[UPDATE 11:49 a.m.] Veteran Taken to Mental Health After Threats Forced Law Enforcement to ask Neighbors to Shelter in Place

Humboldt COunty Sheriff's OfficeThe Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office took a 61-year-old veteran who had been threatening to go “Vegas” on the local Veteran Administration office to a mental health facility this morning. The man lived near Redwood Acres Fairgrounds which was put on lockdown around 10:15 a.m. The fairgrounds and local residents were asked to shelter in place.

The Lost Coast Outpost has more information and photos here.

UPDATE 11:49 a.m.: According to Lt. Mike Fridley of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office, “We responded and set up a perimeter due to the threats and a negotiator called [the man] out of his trailer. He was taken into custody without incident and is being seen by mental health professionals.”

Fridley said that Harris Street was shut down in front of Redwood Acres during the incident and several hundred women at an event at Redwood Acres were moved to another area.



  • Population control= go Vegas. Wow what an idiot. Hope he gets well.

  • shawn the fisherman

    I know VA hard to deal with! But dont make it worse on oneself. Trump said he would over haul the VA, We are waiting!

  • Go “Vegas”?? He must have been a big fan. Unreal

  • Say NO to Socialism

    Vetran Affairs is he closed system we have to Single Payer Healthcare. How’s that working out?

  • Overreaction? What’s next, the thought police?

  • Well, If he is dealing with the local VA and the Head Dr There, he more than likely isn’t getting the best help. As that person has been “In Charge” and “Large” but not taking care of our VETS at all the way they deserve. Not sure I believe he said the Vegas thing, never believe half of what is said anymore in the media and just where did that come from? A Neighbor wanting attention? And look in the mirror who is the POS? Our Veterans deserve all the respect they can get, and many have Unresolved mental conditions that have been lingering for years and the “Old” guys are overlooked but the younger Vets getting out get it all! Speaking from experience, Just Sayin”

    • Stupid people talk nonsense

      You’re joking about the “young veterans getting it all” right? I waited 9 months for my dd214 to be processed at the Va. they saw me one time because I was out of my ptsd medication, as an emergency. Then made me wait those 9 months before I got care. And when I DID finally get officially registered, they had no doctors, and I had to get authorized through insurance and the VA to see a civilian doctor. Which took me 5 months to find. Still can’t get dental due to no one taking on new patients. Had to go to friggin laytonville for emergency clinic! And I’m an OIF/ OEF vet. So I don’t know why you think it’s only us younger generation getting proper help. The va screws everyone equally.

  • Thank you Steve. Not enough people understand the reality of ptsd.

  • It was a chump sighting .

  • I find it strange that certain people feel the need to push their values and beliefs on others so much and so hard. Most veterans i know can and do deal with alot every day every night anytime they deal with public. I am wondering what the neighbors were pushing him on to make him snap like this? Normally for me at least the coping skills to deal with people pushing me are missing, i ignore ignore untill i no longer can and once i decide to deal with something that has forced its way into my life i tend to make it final. I realised this about myself and have sought private counseling on how to at least control it till i can get away and talk myself through a more peaceful manor of dealing/coping. It might be someones right to push others , there are just some people that should just be left along and never pushed. I know i will get flack for posting this , but that is how i feel, you dont have to agree , you dont have to like it , but please accept that unless you have witnessed how evil humans truely are to each other , you will never understand how valuable life is and at the same time how little adult human life means , say over a childs or a dogs.

  • I’m a Vet rated at 160% disabled I was in the Coast Guard. I’ve had nothing but the best care two big surgery and now cancer I haven’t paid a dime for any of my medical thanks to this great country that we live in. Now California is a Sanctuary state that makes me feel ill.

    • Damn. Here we are living in 2017 and you are living in 3017. 160%?

      • The rateing are a bit wierd, if you add up percentages for each thing they rate you on it can be very high, i am over 200 with a over all rating of 50 %. Something like 25 percent for each bullet wound i dont remember , but then for the back another percentage they evaluate each complaint assign a percentage to that , then assgine a over all rating percentage based upon how much all those other are effecting your daily activities.

      • Only the first 100% counts, then you get things fixed for your disabilities up to 50k.

        • Hrmm never heard of a 50k limit , supposedly all medicial is covered except dental, yet all they want to do is hand out pain pills then you see a new doctor and they call you a junkie, then a differant doctor sticks you back on pills . It is my belief that they really dont want to do anything that will really help you as the sooner you kick it , the less money they have to pay either through monthly payments or medicial treatments, and when you look at the numbers which face it is all we are to them it makes sense to get us all in the ground sooner rather than later

    • Stupid people talk nonsense

      160%? That must not be your disability rating for pay. You get e-5 pay with 2 dependent scale right?
      Never heard of someone getting 160% of that pay.

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