Euthanasia List Still Activated Due to Shelter Being Overfull

A reader asked us to post this press release. If you know someone who can help, please pass this along.

There were no open kennels on Friday and so Monday unless folks come for dogs on their legal hold will most likely again bring some hard decisions, but, as always, the Shelter will only euthanize as many dogs as need to make room for incoming.

All rescue dogs area at risk. Please do not hesitate to contact Redwood Pals if a foster home is being offered – hopefully not all dogs on list will be euthanized.


Unfortunately there continues to be around a dozen or so dogs that are not listed on petharbor (dogs on a bite hold or making their way through the administrative legal process for violations) and so there are too little kennels in dog hold which put the rescue dogs at risk of being euthanized.





She is terrified in the Shelter and has been at the shelter since Sep 14, 2017. A kind kennel attendant, Jalin, is making friends with her as is Redwood Pals. She loves to play in the play pen which mostly likely is a predictor of her success on the outs.

Jewel was found on Samoa Beach in Humboldt County, CA

Email for more information about fostering Jewel.

DogJEWEL (A083776)FemaleWhitePit Bull Terrier2 years

CATTLE DOG came in injured and fearful. This boy was reported to have been wandering in the Dinsmore area for several weeks before he was trapped. He was taken to the vet and was sedated in order to examine his wounds to his front leg. His leg has healed well. He is shut down in the Shelter. Staff and rescue think he is reachable, but in the chaotic Shelter environment, it may take longer than space will allow.

Email for information about fostering this Cattle Dog

DogA083790MaleBlackAustralian Cattle Dog5 years old

Jahnice may have a foster home with Redwood Pals, but the Shelter is just too full not to put a dog out there for back up placements – the price for the dog is just too high not to.

Email if a person is interest in being a safety net for Jahnice.

DogJAHNICE (A083617)FemaleTricolorBorder Collie mix10 years old

This boy is on the euth list but does not as yet have a rescue sponsor.  He has been euth listed for showing reactivity to other dogs in Shelter.

DogA083794MaleTanPit Bull Terrier mix2 years

This boy is on the euth list but does not as yet have a rescue sponsor.  He has been euth listed for showing reactivity to other dogs in Shelter with the note by staff that:  It was difficult to determine if he was being overly excited and vocal or was aggressive

DogMEMPHIS (A083882)MaleTanPit Bull Terrier2 years, 1 month old


Paulie the Peke is in  a Redwood Pals Foster home thanks to Cliff’s radio show on KHUM and Redwood Pal’s Jim doing the meet and greet.  RPR’s Mara and groomers made sure he started his new life nicely groomed!

DogA083764MaleTanPekingese mix

Tiger – real name Jack was pulled on a wing and a prayer by It’s a Dogs’ Life Rescue and has been accepted into Upward Hound Pet Rescue!  Turns out Jack is a snuggle bug who loves everybody – dogs, cats, and all ages of people!

Previous post.  Tiger is a young male adult that is #2 on the euth list because, while he and his intake mate Penelope were fine of intake, being kenneled together, they made a game of barking at anything that went by their kennels. It was not until today that we went to the Shelter to work with a few shy dogs and gave some high value treats to these two that Tiger give licks of the fingers after the treats were eaten. Tiger was also sweet to Mara of Redwood Pals. It was almost closing by this time, but Kennel Attendant Brittany trusted our instincts and we got Tiger out and in the play pen where we found Tiger to be a delightful young, very playful boy! From doing zoomies to playing tug we were delighted to find Tiger to be.

DogA083759MaleBr brindlePit Bull Terrier mix

Penelope sadly was euthanized.  It’s a Dog’s Life Rescue found a foster too late to save her.

We discovered too late to explore if Penelope who was play bowing and friendly to us – a stranger to her – would do as well as TIger out of her kennel. But the time TIger was back in the kennel it was closing time. Penelope also took treats nicely from Mara of Redwood Pals as well.

DogA083758FemaleBl brindlePit Bull Terrier mix

NOW IN ADOPTABLES AT THE SHELTER: QUINCEY (A083735)MaleBlackPit Bull Terrier and Labrador Retriver1 year, 6 months

We believe Titus went home to his owner or is in a Redwood Pals Foster home.

Titus passed his temperment test (people/food/dog issues), but drew the line at being microchipped and so he cannot go up for adoption. He was however previously able to be given his intake shelter shots and rabies shot.

Shelter staff describes Titus as a very sweet and calm dog.

DogTITUS (A083712)MaleBr brindlePit Bull Terrier3 years old


From what we understand Rolo has spent most of his life on a chain. A patient home where Rolo can learn what it is like, and what is expected of him in a role as a beloved dog in a home.

Email for more information about ROLO.

DogROLO (A083691)MaleBlackDoberman Pinscher mix10 years old


Brody is not going up for adoption at the Shelter because of a food, water, toy resource issue. He came from a background where these were limited resources. For this reason an only dog home for Brody is being sought or a home that can kennel or separate Brody when food, water and toys are around.

Email for more information about Brody.

DogBRODY (A083302)MaleTanPit Bull Terrier



  • I wish so badly that I could take them all I have 2 rescue dogs that I adopted, and one feral kitty ,and 2 cats from Miranda s .like I said I wish I could take them all .when I adopted Chloe I walked up to her kennel ,and I said dogo you won the lotto ,and she is the best dog ive ever had i coukd not love her more i pray that all these dogs find the love ,and caring home that mopar ,and Chloe have .


