14-Year-Old Fortuna Girl Tells County Supervisors She’s Tired of Smelling Pot in Her Home

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This letter from a 14-year-old Fortuna girl was originally sent to the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors, but her family has requested that we reprint it here. Their family’s property is in the city of Fortuna. The cannabis grow is just outside of the city limits.

To Whom It May Concern,

My name is Jenna Lewis and I currently live…in Fortuna, CA. I am a freshmen at Fortuna high school and I currently play volleyball.

Lately, a pot smell has been surrounding my house. I know that the city of Fortuna and the county of Humboldt know there is a pot garden right across from the residential area I live in, but I don’t think they realize how much it actually affects me, my family, and the families around us. The smell is VERY strong.

My brother and I like to open up our windows, which helps us sleep. Well, now when we open our windows, we get a strong smell of pot into our rooms, which gives us headaches and then we’re not able to sleep as well. My family and I are also very active. We have a basketball hoop outside and a ping pong table in the garage. We also like to play catch with a football, play wiffle ball, and even set up a volleyball net in the backyard and play volleyball. There is also a fire pit in our side yard and we love to roast s’mores in it. However, lately we haven’t been able to go out and do those things because of how bad the smell of the pot has been.

We also really like to have people over, including the Fortuna high football team for their weekly Thursday night dinners. For those dinners the team eats outside because there is not enough room in our house. While they’re outside eating, it is VERY embarrassing to have the smell of pot roaming around as if it was my family with a pot garden.

I realize that the pot industry is very big right now and someone is getting A LOT of money for the garden across from us, but life isn’t all about money. Besides, wouldn’t you rather have a nice, friendly family that does a lot to support the community live here than some pot growers who will just cause more problems?

Aside from my personal views on pot, this is a problem I would like fixed because of the way it is affecting my life and the air that I breathe everyday.

Thank you for your time and for considering my family when you make decisions.


Jenna Lewis

14 years old

Fortuna, CA



  • Welcome to the new world of drugs.

    Money rules and the financial backers of the supervisors want Humboldt to become a drug mecca, then drug mecca it shall be. This isn’t about red or blue parties, this is about green money and they are selling all of us out for it.

    • One of the supervisors sons was greenlighted for a major grow op.

    • Victor G. Flashman

      I’m kinda inclined to say that Northern California, it smells like pot. And not in a good way!

      The stink of weed is just a fact of life, and this is the saddest possible statement. When children are suffering from the stench, the wages of drug madness become the ultimate nightmare.

      I have stated previously that the act of creating a child in Humboldt is ipso facto an act of abuse.

      I think that it is 50 years late to legalize pot, but I never could have imagined how devastated Northern CA has become by the drug trade.

      The degradation will continue until pot is a pedestrian commodity, grown only out on farmland and away from the tenderest citizens… The odors though, are not going to go away.

      • “I have stated previously that the act of creating a child in Humboldt is ipso facto an act of abuse.”

        Sigh….I try to believe you sincerely mean what you say but sometimes you really do try to get a rise out of folks, don’t you?

        • I feel bad for this family. I also live in a drug riddin community. But mine is meth and tweekers. I say NO dope in resident areas. No grows in neighborhoods. Just my opinion…..

          • I agree that grows should not be allowed in residential areas. NO GROWS in Our Neighborhoods. I also like to be outside and enjoy fresh air, but all I smell is pot too. There is plenty of land away from all the neighborhoods, and if it is going to be legal or allowed to be grown, it should not be allowed near or in our neighborhoods.

            • What if your neighbors were chain smokers who smoked 2 packs of cigs per day. And said smoke whafted over into your property offending your sensibility ? What if a certain ethic group moved next door that burned incense day and night as a part of their religious practice and said smell whafted over to your property again offending your sensibility ? I can go with Other smells that easily can be transmitted by the wind offending those who do not prefer that smell. I doubt very seriously that a true organic cannabis plant resin smell could cause these sorts of physical issues this teenager states. However I don’t know maybe they can. However when one lives clustered together like cattle in a feed lot in a neighborhood invariably their will at least be one thing person smell etc that offends someone. And that someone and their overzealousness has rubbed off onto their children creating a society where the significance of Me First over rides the Masses. Why can’t we just all get along together celebrating our own each others uniqueness ? I surely ramble on but imagine that your life could be quite worse than offensive smells.

              • I love your created world of “What ifs”. Anybody can use a straw man.

              • I can say the smell of pot when in a grow causes me to get a headache. It’s not pleasant. Also the smell of a grow doesn’t even have to be close it can be a couple miles away & the over whelming stench from it still can cause me to get a headache. So don’t doubt that it causes this child to get a headache.

      • Victor, you cross some lines there buddy. I have had two children in Humboldt county and my grandson was born a few days ago. I do not abuse my family. Maybe if you or a loved one is ever very sick or critically injured you will be glad that I, and those like me, don’t agree with you. What you say is insulting and you should consider who you are insulting when you chose your words. I should think you wouldn’t want anyone to really take you seriously when you talk like that. It would be a dreary situation if productive members of this area listened to you and agreed. All I can surmise is that you don’t want to be taken seriously at all. Maybe you just want to vent hot air and rattle off words that sound potent but hold no water. You end up negating all your points as over the top hog wash. If it is your choice to dilute all you say as meaningless, then by all means, carry on.

    • Why can’t they plant of array of fragrant flowers and herbs that aren’t marijuana…? To absorb the marijuana smell? I’m sure if there’s some research done they could figure something out. There is plants that they plant around homes to deter insects and rodents. I bet if they did some research they could figure out how to surround they’re pot growing industry area with other types of plants to absorb the stench.. anyway just an idea or thought

      • Wouldn’t that be the job of the grower to mitigate the smell. Why would it be the family’s burden ?

      • Maybe an 8 foot tall by 3 ft hedge surrounding their property might help a little!

        Wouldn’t cost much, take a while to grow though.

    • grow male plants

      jenna, your family should do what i am doing to rid my mountain of the earthraping bitches that cut a big whole in the beautiful forest here right up against my property line. GROW MALE PLANTS near them. no smell to bother you and theres no way for their weed to not get ruined esp if they dont know its happening. theres nothing they can do about it. you dont need a permit for a small “medical” grow just get them going early w an early maturing variety so you can ruin their early light dep too. figure out a good location w wind currents that flow their way. you will prob only have to do it for 1 season. that or open a “youth day camp” if theyre within 1000 ft. i dont think you need much licensing or permits for a day camp. but i would go with pollination. when they have a huge crop failure they will sell/move.

    • What you should do is grow a bunch of male plants or spray pollen on a windy day and seed there crop they will stop

  • Dear County,

    My neigbors smoke cigarettes on thier porch. Please send police to ruin their lives until they stop.

    • Stupid is as Stupid Does………~*

      • I feel sorry for the kid, but that’s life. When I was her age, I didn’t like having to eat dinner on the couch because there were disassembled transmissions and carburetors on the dinner table all the time. The smell of carb cleaner gave me a headaches. But ya gotta pay the bills some how. I didn’t like living in old Town eureka being forced to inhale roasting coffee bean smoke, also giving me headaches. The pulp mill stunk, low tide stinks, and yes outdoor weed stinks for 2 months out of the year too. My friend said he just got back from Tijuana and it stinks there too.

        • Life is like a shit sandwich. The more bread ya have, the less shit you will taste.

        • Liberal hypocrisy

          Hahaha spot on my friend, life’s a bitch then you die. I am so tired of the whining

        • Yeah …. Slightly different. Car parts aren’t drugs. Pulp mills don’t interest the cartels. Roasting coffee beans doesn’t bring attendant crime. Etc. Etc. Weed = crime (until the prices bottom out completely – which I hope ruins all the carpet baggers).

          We should sympathize with this teenager and not pretend to “teach her a lesson” with our own worn-out life experiences (see comments above and below). She is just starting out in life, unfortunately in a community that values money and materialism and self-stimulation over logic, love and the law.

          The supervisors don’t care. They have cush jobs and health insurance and retirement while the rest of us have to deal with the crime on the streets brought by dope.

    • Yes please this is a joke! Sprays on legal ag fields of letuce are worse than the smell of growing pot. People are brainwashed! This little girl needs to stop listening the the brainwashing. It isn’t the smell of pot that is giving u headaches look for another cause! Maybe sprays… marajuana is now legal in California people need to start teaching their children this. You will shortly b able to buy it for recreational use in eureka ca .

      • I’ve been smoking weed since the 60’s and the smell of green pot gives me headaches.

        • Several growers have told me similar stories. Generally, I find the smell of green marijuana lovely outside, but I’m not sure how it would be with this large of a field next to a home.

