, these dummies here in the pines have no idea the Feds are waiting to bust them on 36


    Still against Federal Law.
    Anyone issuing a permit is a criminal.

    • like slavery… maybe a bit hyperbolic but the point remains:
      “An unjust Law is no Law at all.”
      better yet don’t bother reading this “fuckwalterwhite” as comprehension is crucial

  • Leo’s just got another 40lbs on 36

  • You need me on this panel as the present approach will kill humboldts 2nd grandest offering.

    Best better bet that.

  • The start of stand down.

  • Concerned citizens

    Feds were collecting at Alderpoint & bellsprings about thirty mins ago . 3 black trucks , lights on top and a dog was thinking maybe they are trying to catch a transport

  • Congrats Kristen. It’s about time a good, honest, caring person I put in a position of oversight in cannabiz.

  • Congratulations, Kristen!

  • Finally a legit job Kristin. Please pay all the back taxes on your illegal income that got you qualified for the new position!

  • Where else do you get experience in this field? Do tell!

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