Gabe Jackson: March 23, 1987-October 5, 2014

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A repost:

In 2015, a friend sent a post asking us to remember Southern Humboldt man, Gabe Jackson one year from the day he died. We’d like to remember him again.image (3)

Gabe Jackson


Wow, he was such an amazing human being. His energy lit up any room he walked into. He definitely lived life to the fullest and knew how to have fun. He will be missed by everyone that got the chance to have him in their lives. Sometimes life isn’t fair and good things come to an end, sometimes the good die too early. I know karma will work its way somehow. At least he has a handsome son that can continue the legacy. I’m so sorry for all of his friends and family that are grieving over this injustice and we all know that G would want us to live on with the happy memories he has left behind. I miss you so much every single day, I can’t believe it’s already been a year.

Rest easy G.



  • RIP Gabe. I pass your Memorial Buddha on AP road and every time I think of your senseless death.

  • I was just thinking about Gabe a couple of days ago knowing he is blessed with peace wherever he may be. Shine on Gabe, shine on.

  • What happened to the lion? RiP…

  • Didn’t know you long before you passed. You were full of life, full of death, full of everything human. Cautionary tale and glorious legend rolled into one. Fuck yeah, Gabe.

  • The lion??? The people that live at the beginning of the road was probably sick of people red lining their trucks and beer cans all over the place!!!

  • When are people going to tell the truth about people’s life’s. The good and the bad. I’m not speaking ell of the dead. We all know it’s the truth. When he was clean and sober he was great to be around and we ALL know how he was when he was not clean. We should all look in the mirror the next time we play the blame game because WHO was there when he overdose on meth 3 time WHO was there when he was driving up and down AP blacked out on whatever he could drink WHO was there for the last months when he was on meth………. (WHO WAS THERE!!) RIP G

    • Chill out. His drug addiction was his choice. He was addicted to drugs since he was a teenager. Sucks that it got to the point of meth and bath salts but it still was all choices. It’s sad you had to deal with that but at least u were strong enough to do so. He obviously had a lot of fucking crap in his life no one should have to deal with and that’s why he did as much as he did. Just because he did drugs doesn’t mean he deserved to get murdered. Meth is a horrible drug that turns awesome people into zombies and makes them do things they wouldn’t do.

      • Are yor looking in mirrors at your guilt Bree!!! Yeah it is choice for people to do drugs but it is the people around them and him to help with there addiction but every body looked the other way! WHY??? because they don’t want violence to them or there families. So where were you ? Helping or enabling? You need to be careful about defaming some you could be sued!

        • How did Bree defame someone? He didn’t name anyone.

          • By saying that he was murdered. There was two people involved. This guy was charged with hit and run. Not murdered. Yes I know it’s freedom of speech but it’s still defacing. If he wanted a job and do not get it because of what someone else said and that was not true. Then yes that can be sued for that.

          • Defamation or Slande there are two types: Spoken and written!
            It is tricky to sue and it MUST met:
            Demonstrably and objectively false
            *: seen or heard by a public third party!**
            :Quantifiably injurious
            :unprovoked by law
            LOOK THEM UP Befor the next time you make a comment!!!!

    • Well its a good thing ur ability to walk on water and ur finger of absolute truth has shined on to us. wow what a real slice of ass hole it takes to bring up demons of past-the mans dead all those things dont matter anymore-
      but atleast u got ur own guilt off ur chest by being the light of all truths.

  • Mytruckisahillbeater

    His mother is a sick and twisted person. She deserves to be apprehended and dealt the death penalty. RIP gabe, babe you were pretty charming…

  • Mytruckisahillbeater

    Why the fack is she still out and living freely when she was the one who allowed and facilitated, basically the orchestrator of the unspeakable horrors that led to this.. ughf I miss you

  • I love U Gabe….

  • Anybody else catch the full red harvest moon that day? 😊🔥

  • I knew him for about 8 years..young local hustler. I could see the fierce intelligence and something crazy in his eyes immediately, our conversations were fast paced and always produced $ for both of us. Gabe was so cool to my son, totally interested in his journey so far in life. And he would ask me great questions about fatherhood during the time before his baby. I could see that his best chance in life would probably be to focus on being there for his kid, and I told him as much. Yeah man..inspite of the crazy in your eyes, I would always stop and bullshit with you cuz I could tell you were a good young man. See you on the crest of a wave…🌈

  • I knew him for many years always had a smile for me always made the day a bit better think you guys could wake up and be a little more selfish For Gabe everyone that crossed your path was better because of it they shined just a little more for that moment and I loved the Gabe that I knew

  • miss your voice behind my house, meeting at the gate, our friendship and your beautiful lips

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