          • Pot smells like skunk to me. Spent a night at the Hampton in Ukiah recently, and that “lovely” skunk smell was emanating into a large part of the hallway. Next day, driving in the Comptche area, there was that “lovely” smell of skunk again, but it wasn’t real skunk, it was just a big grow.

            I’m with the bright 14 year old.

            • I’m with you, we have a couple poorly filtered indoor grows in my neighborhood as well. Half the time I can’t tell if I’m smelling a skunk spraying near our house or the wind blowing the rank weed smell my way. Me personally, have never thought the smell of a plant that mimics the defensive odor of a certain black and white animal pleasant. Doesn’t give me a headache, but neither does smelling someone’s farts, but that doesn’t mean I enjoy smelling it.

          • I feel it smells delightful

          • Grow GSC. The smell is totally floral and unskunk-like.

      • Not everyone in humboldt is a stoner, nor enjoys pot. Yes, there is a population that the smell actually gives them terrific headaches and nausea . Maybe if more people were not egocentric and actually thought about their impacts on other people lives, more people would be apt to get along and work together to the benefit of all, not just a few.

      • The smell of pot growing gives me terrible headaches and nausea! I am NOT an impressionable “brainwashed” young girl – I am an adult who lives in a county where you can’t go anywhere without smelling it. September and October are almost unbearable.

    • Dear county , my family lives across the street from cow fields. It’s smells really bad. It gives me headaches. I can’t sleep with the windows open because it makes our house smell like crap. It’s really embarrassing having people over because everything smells like crap. I know that people make money from the cows, but everything isn’t about money. sincerely – dumb teenage girl from fortuna

      • This is what I was thinking along with the smells of sewer treatment plants and coffee roasters in Etc

      • Best comment ever!!!!!!!!

      • And the flies . . .

        But I can see it could get not just a little obnoxious after awhile. I can understand what the kid is saying, and wouldn’t want my grandaughter to have to put up with that.

      • Calling 14-year-old girls “dumb”…is the epitome of intelligent response?

        I’m not sure I agree with her but after reading some of the unkind responses to an articulate young woman reaching out to offer her opinion to her community, I know I’m seriously concerned about some of the priorities I see being shown here.

        • What did you think was going to happen when you posted an article like this

          • I don’t know…that people would respond like adults and debate what is a problem that is representative of issues the community is going to face as cannabis integrates more into the mainstream…I’m funny that way. I believe that humanity is worth saving. But then there are people that make me wonder….

            (Also, just so we’re clear, this isn’t an article which is based on facts presented by a reporter. This is a letter to the editor written by an articulate young woman.)

            • I strongly disagree with this letter. My first thought is, she’s calling marijuana “pot” if you want us to take this serious, use its given name. Secondly, she seems uneducated in the fact that the crop will be making her county and state a lot of money to come, seeing how the letter is written she seems uneducated on marijuana in general. It’s 2 months out of the year, she has 10 months to do all that she stated. Third, they are legally permitted in the county, though it may be along the city limits, it’s still in the county, its unfortunate that their house is so close, but how much revenue her family brings to the city and county is pocket change canpared to the grower.The farm is going to win here as long as they are following the laws and regs. People do need to start coming to terms with the Green Culture. Personally I enjoy the smell, around here it means it’s truly harvest season. Grapes, pears, apples, and marijuana.

              • We can’t take her seriously because she calls it pot?!? What a ridiculous comment. Go back to your pot pharm. your medicine probably needs some fungicide.

        • Just replace "pot" with "pigs" in the letter

          The comment should have used the word “ignorant” instead of “dumb”. After all, she is currently learning what it means to live “near the edge of town” next to “agriculture” lands. I gonna admit, it’s a shocker to those who aren’t used to it, or didn’t know they were so close to such places, and every year there is always someone writing in letters just like this one about the odours of farm life blowing over their houses overlooking said farms.

        • Spot on Kym !!!!!!!

      • The difference…the cow fields were there long before you moved in. You were aware of them before you purchased your home. Rather like the person that moves next to an airport and then snivels about the planes. She didn’t move into a grow…the grow moved in on her. And I can remember driving down to Kings County when I was a kid and the fertilizers they put on the tomatoes and other fields would sting your eyes and burn your throat. The smell of growing weed sends a friend of mine into an allergic fit. To the point that she can’t breathe and has to use an epi-pen. So…she’s moving. Lived here her whole life and has to move. There is good and bad in all things. Lets not let the bad overload the good.

    • It’s already a law that you can’t smoke when others are affected. Since 1984 it’s been illegal to smoke in a work place. It’s also illegal to smoke cigarettes on public beaches in SoCal

      • Smoking cigarettes inside of an office building and growing tobacco on your agriculturally-zoned farm are not the same thing.

  • Good thing she doesn’t live next to a dairy.

    • Would rather smell Dairy droppings than Green Pot in my Yard!!!

      • I wouldn’t and the rivers run brown with shit next to dairy farms in winter the same cannot be said of most pot grows. The impact is different…

        • Really? Pesticides and the likes? Not to mention the need for security as the stupidheads who want to get in on the grow and help themselves? They might be in Jenna’s backyard some night when they are out enjoying their yard. Nope…get them out of the neighborhoods and back out in the country away from the city.

          • They are outside city limits it’s their right to grow there if they want and probably have paid alot for the permits and if not the sheriff would have appeared have now and shut it down looks like a clean place to me and not all growers are criminals

        • Yup, the impact certainly is different. Some sections of local rivers don’t even ‘run’- thanks (in part) to pot grows. Sections of the Eel “disappearing”, anyone? Those that do run are largely low, warm and filled with blue-green algae- again, thanks to local grows.

          The impact has been well documented, but as a primer: an unsustainable number of people operate marijuana grows, many of whom siphon water from *our* rivers (or feeder streams). These same people are often most concerned with the size of their bud
          **as an aside** (it’s possible that they feel the need to overcompensate for some other aspect of… well, we can leave that for their psychotherapist… if they ever stop masking sympoms with chemically induced euphoria, sell the oversized truck and dump this year’s grow hoe…).
          Anyway… the ‘size matters’ philosophy often encourages growers to over water and over fertilize (not to mention those who use rat poison or pestisides). The excess water flushes a significant amount of this extra fertilizer back into our local water supply. The introduction of such high levels of plant nutrient, coupled with higher water temps from the already low water volume, creates the perfect environment for blue-green algae. voila! local swimming spots that can be deadly to dogs and can make people sick.
          I could also talk about local communities who can’t even count on having enough water to flush their toilets during growing season?

          We need to tell these people that Nor Cal is a terrible place to grow herb. Our area has a lot of “knowledge” when it comes to cannabis production/genetic modification/extraction, because this was considered a good place to hide grows. Since that’s no longer necessary, I think it’s high time we encourage these people to take their show on the road. They can take their problems down to the central valley- or anywhere else that has the infrastructure, land and labor to deal with them.
          We need to tax the crap out of this drug so that we can repair the damage that these criminals (yes, people growing before legalization, or any medical growers who don’t adhere to the regs. are criminals) have caused. We also need that money to provide drug treatment and mental health services, both of which are already inadequate. We need to invest NOW to make sure that we have enough treatment capacity for people who want help quitting or who experience mental health issues (most seriously schizophrenia) as a direct result of using cannabis. We also need to up our law enforcement game. We need LEO’s who are highly qualified and highly trained. Specifically, we need to ensure public safety and eliminate drug related robberies/theft/home-invasions while also engaging in more verbal/non- (or less) lethal deescalation of situations where LEO’s interact with mentally unstable/psychotic individuals.

          Somehow I don’t think that the laughably small sq.ft. tax on grow operations will provide money to benefit anyone, let alone the priorities that I’ve mentioned. It’s sad to see how far this beautiful area has fallen in the last decade and even more so to think of the bleak future that this drug haven has in store.

          • In terms of environmental damage, we’re in better hands with the weed industry than we were with PALCO.

            • In terms of environmental damage we’re in better hands with neither.
              Is less environmental damage than PALCO really a standard we’re comforable with? There’s a huge gap between great (or even good) environmental stewardship and PALCO, so saying it’s better than, isn’t saying much…

            • Are the grow-dozers replanting the trees and repairing creeks and streams now too?


              Next lie please…

          • here here, or is it hear here or hear hear!

          • Best comment I have ever read! Thank you! Glad to know that there are still logical humans roaming around. Big thumbs up!

      • pot dont bring thousands of flies to your house like living next to a field does

    • Sleepy Alligator

      Or a chicken farm.

