[UPDATE 6:46 p.m.] Body Found Near Dean Creek Bridge

Death investigation, coroner, sheriff Humboldt
A body was found late this afternoon near the Dean Creek Bridge north of Redway, confirmed Lt. Ken Swithenbank of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department. “Deputies are currently on scene and conducting a death investigation…The Coroner is en route.”

Swithenbank said the investigation had been underway such a short time that it was not yet known whether the body was male or female. At this point, he doesn’t yet know from his deputies on the scene who located the body or at what time it was located.

UPDATE 6:46 p.m.: Warning: A reader sent us the following photo of the body as it was seen in the water this afternoon from the bridge leading to the Redway Transfer Station (the dump). If you are concerned about viewing it, please don’t scroll down.




A body floats in the South Fork of the Eel River below the bridge which leads to the Redway Transfer Station (the dump) while a group gathers on the bank.

A body floats in the South Fork of the Eel River below the bridge which leads to the Redway Transfer Station (the dump) while a group gathers on the bank. [Photo provided by a reader]



  • are we in an old fashioned body count movie? damn.
    i’d like to tell those loved ones – i’m sorry for what you are now forced to endure. may you find calm in the storm.

  • Here we go again wow that was fast ,for another kill in .time to pull out the 1911 and rest it on your arm chair arm .locked and loaded.

  • Thinking allowed

    Could have died of natural causes. There is no infonyet to assume it was murder.

  • Humbolt has gone insane. Glad I’m outta that sh*t hole. Good luck everyone.

  • Drugs are involved someway. Either overdose, murder or some zonked out homeless dude.

    • Charles Engebretson

      Nice.Fishing for a little narcissistic suply??

    • perhaps by overdose you might mean eating too much of too many wrong things for too many long yrs. natural causes after a good deal of, perhaps, pleasure. tis what i’m aiming for. rip stranger.

    • Guess what, accidents happen. Even the most sober person can slip off a cliff.

    • What a judgemental arrogant a-hole you are. Clueless people like you are the reason so-hum has such a low image. Ignorant individuals like yourself should be forced to go to finishing school prior to being allowed to open your mouth or give you opinions or ideas. There are so many other ways this unfortunate death could’ve happened that its absurd for you or anyone to try to file it under, The Drugs Did It Again! Regardless of how and why, there is a family in mourning of the loss of someone they dearly love. Wheres the compassion? Where is the love? How about being humble? Or just remain silent. Have some class jackass.

  • Think about what u comment until facts r known everyone’s life matters prayers for the family

  • We need a comment from earnie branscomb.

  • Maybe it’s the chump ,but condolences to who ever is his our her family RIP.

  • There is a large bum camp just up river from that site. This camp also hovers above 300-400 foot vertical drop to eel river….woke up there years ago after a black out from redway bar…..I was conserned,but luckily still drunk. O how I miss the old daze…lol

  • and this kids Is another reason why you don’t want to drink out of the river.

  • Hope its not that man that came to see the redwoods on a suicide mission….

  • Did gazoo finally take a long walk off of a short bridge?

  • CuriousHumboldtian

    It appears to be in the nude? That adds to the odd factor here! Rip dear soul! Condolences to the family!

  • There’s a woman named Robin who has been living under the bridge for years… I hope it’s not her. She could also possibly know something about this – ? We all need to do a good deed or two every single day to help turn this energy around…too much judgement & criticism goin’ on. Be part of solutions, not judgements & problems. Peace

    • I thought of Robin too, I did see her yesterday in Redway…if the photo was better identity would be easier perhaps. But it was taken from the bridge without a telephoto lens so not easy to blow up. Kym can you let us know the sheriff/coroner’s report? Thanks

    • I saw Robin today, this morning, hitchhiking into town.

    • It’s not Robin don’t worry I gave her a ride home just minutes before this. There were people down on the River Bar with children. I called Robin and she said she heard one of the people say look daddy there’s a sturgeon in the river. She doesn’t know anything about it. Thank God it wasn’t Robin. This really saddens me. My condolences to the people that lost a loved one

      • Thank you for letting us know, Peggy.