    • This is BS. A girl from Fortuna wanting to live a normal life . Her family does live a normal life. All these comments about “suck it up” “welcome to the real world”.
      Growing is a fact. Yet why you all ditch her, make fun of her. She is brave to post how she feels…
      She’s 14. Give it a rest. “It’s natural to smell weed “”””
      IDK you all posting negative and hateful thoughts of this young lady is unjustified.
      Respect the feelings of this young pre-teen.
      PS: IF HER FAMILY LIVED NEXT TO A DAIRY FARM. DAAH DAAH NORMAL SMELL. She just wants to have friends over.
      BACK OFF

    • Petaluma and alot of other dairy lands were open areas before businesses and homes engulfed the areas around them. The home owners and businesses complained about the odors and pollution from the dairys had to fix the problems at a hugh cost to dairy owners so your choice of comparison is not a good one. Seems our economy friendly, medical pot growers show no compassion for another’s health concerns. Some people are allergic to pot, not everyone feels like having to be shut in their homes to avoid the smell, even if it is “only” 2 months. So if you don’t grow dope you have no right to complain about the quality of your life because it doesn’t pay your bills. You people really are self serving entitled growers.

      • I live in Sonoma County. They haven’t fixed the dairy smell problems. Once a year, for a few week period, the dairy operators empty their manure lagoons by spraying it on to their pastures. The smell is putrid, and at times I can’t go outside, and I live right in Santa Rosa. Having said that, I’m glad the dairies have prevented the entire Santa Rosa plain from being planted in vines, Without the dairies we wouldn’t have the wide open green spaces, so there’s a tradeoff.

        I lived in Eureka when the pulp mills stunk 24/7. I wonder if people complained about the smell when the pulp mills went into operation.

        I think decision makers are always going to allow for some nuisance smells if they are associated with industries that drive the local economies.

        I give this young lady credit though. She very articulately stated her concerns to the decision makers that are responsible for land use decisions that affect her. What’s wrong with that? The County SHOULD be considering these issues as they make land use decisions.

  • I hate smelling the brewery.

    • Life’s probably going to get worse since you ratted out your neighbors….

    • Thankfully there aren’t thousands of breweries scattered throughout Humboldt. You’re fortunate- you can live, work & recreate just about anywhere without being annoyed by the smell! If only that were the case for people who love this area but who are bothered (or harmed) by the smell of cannabis.

  • A young person willing to speak up. Thank You! I live in Willow Creek with a 16 year old in the house. She says the exact same thing on a daily basis. Shame on Humboldt County for not considering how this affects our children.

    • Well, just think, in a couple of years she can move to Iowa, unless she hates the smell of corn. Idaho smells like potatoes. You can go thete when you are 18… but please dont whine about back to landers when its legal weed you smell and not some guy in a yurt 70 miles away trying to feed his kids in a market flooded with monsanto-legal dope –(thats what you smell!) … I think it smells like freedom…

      • Who cares if it’s legal…dumb statement!

      • That ‘freedom’ you’re smelling just might be an example of cannabis-induced olfactory sensory distortion.

        A majority of people here don’t consume pot, and what we notice (with uncompromised sensory perception) is that it looks, smells and sounds like a giant exploitation of our regions resources. Yes, I know, it’s hard to fathom that people might come to nor cal with plans to clear-cut, strip mine, or grade, siphon and grow their way to untold personal wealth. Yup, sure is hard to imagine.

      • nope, not iowa. not southern wi, southern mn…
        drive through iowa and you will see small to huge wild hemp patches growing in fields and along fence lines, and along railroad tracks. i’ve see 10+ ft plants grow wild in a little city park inside cedar rapids.
        beautiful healthy plants that my mouth water…ah, if only…

        they’re a throwback from the days a farmer was fined of they did not plant a % of their acreage in hemp. federally mandated grows. hemp was king before cotton.

    • Think of the children!

      • I wish more people would seriously think of the children. I know that many people use, or have used, pot and haven’t had any problems. I’m a realist, and I know that not every child exposed to the production, distribution or use of the drug will go dope mania, but I also know that lives have been destroyed by cannabis. I have seen it happen. I know that it can hurt people- mentally, physically, financially and/or relationally (not to mention one of my biggest fear- the increase of drugged driving). Just because people claim that other things bother them more (cow crap, coffee beans, patchouli, etc), doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t address the bothersome odors of marijuana (including the release of any other environmental irritants). Now is the time to establish regs. that will work for our community. Now is the time to make sure that we have a strong tax and enforcement plan in place so that these canna-businesses don’t continue the legacy of gold and timber-rushes.

    • reading all of these little comments more than half of you people sounds so uneducated and have no idea what you are saying. Marijuana can be a great thing and for people to say it is so bad you obviously don’t know what you are talking about. Probably about 95% of he people who are on here hating on weed have never smoked it. [edit]

      • fuckwalterwhite.com

        Foolish assumption!

        And your “little comment” does not sound educated.

      • I can’t speak for anyone else, but I, for one, know exactly what I’m taking about. I spent years as a heavy user. I don’t claim that it is extrramly harmful for everyone- though consumption in any form does have some consequences- but I can’t deny that it has ruined lives. I have seen many people experience serious problems, specifically as a result of their pot use.

        I also know that cannabis can trigger, cause and prolong mental health problems. Most worrying is that cannabis use is linked with schizophrenia activation (in those who have a genetic predisposition). Sadly, this risk is amplified in this who are in their late teen/ early 20s and those who experience significant life challenges (e.g. new college students who overindulge in the Humboldt State of life and run into problems with grades, money, work etc). Consider that these young adults may be living away from family who might be more aware & likely to notice/ intervene. Also consider the serious lack of mental health and substance abuse treatment options available. Recipe for pain and suffering. Why? So a few people can get rich off of the Humboldt (area) “brand”?
        Why are we letting these people exploit our resources anyway? Haven’t we learned anything from the gold and timber rushes??

      • “Can be” yeah let everyone grow fucking pot. That way the marijuana industry will crash and those who rely on making money off of it will end up suffering since they didn’t start soon enough in the business. I personally HATE the smell of marijuana and people as young as 14 year old miss Jenna shouldn’t have to deal with the constant smell of that. I know when I was growing up I never had to breathe in that awful smell. it’s very upsetting to me that kids have to “deal with it” and are becoming more aware of a substance that could have a negative affect on them.

  • Sharpen your pencil

    Wow parents, way to let your kids fight your battles….. PATHETIC!

    • No, not really… 14 year old are very smart and speak for themselves these days. And not the “Pathetic” ones who need a 215 for headaches and menstrual cramps. Get Real People!!

      • Smoking a little pot for headaches and cramps is a whole lot less damaging to the system then the pharmaceuticals! Having a 215 does not make someone pathetic! Educate yourself!

        • Really? I know of several young people who brag about their 215 when actually they only initially got it because a parent wanted to be able to grow more… Now what has their parent taught them indeed? Again, Stupid is as Stupid does. And there are other herbals out there for cramps other then MJ…. do your homework and use your “Words”

        • Do you mean the pharmaceuticals at CaliPharms? 😄

        • fuckwalterwhite.com

          Humboldt Lady-
          This is not about “Smoking a little pot for headaches..”

          Or the hills wouldn’t be full of missing people and dried creeks. And 14 year olds wouldn’t feel the need to contact corrupt officials.

      • You are absolutely right! It is pathetic an adult would need to have a 215 to self medicate using a plant. You hit the nail on the head.

      • Those god damn free loading cancer patients! How dare they!

        • With the amount of dope being grown just in humboldt, I would say this is one sick world. The big 215 lie was to try to legalize marijuana and turned into a big joke. Those same people are now complaining because they are now going to have to pay taxes on money made from that dope since it is now becoming legal…talk about “whiners”.

    • Agree

    • Quit sharpening your pencil and go read the 1st Amendment, is there anywhere it says you have to be of a certain age to express your views.

      • Sharpen your pencil

        Children getting brought into adult conversations is not a good thing. No matter what you think. 14 year olds think they know a lot, when really they are just beginning to learn. BTW, you need to be how old to vote? So I could care less a 14 year olds view of the world. These KID’S still have a lot of learning to do, and if you are teaching them that allowing a smell to ruin their lives is a proper way of handling issues in your life you are sadly mistaken!

        • Sorry 14 years old is not a ‘child’ and actually with parental consent she is old enough for marriage in California. Usually these ‘kids’ (as you like to call them) that take part in government and politics at an early age are our leaders of the future. It’s too bad you like to compartmentalize people because that’s exactly what’s wrong with America today. It’s too bad you’re against free speech of any kind and especially of young adult standing up to orate her point. .

        • Adultwhohearsyouth

          Think before you speak. I find it troubling that you believe the opinions of our youth don’t matter. They are our future. Regardless of how I feel about her words- I think it’s GREAT for this 14 year old to gain experience writing to her local leaders. She wrote to someone who can actually do something about how she feels rather than just complain about it mindlessly. Don’t talk about it, be about it. I COULDNT care less of the age… if a child is brave enough to speak up for their views then more power to them! Just please don’t be a sheep and follow the masses. how about a comment focusing on the issue at hand and leave the age of the letter writer out of it? Though she does state her age, it really has little to do with the subject matter.

    • I think it is great parenting to teach your children the civilized way to address grievances and present an argument. Kudos to those parents!

    • First comment if yours that I agree with…

    • Alternately- way to go parents! Great job teaching your child to speak up and engage her community in (what should’ve been) a constructive dialogue about an issue that impacts a lot of people.
      Thank you for teaching your daughter that it is one thing to whine and complain about a public issue, and quite another to try to solve it through active civic engagement.

  • I can understand if you don’t like the scent, but embarrassment?

    • I believe the embarrassment part was from people thinking they had a pot grow, and yes…some are feeling embarrassed about the fact that Humboldt County has “Grown” into the POT HEAD Capital of California….whenever I travel and say I am from Humboldt County I now think twice and Say the City Name instead…now that is an Embarrassment to have to think twice before you say Humbold….indeed!! Good for you Jenna, Stay Strong in your beliefs. You will go far and beyond.

      • It was the pot capital if we don’t do something we will loose that soon. Other arts of ca are much more proactive.

      • Sharpen your pencil

        Humboldt has been the “pot” capital since long before legalization, or has your head been in the sand for 30 years?

      • People choose to say they are from Humboldt county cause they want a reaction or response. I have never said I’m from Harris county Texas. I say I’m from the Houston, Texas.

        • HAHA! Very true statement indeed! Some of the population flood to the area in order to brag back home.. but how much do they really care about the longevity of our beautiful home and the people actually LIVING in it? Sigh. Such opposing mindsets that just get further and further apart. Y’all need mentors LOL

  • Ha what a joke, move to somewhere far far away where closed minded parents who curupt their open minded children can unite.

    Embarrassing?? Why? Because your parents minds were polluted by Regan at a young age. Grow up, learn to think outside the box. I grew smelling the pulp mill (something with actual negative health effects), some grow up near a dairy smelling manure, some live near a coffee roaster smelling coffee…

    I hope our supervisors have this the attention it needed and tossed it in the trash. ✌🏿

    • The supervisors should weigh in on your comments. There could be a concern if there was pesticide or fungicide drift though.

    • Just because other people were exposed to noxious odors, doesn’t mean we need to continue. Lots of people don’t like the smell of green weed. Most likely, this girl and her family were living there long before the pot pharm was there. She has every right to speak her mind. And not be trashed for it.

      • Sharpen your pencil

        It doesn’t matter how long one has lived at their home…. This gives them no more right than someone who moved in today! The area is obviously zoned in a commercial district. You can’t just throw up a LEGAL grow in a residential area…

        • Wow sharpen your pencil, you really need to sharpen your pencil. The street she lives on is part of a newer subdivision at the eastern edge of Fortuna. It is within the Fortuna City Limits, as the article states, and the grow is just to the east, outside the city limits, and under Humboldt County jurisdiction. The zoning of the grow is Agriculture General, and it is designated as being “Prime Agriculture Soil”. The nearest commercial properties are 1/4 mile to the west on Rohnerville Road, and the subdivision has a residential zoning. Do your homework, because you flunked this assignment.

        • I live in a residential area and everytime property changes hands the first thing the new owners try is to do is put in pot. They are all after the Money! These people can contact code enforcement and see if there is any actions that can be taken. There might be something that can be done about the smell. Do not bother contacting the Stupervisors because they are no help. Get the neighbors involved!

  • That sickening rotten broccoli smell that wafts through eureka. CAn we send police to those guys?

    • Hmm I don’t believe Jenna said send the police but she wanted the Supervisors to think before they approve everyone and anyone and anywhere for their grows. “Read Your “WORDS” who said said in the Police? are you one of the “Illegal ones”? 😉

  • Jenna – Thank you for having the courage to speak your mind! Too bad that not everyone shares your concerns. But, that is part of being in a community. You are not wrong for wanting to enjoy the outdoors and fresh air. That’s what we like living in Humboldt County! It’s also why we have environmental laws and development concerns related to things like air & water quality, noise and views. I am sure that many people share your concerns, but are afraid to talk about them. Maybe one day you will be in a position to take people’s concerns and help steer your community forward! I am sorry that you get negative comments on your letter. Don’t let em get you down. As your parents have told you, it’s ok to speak your mind! It really does comes down to the sticks and stones thing…. Let people say what they say, while you and your family & friends keep doing the good things you do.

    • Hmm I don’t believe Jenna said send the police but she wanted the Supervisors to think before they approve everyone and anyone and anywhere for their grows. “Read Your “WORDS” who said said in the Police? are you one of the “Illegal ones”? 😉

  • I grew up next to a dairy, and worked at two breweries. The dairy was located in a very rural area with other farms, not in residential housing. The breweries were both located in areas zoned either commercial, or industrial. It’s odd that in many towns and cities you can’t have chickens or other small livestock due to noise or smell, but it’s deemed to be ok to have pot, which also can cause nuisance smells. Also when I was growing up it was considered fine to smoke cigarettes around children, until medical science verified the link between ear infections and bronchitis in those exposed to second hand smoke. Many youth and infants are exposed to second hand pot smoke without considering the long term effects on development. Not saying all pot is bad or all pot is good, just that folks should be respectful and aware of what the potential impacts and activities have on youth and neighbors. Not everyone wants to breathe second hand smoke and get second hand high.

  • I like my window open but the smell of trees and grass is totally ruining me AND my families life. Oh and I have to get up to walk places, that’s really hard too. AAAAND I have to feed myself. All of this is completely unfair waaahhhhhhhh 😭

  • What a bunch of Rude As……. on Here I am happy to see a 14 year old voice her opinion on here about the smell of pot causing headaches along with nausea and such. I to experience this same thing. I was raised on a farm with several different types of animals and the smell from these animals was way better then smelling POT. Not everyone is for the Cannabis industry that’s why I never voted it in in the 1st place. Everyone has a right and a say in there own opinion without you Trolls being an arse. To her.

    • Yes people are rude. But this young girl is not going to get sympathy because a certain smell bothers her. The pulp mill made life miserable in Eureka for many years. You get used to it, or go somewhere else. Pickup trucks next to me stink. My neighbors grow Garlic. Yeah, pungent. But in the grand scheme of things, hardly worth getting that upset over. Ever live in a home with a crab fisherman? Life is real, and comes complete with smells.
      It is much better to simply understand that some people have consideration, some don’t. I hope this girl has at least left a note or called them asking them to be more considerate. If they don’t, ask the cops to intervene. But don’t just whine about it.

  • Seems more dangerous to print your address, age & activities on the internet.

  • Wow pretty pathetic writing this letter and then putting the blame on your 14 year old underage daughter. Now THAT is embarrassing

    • All I can say is that all three of my sons were capable of writing a letter that articulate at age 14. And, as a teacher, many of my 6th graders could have come close with a little help with grammar and spelling. Adults tend to underestimate the ability of young people. Don’t be an ageist ;>

    • I love your created world of “What ifs”. Anybody can use a straw man.

  • Just wanted to chime in here, the part where she says “someone is getting a lot of money for the garden across from us” is most likely a false statement. Prices are in the shitter. Secondly this really wouldn’t surprise me at all if her parents put her up to this, I mean it’s more likely to garner attention and for the supes to care a bit more since it’s coming from a 14 year old rather then if it was just some older neighbors complaining…just saying

    • Ya someone is making a lot of money…. that is the county of it is permitting…

      • Yes indeed, Now 75 acres along side the bay on the 101 Corridor will even be more dangerous with what is planned out there…. The County needs to think twice!!

    • You must know from experience of putting your children up to do stuff for you, why else would anyone even come up with this idea.

    • Don’t try and bullshit about how much money a farm makes. They will most likely hit the 1000 pound mark and probably more. Even at $600 a pound, the math speaks for itself. 1000x$600= $600,000. The overhead might be at 35%.

    • Boo hoo, CaliPharms won’t make any money. Let’s have a benefit for them, so they can plant twice as much next year. Let’s pass a parcel tax, and give all the money to the poor pot growers, because, well, they’re poor.

  • Bad idea to list your street & that you sleep with the windows open. Registered Predators all over this county!