        • You bet… Robin is one of my very dear friends. I would hate for something to happen to her. I’m glad everybody takes an interest and protects her. And thank you for everybody that gives her rides, and checks on her

          • If she’s a dear friend and u dont want anything bad to happen then why do u let her live under a bridge…..?

            • The same reason why you don’t pay your friend’s bills. Everyone only has so much they can give. We all make choices about how much we can do in life. I care about the victim’s of the Vegas shooting and I’m willing to donate a little. I’m not willing to sell my house and donate the proceeds.

              • Right, we don’t pay our neighbors bills because there’s only so much we can do. Yet we have no problem with our country paying our neighboring countries or countrys on the other side of the world for that matter bills out of our pocket! While our neighbors one or two houses over might be living under a bridge or starving makes perfect sense.

                • Aside from humanitarian reasons, there’s a value in stabilizing suffering countries so there aren’t refugees flooding into other areas and causing more problems.

              • My point is if that was ” my very dear friend” I wouldn’t have them live under a bridge….but then again….I’m a troll who lives under a bridge and eats mutten for breastfast! Also kym, this “value” as u state in other country’s is not about actually caring for there people,its about what we can take from that country. Remember Operation Iraqi Freedom…. we are here to “free” you people! (And kill you and take all your oil). If we spent that 100 billion dollars a year helping our own in this country we would all be better off

            • Seriously Buzzardnest??? You know nothing about me or Robin. I have known her many years. She likes living where she is but that’s none of your business she has issues. I feed her I help her anyway I can clean showers and food. And that’s none of your freaking business. She lives where she lives because that’s where she wants to be. And if that makes her happy that’s her own business. So why don’t you mind your own. And I’ll mind mine

            • I feel sorry for you you have no compassion. She could live with me anytime she wanted she chooses to live where she lives. It makes her happy. Mind your own business

    • I live at Dean Creek and visit with Robin often. That was my first thought when my neighbor’s kids spotted something in the water. Thankfully with one of the father’s who quickly turned the three back up to the park and walked down to the river’s edge to find the body of this woman….. It definitely was not Robin.

    • My thought too.
      But whomever, RIP

  • Another dead body we will never hear a conclusion too.

  • Naked and dead. Overdose.

    • What makes you say that they are naked?! The article certainly doesn’t state that and they are clearly clothed in the picture. Please read before spouting non truths!!

  • Mytruckisahillbeater

    No no no no… another lost life way too close to home…. now I gotta run home to understand what really happened, this is surreal. Just when i thought its gotten as bad as it could in our community.. another totally’fucked situation. Accident or not, which is probably not… Im really becoming more and more dissociative every day..

  • Please consider removing the image of the floating corpse, out of sensitivity to family, friends, etc. WTF.

    • I did consider not posting it. And I wouldn’t if it would have identified the victim before law enforcement could have reached the family to notify them. However, I’ve provided plenty of warning for those who do not wish view it and it provides context for the place where the body was found.

      • Sometimes it’s good to post these photos to remind people that it is a life that was lost & not just a statistic. You gave plenty of warning & if people don’t want to look, they don’t have to scroll. Thank you for always doing great things for our community Kym!!

        Besides, it’s far enough away which makes it less upsetting to people 😉

    • Get over it, do gooder

  • I grew up in 80’s and 90’s DC. Drama City. Dodge City. The Murder Capitol (at that time) of the country.

    Even changed the name of the basketball team from the Bullets to the Wizards around that time 🙁

    My kid has been witness to more lifeless bodies here in So Humboldt… whilst still in Elem school.

    What the Actual F*ck.

  • Kym anyword on who the person is?cause of death ?

  • Is there any new information?

  • Where is my sister?

    anything now? And to the person saying she has a son….no she does not. Her partner had had a boy with another woman that child is not in any way related to my sister. Yes, I am her twin.

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