  • Oh me aching head

    Eye roll. MT is a neighborhood grinch who obviously needs her some cannibuzz .

    Then there was this :
    …”and someone is getting A LOT of money for the garden across from us, but life isn’t all about money. Besides, wouldn’t you rather have a nice, friendly family that does a lot to support the community live here than some pot growers !!! who will just cause more problems?!!!”

    With no facts provided to back up your outlandish claims one can only chortle and guffaw. . Back to the drawing board lassy.

    • Interesting people who just A.S.S. – U.M.E. I never said that I did or did not support truly “Medicinal Use” of MJ. I believe in Neighborhoods and keeping them Safe and Sane!!

      • No but you called people who use for headaches and menstrual cramps pathetic. So are you saying that one alignment is ok to treat with but not another? What experience do you base this on? Have you ever used cannabis to treat any conditions? Or do you like to spew logical fallacies so other unintelligent people can agree?

  • its rather disturbing that the parents allowed this release.

  • They breed the snitches young around here

    • It isn’t snitching…The grow is legal. The young woman is complaining about how the smell affects her not telling law enforcement something they don’t know already. Also, the owners of the field have been posting pictures on Twitter not to mention growing it in an open field that anyone can view.

      • Sorry any way u put it its snitching…. change the name still the same action. When enforcement is done on a complaint driven based any now a days complaint is equivalent to a back in the day snitch. Just saying it’s the same action but encouraged by some now that’s the difference. I’m not saying sometimes complaints aren’t warranted! But try and be good neighbors in this crazy green rush people. If u have a problem go to the Sourse first and ask for change, don’t jump right to complaints. Our communities are becoming more and more decided over this Snichy bullshit. What im saying is try and give these soon to be, if not already struggling farmers a chance to fix community issues before taking it to the officials. Our community needs more unity not more of this pot growers against the families bullshit. Btw most marajuana growers strongly support community organizations and have families…. Things like the 100% volunteer fire department I volunteer for would not exsist if it were not for the generosity of these demonized marajuana growers. Remember people this plant has helped make Humboldt what it is and our future is intertwined with the future of this plant since logging as a future economy is a joke unless we don’t want to keep Humboldt beautiful….

        • Snitching: The act of standing up for someone or something by saying others what needs to be said.

          • No locals? Really?

            Snitching: telling on someone out of spite, or to get out of trouble. This isn’t snitching, it’s a 14 yr old doing what 14 yr olds do. What they want. And that’s ok. But it ain’t snitching, yet. Maybe if it weren’t so public of a garden but please, di you think they will get in trouble? Redic.

        • Life Time Local:

          I was born and raised here and moved away in my early twenties… I still have family and friends that live here and so I return frequently for visits. I’ve watched the changes over the past 60yrs.

          You said, “remember people, this plant has helped make Humboldt what it…. ” What Humboldt County is, is a long way from the place I grew up…. And yes, it’s all owed to the pot/drug industry and believe me, its not positive what I see! Probably 90% of my local friends, as well as those who have moved away, feel the same way! It would take pages for me to list all the ways that this County has gone down hill, thanks to the drug industry! Oh, and the illegal grows have done more to damage the environment in Humboldt than the timber industry!

          I want to briefly address the letter from the 14yr old young lady the is bothered by the smell of the pot grow next door! I’d be upset like she is if I were in her situation! I hate the smell of pot being smoked and being grown! Very much exposure and it makes me nauseous as well as it starts a headache… so I understand her issues! And maybe nothing can be done about it but she has the right to express her opinion without getting slammed by all of the rude commenters! I think someone has a right to live in their neighborhoods without having to constantly breath noxious orders!

        • Your logging comment inspired a comment from me. I agree with what you said however, I’ve seen plenty of grow spots completely destroy the beautiful land around it… I’ve seen plenty of growers not give a flying flute about the impact their grow is having on the community around them. Perhaps you can be a growers community leader in this area and incourage growers to think before they plant? To think before they put up yet another white tarp. Another black wall.. driving around the county and all I see is grow after grow after grow. Fortunately the trees are tall enough that no one is growing in the tops of them- yet! Haha

      • Exactly. And we will having growing pains of course. Probably a few years worth. But once it IS truly mainstream, the greedsters and idiots will be gone, replaced by legit businesses that want return customers, and who employ local people. We are trying to undo a 60 year old illegal lifestyle, and convert it to a legal and healthy one. It wont happen overnight, but it WILL happen. It IS happening!

      • With all due respect, this is adolescent snitch training in the making, no matter how you want to tell the story.

        • With all due respect, that’s bullshit.

          Would it be snitching to complain about a dairy farm’s smell?

        • The comments calling this girl a “snitch” only go to prove the criminal element of the marijuana industry. If you are not committing a crime, then someone can’t “snitch” on you. These comments only confirm neighbors complaints against having a grow in a residential area.

        • Nope. Not snitching. But you are definitely an apologist for megagrowers. Like a bunch of other commenters. There might be less objection if you could reel it in a little, and stop rubbing the rest of our faces in YOUR bullshit!

        • HAHA you’re being ridiculous with this snitch business. Have you not any better argument to present? Or are you only here to poke the bear? You like poking bears don’t you 😉

  • I’m frankly flummoxed by some of the comments on this thread. This is simply someone who is making a nuisance complaint about a new industrial activity that has moved in next door. It really isn’t any different than if someone started up an incinerator, a fracking well, or any industrial activity that has significant effects (smell, waste water, noise, etc..) that impacts existing residents. It’s different than moving next door to an existing activity (e.g. dairy farm) and then complaining about it.

    It is somewhat telling that many commenters chime in to attack to person making a complaint simply because it’s about pot. If this were someone complaining about a hydraulic fracturing well, or a wind generator, they’d all be supportive of the complaint.

    We need to treat commercial cannabis as an industrial activity and get past this “pot is cool” mentality to recognize people are impacted by the production in negative ways.

  • This family has nothing to worry about after this season. You can’t grow outdoor in Fortuna. MOLD CITY! They will lose the whole crop and be broke.

  • Don’t look to the supes to do anything that impacts these grows negatively. They already know about illegal grows run by (LOL) “stellar citizens” and nothing is ever going to be done to stop these!!
    But how Progressive of all the trolls on this thread to voice such inane comments about a 14 year old! She has a right to her opinion. If you don’t have something constructive to add to the discussion, SYPH!

  • whokilledourdaddy

    Complaining solves nothing. action does. There are some things in life worse than an obnoxious smell. I didn’t like a lot of things about Humboldt County so I sold my house and moved 3 states away. The main reason was I did not want my grandsons to have to go to school with the son of the man that murdered their Daddy on 15th street almost 3 years ago. I could see the handwriting on the wall early… After 3 years its pretty much a cold case, no named suspects and no arrests. Now we live in a neighborhood where kids leave their bikes outside at night and they never get stolen, hard to believe but true and soooo much better. there are 6 former Humboldt families that I know of within 1 hour of us. I would love to have stayed 25 more years but life happens.

  • Eureka's Clueless

    I believe that most in the state understand that growing pot is legal now. But, it’s wrong to attack someone…that complains that they don’t like the smell. With the open, mostly acceptance of this, many home owners and long time renters are now be subjected to having a “farm” pop up next to them with out any say. If you owned your own home for many years and suddenly a dairy farm (this was one of the examples from above) wanted to be put in next door to you, there would be complaints as well. When the folks bought, they did so knowing that there wasn’t a pot farm next door.

    If you want to grow, fine, then it needs to be grown in such a way that you new comers aren’t stepping over the rights of the folks that were here first. Shasta County has an ordnance where you can NOT grow out in the open, growing must be in enclosed buildings and your neighbors aren’t suppose to be able to smell it. (There is a long list of other compliance measures) It can be done. How many in door illegal growers here in Humboldt had fans with charcoal filters on them, and if changed on a regular basis, no one it Pretty much only PG & E had a clue you were growing.

    Also growers and partakers of the wonderful Herb have to realize, that not everyone is accepting of this, and when we are rude, in your face about your right to grow or smoke, you are basically telling someone that their rights don’t matter. Like tobacco too many could care less what you ingest into your system, folks got tired of the smoke being blown into their face and the butts littering.

  • I feel the same as this poor 14 year old .I’m allergic to the smell growing get or smoked .Gets my asthma and allergies going crazy.. I fight it being grown in my neighbor hood. Should be done away from homes ,schools,etc. Grown on farms in central valley or farm areas away from towns .It just stinks to much.. watching how it’s ruined our County.With the crime ,trimmers car chases and gun fire…by greedy folks looking to make fast buck. Have watched the forests wrecked,water taken,animals killed by all the poisons..it’s not helping anything..have watched people die thinking smoking it has helped their condition medically Not made them worse ,just couldn’t see it by then…

  • Wait till someone tries breaking into your home or garage because they smell the neighbors pot, and think it is coming from your place. My house right on the street neighbors house behind ours behind a hedge. Twice we have had people in the middle of the night lurking around our property. Likely because of the smell. Just FYI we don’t live in the city.

    • fuckwalterwhite.com

      My neighbors plants are right by my front door. VERY Close,behind a fence.
      EVERY SINGLE VISITOR comments on the strong smell.
      And the thieves try prying at my windows when his flowers are ready….

  • Remember the pulp mill smell?YUCK,PUKE!! There’s all kinds of bad smells,the dump,the sewer plants are ripe on a hot day! Sorry for her troubles,I wish her well!✌

    • there was a lot more than just a smell to the Kraft Paper process effluent. do you remember the scandal with the local Air Board with this effluent, it even made an article in national geographic. and it is not a coincidence that the two major cancer clusters in our area are directly downgradient of these stacks.

    • one sniff of patchuli and i have an INSTANT headache that developes in a round of violent throwing up. oh the joys.

      what would i do if my neighbors decided to grow a row of it?

  • Plywood Mills, asphalt plants, dairies, concentrated feed lots on industrial scale, breweries, these are bad smells. Sorry that you don’t like the odor, but it could be MUCH worse.

  • The timber industry used to create a foul smell through the pulp mills, the fishing industries had foul smelling processing plants, cows smell bad, and so on. I would be surprised if there will be a regulation regarding cannabis smells.
    I feel her pain but what can be done?

    • the digester at pacific exceeds the odor threshold and has been sent notice by the Air Board, but they refuse to do anything and cite the cost as their excuse.

  • This is the same BS residents pulled with the Cypress Grove goat farm in arcata. If you don’t like the smell of agriculture, then don’t buy a house bordering it.

  • Anyone notice the manure smell in Arcata today? Now that is offensive!

  • The family was there before the growers. Basically, growers big and small, legal and illegal give less the a damn what their impact is on a neighborhood. It’s just a fact of life in Humboldt.

  • Plants are better for the earth 🌏 it’s natural. Get used to it👌 And remember you can actually leave your house at times , it’s not a prison 😂.

  • I smoke 215 ( marijuana,pot or weed ) and have grew it and help in many gardens and I love the smell of it not only to mention that it does help with people’s medical like cancer if they have eating problems I personally use it for my arthritis in my hip and my back and also to relax at nite and to distress. Harvest time is just a few weeks away 🤗

  • You know those trees with the yellow flowers that grow in fortuna and along large chunks of the 101? Those things are death! The smell and the pollen is out of control. But im also not expecting the county to eradicate them. Just have to roll my car windows up during their peak season…

    • We should all just keep our doors and windows shut and simply not go outside during “peak” grow season?? That’s a long time to stay indoors during the spring and summer…especially if we OWN our home, and are not just “driving thru” the neighborhood anytime between, what… april & october? or longer? If we do have to go outside, should we just wear masks and move on? ….Do you live on one of those chunks of 101 that you’re referring to?

      • Yes, because it’s all about the snowflake growers. Poooooor things. Humboldt County could pass an ordinance banning the opening of windows during peak season. And, another one making it illegal to breathe outdoors during peak season. Then, no one would be able to object to the smell, leaving all the growers up on their pedestal. Where they know they belong.

    • Acacia.

  • fuckwalterwhite.com

    Shame on folks telling her to move.
    I hope she stays and helps repair the area. Good to know she is willing speak up against an entire blackmarket culture.
    Keep it up. The “pro-weed everywhere” folks won’t stop. Neither should the other perspectives.

  • Jennifer leeland

    Normally I ignore this place and it’s comments. Not this time. 1. The pulp mill was not plunked down in a residential area and it was zoned for industrial use. The environmental issues are why it’s not in business. 2. Smoking pot in your private property is your business. But growing it is different. Would we allow a tobacco farm go in next to residential housing? No. Stop calling these things “,farms”. These are non-native, industrial grows and most use damaging practices to make their stuff grow better/faster. 3. I’d like to see some actual data about the percentage of cancer patients/mentally ill patients who smoke pot Vs. the ones who smoke it for a high. A 16 year old kid can’t drink to “relax” but pot apologists will say the pot he smokes is for his anxiety. There has to be some limit somewhere.
    4. Dairies were also zoned before residents.
    Fortuna has ignored its citizens. Why do they have to grow in the city limits? Residential should be residential. Business should be business.
    Maybe pot users are nose blind to the pot smell and its effects. The lack of concern and immediate shrill reaction from pot culture speaks for itself. The message is clear. If you don’t want pot, you don’t matter. You want us to move? We were here first.

    • it says the grow is outside City Limits. for a apples to apples. the cancer cluster in Humboldt Hill has been found to be a direct result of the upgradient stacks on the Peninsula. I guess you could say that is environmental, but that’s not why cut and ran leaving multi-million dollar cleanups to the next property owner.

      • You are right. We need to not repeat the mistake of allowing greed to exploit our homes, and leave when there is no money left To plunder. The marijuana industry will be no different.

    • Some of the children who lived around there had their beating hearts ripped from their chests in front of their families! “Here first!” ain’t gonna get you through this invasion. Don’t go there. Just sayin’. I mostly agree about the toxic methods and greed, though; very sad. The pulp mills in Samoa poisoned many people for many miles outside of the “industrial area” that was also once a home for people surviving off of the land and sea.

    • “Stop calling these things “,farms”. These are non-native, industrial grows and most use damaging practices to make their stuff grow better/faster…”

      lol you are describing exactly what a farm is…corn, wheat, tomatoes, hay, soy beans…everything grown industrially on a farm are non-native and most use damaging practices in every aspect of farming.

      please get real.

  • Anyone ever get off the 12th Street exit in Fortuna and smell how bad the sewage plant gets???? I’m sure Tom’s Sourdough Pizza doesn’t appreciate it, along with anybody within a mile. And that’s year around.

  • My neighbors have a “legal” grow in their backyard. Unfortunately they are not in the class of being honest, hard working “farmers”. They are people who cannot even keep their front yard free of trash, so I have no doubt their back yard is without any kind of respectable grow operation. I find the smell to be dank, foul and very offensive. Just because I live in Humboldt, absolutely DOES NOT equate to me liking or appreciating the smell of pot. It’s a little different than cigarette smoke folks…cigarette smoke does not linger and stick in the air, which is thick with this crap. I live in a residential neighborhood, and should not be forced to smell marijuana every time i open a door or window in my own home, or decide to go outside… and if there are any cool, funny people that want to suggest I move, I say no. The pot growers can take off and go back out in the hills where it’s all open. The smell is gross.

  • If the offending property is legally zoned then she has two choices. Change the zoning/use of that property or move. That’s the way it’s worked for ever. If enough neighbors agree with her, she may prevail. If not, she can move or adapt.

  • While I respect and understand this young girls opinion it is very irresponsible of her parents to allow her to publish her name and school.Like it or not that could cause her alot of harassment.And also if they bought property that borders the county and is zoned for agriculture not alot they can do but maybe sell and relocate to a residential neighborhood where their children can be comfortable with who’s next door.

  • Perhaps people might consider petitioning the county to allow fences higher than whatever the current height is when it is an abatement of a quality of life problem.
    Figure out how the wind blows during the grow season and put the fence up. Even
    if the plants grow taller than the fence it will still provide a barrier which will alter the
    air movement.
    You drive along some highways and you’ll see a row of eucalyptus trees as part of a fence
    dividing one property from another. They were wind-breaks and worked very well. We
    planted fast-growing Lombardy poplars since they grow up, no out, they were a very good wind-break, especially when the afternoon winds came up. Grow string beans that would block some of the odor and sell the beans (or can/freeze them yourself).

    What I’m trying to do is give examples of what the letter writer might consider since it looks like there will be no official legal remedies. Ideas don’t have to be perfect but she sounds like she’s smart enough to explore other things.

    The issue she’s raised is one which may come up again. Air pollution is air pollution which is why some feed lots have been closed and the City of Irwindale brought a lawsuit against the makers of Sriacha sauce. Once it’s legal and the laws that have been written are on the books, that’s when people will start contacting their legislators and asking for new laws or rules or changes. I’ve no doubt there will be groups funding studies to show the effect of exposure to mj plants can have on children (etc), or any of a number of other approaches to better control the process.

  • Yep. I used to work at south Fork High and the smell of pot was so strong especially during harvest that it smelled like a hundred skunks in the morning when I arrived to work. The smell was outside, inside, on the clothes and the backpacks of many students whose homes must have smelled that way. It was really pretty annoying.

  • I don’t know a 14 year old girl or a football team full of teenage boys who don’t smoke pot or have at least tried it..seriously.,.

    • One can never be totally sure, of course. But I suspect that there are many 14-year-olds that haven’t tried marijuana but, having used paper before doesn’t mean you want to live next to a pulp mill. Like I said elsewhere, I love the smell of green marijuana usually, but I’m not sure I would like it if it filled my home as badly as Jenna says.

      As we try to integrate a newly legal industry that also, has a lot of negative baggage both deserved and undeserved into our society, we need to figure out how to minimize the impacts on others, just as we would like our neighbors to minimize their impacts on us–I’m not a fan of loud noises from my neighbors or glowing greenhouses. I’d like it if people tried to work together to figure out, from both sides, how to work together.

  • It’s spelled “farms”.

    Pharm is not a word, but an allusion to the illusion of coolness regarding Phish and the likes.

    • No locals? Really?

      Has nothing to do with Phish brah. Plus Phish is pretty cool. Cooler than you. I don’t even go see em anymore. Actually has more to do with pharmeceuticls than Phish . Although they do hang out occasionally

  • A pot farm that big is an agribusiness. Someone writes a letter complaining that the odor is a public nuisance; a type of air pollution. That is a legitimate complaint, period. Grow dope? Grow up!

  • Haha, coached letter much?

  • Also, I just looked up all the Lewis owned properties in Fortuna. Either her parents are renting and their property didn’t come up, or she is speaking about an indoor grow which is ALREADY ILLEGAL. Therefore, she can probably just go stick her head back in the sand, or at least get an education…or maybe at least separate herself from her parental pigeon-holed existence. Please don’t post trash like this on here, Ms. Kemp.

    • TSM, The photo is of the actual grow next to the family’s property. It exists. I have spoken to a Supervisor about this. I don’t know nor do I care if her parents own or rent their home. You may feel that growing marijuana is a value that outweighs the smell of marijuana impacting a residence but, as is obvious to anyone who is reading the comments, Jenna is not alone in her concerns. I am appalled at the lack of thoughtful responses by people who I know are involved in the industry.. (And there are thoughtful points to rebut. She lives next to an area zoned for agriculture. One could make the argument that when a person moves to an area then they should be aware that the agriculture there might not be to their liking, etc.) One might think that as cannabis farmers are looking to integrate as responsible business people into the community they might have a more conciliatory view and would at least attempt to see a point of view that differs from theirs and definitely would not attack a young woman for her opinion even if they argued against it. After all, I’m pretty dang sure that if a hemp farm moved next door to a marijuana grow that the male pollen would not be a welcome visitor. Or if a non-organic farm moved next to an organic farm that would not be welcomed. Or if someone built a building or planted trees that impacted the sunlight that would not be welcome.

      I don’t find her writing trash. But I pretty sure some of the comments on here would have been much better deleted before they were posted (And I’m looking at a good portion of yours, TSM)

      • fuckwalterwhite.com

        Interesting thought about the male plants.
        Could a large farm sue a neighbor for pollination? Like everyone says: they’re just natural plants.

        More to ponder…

    • Please don’t blindly support mega grows! It might actually be you writing trash.
      Suck up much?

  • Life is like a box of chocolates…hopefully she gets past this and things get better.

  • JustWantToHeartheEndoftheStory

    Oh my, all the stoners are upset that someone doesn’t like the stink (and it does stink, but the dopers can’s smell it, like tobacco smokers can’t tell they stink). TSM is certainly a nasty type, the kind that stalks teenage girls because they won’t pay attention to him. I hope the girl’s parents keep an eye on her and their property.


  • Thinking allowed

    There are locations and times where someone creates an unpleasantness for their neighbor. Like manuring a field or burning or whatever. It happens. Something to take into account when choosing a place to live. Live near a dairy- animal smells. Live near a manufacturer- solvents. Etc. Living near Redwood Acres- the race noise is so bad. These are all periodic offenses.

    Pot though is a whole world of offensiveness. Cigarettes – ha! My closest neighbor is 250 ft away yet the smell of her smoking blankets my property if the wind comes from that direction. And she smokes all night long at times.

    Then driving up any road these days, it is one stink after another. Mile after mile. There is no zoning that will avail. There is no common courtesy between neighbors. There is no respect for differences.

    I didn’t bother to read the litnany of stupid, selfish pot head remarks. They will certainly be the usual litany of trivializing and dismissing anything that reflects negativity on their beloved habit.
    Something common to people whose life revolves around self indulgence. They will never care about anyone else. For them, it is truly all about themselves. First, last and always.

  • It was dairies, wineries and a turkey ranch, where I grew up. I would have given anything to smell cannabis instead.

  • It takes courage to voice ones opinion. The young lady has a legitimate concern. Sounds like the cannabis farmer is legit as well. Does your family cook bacon? LOL.
    I like the smell but some people are offended by it. If someone complained would you give it up? LOL.
    However, to suggest one group is superior or inferior in nature or more or less important to the other is adversarial. To infer that one is better than the other is questionable. Divisive.
    How about a win/win solution?
    A negative ion generator in the kids area or the whole house might be something the parents could consider as a proactive measure which could be accomplished pretty quickly. Might have to close the windows though. I like fresh air, too. Planting Jasmine might help.

    If you have ever driven east of Healdsburg after they fertilize the vineyards in that valley you would count your blessings. It’s so bad and you can taste it and there is no escape unless you leave that whole valley.
    I had family that lived on Loni in Fortuna near Clendenen’s and everything got covered in black soot from industry there.
    And it sure has been smoky this year and I guess the only hope for that will be “tincture of time” as well.
    They will harvest soon and hopefully that will provide relief for all concerned.
    This, too, shall pass.
    P.S. kym, you might consider moderating the Roundup comment as it could be construed as suggesting or inciting someone doing something illegal or possibly felonious. Certainly dangerous. Thankyou.

  • Let me just take a stab in the dark and say her parents don’t like that grow and are anti cannabis, other than for a person with stage 4 lymphoma, as well and surprise now she’s writing a letter after hearing her parents gripe about it for months. Her complaint isn’t unreasonable but sounds like she’s using word for word the argument her parents have indoctrinated her with or how else would she know how much money is in the cannabis industry. “But life isn’t all about money” lol yeah that’s her own words and isn’t someone else’s opinion jammed down her throat. I know alot of young people who have grown up around cannabis being grown and haven’t had any problems with the odor and I’d also be interested to know how close these plants are to her house 100 feet or half a mile cause if there aren’t even near her that’s ridiculous.

    • Look at the photo and the caption for an idea of how close it is.

      Also, as a teacher, I know that kids pick up their parents’ opinions BUT adults are often still carrying many of the opinions they formed as a child so why sneer at a kid’s opinion as not real but, not translate that to adults? Please, try to remember when you were a kid and realize that an opinion you form while living in your parents’ home is no different than most other opinions, it is shaped by the environment around you. I’m not saying that a young person has had as much experience, but I’ve known many adults whose opinions aren’t as informed as those that come from some young people.

      • If a 14 year old wrote in with the opposite opinion and said they didn’t mind the smell of cannabis and grew up around there parents growing cannabis I’m betting most the people siding with this young woman would meet that letter with the same amount of skepticism I have. She’s free to air her grievance and people complain about obnoxious odors from other industries but your on the edge of town next to agricultural land and from the picture those all look like full sun how long could the flower period even smell bad 6 weeks maybe? That letter just oozes contempt for people she most likely knows very little about “Besides, wouldn’t you rather have a nice, friendly family that does a lot to support the community live here than some pot growers who will just cause more problems?” Doesn’t sound like she’s trying to be very civil either.

        • R,
          Skepticism is fine. Disagreeing with the young woman is fine. Pointing out where you think she falls into stereotyping and treating others unfairly also fair game. She wrote to an adult forum and that means that she should be greeted with the same amount of skepticism as anyone else who writes in. However, my complaint was twofold.

          First, the house is close and her mother provided evidence with the photo. You may disagree with whether the smell is problematic or not but you said “cause if there aren’t even near her that’s ridiculous” when they are clearly near her.

          2nd, you dismissed her arguments as not her own.

          In my opinion, this latest comment you made is a legit argument against what she said in her letter. The former comment…not so much.

          • Yeah couldn’t really tell where her house is in perspective to the picture at first but I imagine it’s right behind the photo so it’s very close to there property.

  • Sooner or later. Someones going to snap,and ahow humboldt the bubble isnt a safe one

  • Eco-friendly solution: Grow all those female plants a boyfriend.

  • Cry me a fucking river

  • The smell of cow dung in the Fortuna area is pretty disgusting if you ask me

  • Bunch of informants who call the county on their neighbors. Shame on you people. If this was written about horse or cow dung this wouldn’t have even been published.

  • I feel for her, about the headaches. I get terrible headaches during lawn mowing season, it’s not much fun.
    I have a feeling similar letters will follow across the state. It has an uncanny similarity to the tobacco free kids campaign that also attacked the vaping industry.
    With that thought in mind, a quick search revealed that the same campaigner ceo is indeed busy bodying in the mj field.
    ” to legalize retail marijuana in California could lead to the development of a powerful new industry, akin to the tobacco business, that could thwart public health measures for the sake of building revenues, according to a policy analysis by researchers at UC San Francisco.” https://tobacco.ucsf.edu/legalized-marijuana-california-could-hurt-public-health-analysis-says

  • Hemp is not male weed silly …

    • Hemp, however, is usually grown with the male plants. And, male hemp plants can pollinate female marijuana plants thereby greatly reducing the value of the flower.

      • Just to clarify Hemp production uses adolescent stalks usually only 3~4 feet high which are machine harvested in early July which results in very little pollen production. The strongest hemp fibers are from pre-flowered male plants! The seed production is undertaken on high yield farmlands and resemble current Emerald Triangle practices of monster female plants separated by many feet as opposed to hemp sown a few inches apart.

  • You can’t raise pigs in a residential area because of the smell, and pigs should not be allowed to grow their dope in a residential area either. Let them take their drugs and crime to the hills. Those of us who are not narcissistic, greedy douche bags don’t want it next door to our homes and our children.

  • Im 100% in favor of cannabis. However, as any industry and legal business, you must meet the requirements to operate. As nice as this farm is, if it negatively impacts the neighbors, it should not be allowed. Sell the place and move somewhere more appropriate.

    The family could grow their 6 plants, making sure they are males and that might make the farm take action to reduce the smell.

  • So many comments to rebut and destroy and so little time… I suppose for now I’ll settle with one thread theme that really struck me as just hilarious: (paraphrasing) “…her parents used her to further their interests/she didn’t think this up on her own/shame on her parents for using her this way…”

    I reflected upon past instances in this county (generally) and in Fortuna (specifically) where photographs of protests/marches/vigils (complete with signage over issue “X” being held up by kids) were posted on FB threads/Lost Coast Outpost/RHB, and the feedback went something like this:

    Outrage over kids being “used,” with the equal-to-the-outrage-rebuttals being that our kids are our future, that they should absolutely have a voice, and that they be cognizant of how their rights are being infringed. Pick your hot-button issue going back a year or so and it’s all over the place (thinking sanctuary city biz, DACA, Women’s March, etc). Statistically, I have NO DOUBT WHATSOEVER that most of the same people crying foul/bs/get over it/poor “brainwashed” girl are the same people that either:

    1) Applauded parents for bringing kids to protests/marches/vigils (complete with signage over issue “X” being held up by kids),

    2) Attended many if not all protests/marches/vigils (complete with signage over issue “X” being held up by kids), or

    3) Brought their own kids to aforementioned protests/marches/vigils (complete with signage over issue “X” being held up by their kids)

    The hypocrisy runneth over.

  • Sleepy Alligator

    I’m a little concerned that C. H. U. M. P. hasn’t been around lately especially since he hasn’t honed in on this story. He/She must just be too busy harvesting his mega crop or maybe he/she’s battling a broad/russet mite infestation. Hoping it’s the former because the latter is a nightmare!

  • I think C.H.U.M.P. might of got chipped….

  • The thing about this that strikes me is how many cow farms we have in the area. Some near residential. People complain about those smells too. However I feel like if this letter was written about a cow farm it would have an entirely different approach in the comments.

  • How do we move to get marijuana re-illegalized?

    • Eureka's Clueless

      You’ll have to convince the voters (or the folks that actually go the the voting booth and oh…Vote) to change their minds.

      I’m still trying to wrap my head around why the voters of this state approved Props 47 and 57…….

  • Great letter! Good points, well articulated. I encourage the young writer to continue writing letters- just send them to federal offices. Marijuana cultivation is still illegal under federal law and I imagine they are compiling a list of possible “demonstration eradications”. This grow sounds like an excellent candidate as it would put our Board of Supervisors squarely in the position of conspiring to break federal law and receiving monetary rewards for doing so. Please write to United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions! Please write to our President Donald Trump! Send copies of these letters to our local representatives just for the record although expect zero help from them. Send a letter to the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF)! Research the most anti-pot senators and congresspeople in Washington DC and send them copies of these letters for their use in reference to the problems out here! I completely understand your issues and after reading many above comments it only reinforces my opinion that worship of weed is a major mental problem here in Humboldt. Many of us are wishing for federal relief. All letters such as this only help the cause of returning this beautiful place to some balance.

    • Just Say No!…….to rats!

      • fuckwalterwhite.com

        Oh yeah,good point. Are they using native species killing rodentcide in this field,like many of the hillside grows?

    • fuckwalterwhite.com

      Yeah,I just copy/pasted this article into websites around the U.S.(random states,not pro or anti)

      Hopefully some non-locals will be made aware of the drug-culture takeover of N.Ca.

  • We don’t want made illegal. We want it regulated. We want it taxed. We want it to have to play by the rules that the rest us have always had to play by.

  • Wow, thank your lucky stars you don’t live next to a tobacco smoker, then you’d have that horrible smell, plus 2nd hand cancer potential. Imagine how embarrassing that would be.

  • fuckwalterwhite.com

    With the amount of weed-related violence,it seems a matter of time until some S.Carolina rappers come for a crop,and a shootout or something happens….again. But this time, next door to a neighborhood.

    And yes,any very strong odor can cause respiratory issues or headaches. That is A LOT of plants to smell.
    Today in Arcata they are claiming the smell of dog poop is harming native animals.

    HumCo towns are struggling with drug issues of all types,yet this “wonder-drug” couldn’t be a problem?
    No connection at all….

  • I was at a public park the other day, and the mj from people smoking it, now that it’s legal, gave me a second hand high. No kidding. I’ve never tried any drug before. I see now why people smoke it. That’s a rush!

    But I could leave and I am an adult so it wouldn’t effect an adult as it would a growing child who has a growing mind.

    I don’t mind a small mj farm; but those big industrial ones near a residential home; not fair to her.

    Thankyou for publishing her letter.

    • fuckwalterwhite.com

      Once the miracle-recreational-drug is legal,smoke will abound.
      Then the tweeks will sneak a little meth smoking in the mix. Wait til you walk into that cloud….

  • The overpowering smell of cow manure whenever I drive in and out of Fortuna gives me nausea.

  • A comment from the farm would be nice and they can describe how they plan to mitigate this problem.

  • You ain’t smelt stank until you smell a commercial hog operation when they pump out their slop tanks on the fields!…You can smell the stink MILES away! So do we stop raising pigs?

  • okay, this is getting ridiculous, Kym what’s the record for comments and what was the subject?
    wasn’t there a 400 once?
    last year if i had to smell a bunch of weed and i wasn’t growing any i might be envious.
    (if i were smelling a bunch of my own weed then i would like the smell.)
    now if i smelled a bunch of weed from my neighbor i would think, poor guy, really? you can sell all that? good luck.

    (old timer alert)
    ahh the 80’s, grow 40 lbs, make 100 grand and it was an easy life…

    • …..All over a plant only deemed illegal to protect the interests of Hearst (paper pulp) and Dupont…

      Imagine living next to one of their plants (have pun with that)… yuk!!

      From Jack Herer’s Emperor:

      “In the supermarket when you are asked to choose paper or plastic for your bags, you are faced with an environmental dilemma: paper from trees that were cut, or plastic bags made from fossil fuel and chemicals. With a third choice available – hemp hurd paper – one could choose a biodegradable, durable paper from an annually renewal source – the cannabis hemp plant.”

      Dear Young Lady, Keep writing and speaking your mind. In show biz rules you won. Just look at all the comments and minds you got stirring!

      The general theory as with most things Americana seems to be if it makes cents it makes sense.

      RIP Jack


  • Winston T. Smith

    Not to divert the discussion, but has anyone ever thought of how the “perfume” of scented dryer sheets and fabric softeners routinely pollutes neighborhood air, especially for those with asthma or chemical sensitivities? Have “users” ever read the MSDS (Manufacturer’s Safety Data Sheet) on these products? Pot may smell stinky to some, but at least the aroma doesn’t prompt use of an asthma inhaler!

  • Look at the bright-side of things, little girl, at least your not smelling a meth-lab!

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