    • Thinking allowed

      I owned the world’s best dog adopted from a shelter. Brave, loyal, good judgement, kind, healthy- I have no idea why she was there but I couldn’t have ordered a more prefect dog for me.

    • They are in the shelter because every redneck thinks they are a dog breeder.

    • Maybe if you didn’t use ALL CAPITAL Letters someone might actually pay attention to what you’re saying!!!

      • seems you have a problem with capital letters, some of us are not as young as you are and our eyesight isnt what it used to be even with glasses, i hope you never get that way.

    • How heartless, the dog is not at fault if an ignorant owner decides they do not want the responsibility anymore, also not the dogs fault if it was not trained correctly or even at all! Irresponsible ignorant HUMANS are the issue here! This is sad, if you are not going to adopt and you don’t have anything nice to say then why don’t you just keep it pushin’ instead of leaving your hateful comment about animals who have already been through enough!

      I will never understand how people like you come to this conclusion! Have a damn heart folks=/

    • Have you raised a dog? People think its so easy but its not and many people end up training their dog poorly and then dont want them anymore.
      Its a big responsibilty that really just takes patience and consistency. Just like kids.

      There are also dogs being bred for ranching and fighting all over the pac northwest, here included.

      The most riduculous part is how small the shelter is for our population, and not placed near the middle of the county.
      We have an opportunity to ask our supes for a % of the pot tax to go towards expansion/upgrade of the shelter. The county already owns the land up by the current shelter. Lets get one going down south as well. That will create more jobs as well. Please call your supe right now and tell them how important funding for the shelter is.
      The shelter right now is kept going by employees and a strong volunteer network of incredibly devoted people, its amazing!

  • Thinking allowed

    I’m confused as to where these dogs actually are. They’re on a list but in foster care?

    • Some dogs are still in the shelter on the euthanasia list. Some have been pulled out by Rescue to save their lives. These may be in a rescue kennel or a foster home, but still need to be adopted. Unfortunately Rescue has limited space and foster homes, and can’t save all the dogs that are on the euthanasia list.

    • The dogs mentioned above are still at the shelter, they’ll be euthanized to make room for incoming dogs if they aren’t pulled out by rescue groups.

  • Thinking out loud I’m confused why was the world’s perfect dog back in foster care if you had her why did you give her up

    • Thinking allowed

      I never gave her up. I had her 16 years. She was adopted by me. I just don’t think any dog not actually vicious should be written off because we don’t know why they are in the shelter.

  • I work with feral and abandoned animals, mainly in the last 25 years, but really my whole life. One thing I have found is people get animals either for their kids or for themselves. They get them for they kids to keep them busy where they don’t have to deal with them. After the kids or adults are bored with them or they think their to much work they abandon them or turn them into shelters. When an animal is turned into a shelter they need to have people who will go in say two months and see how the animal is being taken care of. Plus, some of the people use them for fighting especially the homeless or at least here they do. I’ve rescued dogs, cats, rabbits, chickens, and birds. Being on a fixed income it’s pretty hard. Also when your 79 yrs. old it’s tiring.

  • Thinking aloud Thank u for being such a great animal lover

  • Thank you Kym and Mogtx but it was my choice and I don’t regret what I’ve done. I can’t kill anything not even ants. Everything has a soul including plants or that’s how I believe. They are put
    here for us to take care of.

  • shawn the fisherman

    I think Bob Barker said it best. “Have your pets spayed or neutered” Love that guy! When I was a kid every girl who got on the Price is right on stage got to kiss Bob! lol Times have sure changed. C’mon people take care of your pets. Adopt if you can please.

  • shelters are gonna be full for a while to come , growers leaving the area will be a abandoning their guard dogs.

  • The SPCA should make it easier to adopt a dog, I gave up and purchased one because of all the red tape.

  • The pitbulls are in the shelter BC we have no rental housing that will allow them. There it is plain and simple. They are friendly loving dogs as long as their owners don’t feed them drugs to make them aggressive.

    • A lot of that has to do with home insurances that don’t cover a full list of restricted breeds – shepherds, akitas, pitbulls, etc. Either that or they have a weight limit of 45-50 lbs. Most pitbulls I know are over 50 lbs.

  • Some of these dogs will be euthanize tomorrow, October 6, 2017 (most likely in the morning) for space – Brody is on that list as is the boy in the purple harness. These dogs need only dog homes because of their in Shelter dog reactivity.

  • How many of you would sign a petition to make a new law making it mandatory for the human element to get the license to have a dog/pet. You must pass a simple class letting the animal control know that you are a safe and humane owner.
    The first time your found with an animal and with out a license, is a 500 dollar fine for each animal. If they are not spayed or nuetered it will be 1,000 fine. No breaks no judge linency allowed. I want this to be so. It’s not the dogs it’s the idiots who think they need to have one. This will disallow the ones who truly can’t afford one or …the other kind ….. Ciao.

    • That is a great idea, they should do that with children also.

    • Thinking allowed

      Well, although a well intentioned idea, it’s hard to envision the same government that can not/will not enforce licensing and loose dog regulations coming up to speed on this.

    • Don't Drink While Pregnant

      That would just lead to a flood of dogs entering the shelter from people who couldn’t take or pass the class, couldn’t afford the license, etc. actually making the problem worse.

      We need to make existing pet owners in to better pet owners, not just take their animals away because they screwed up.

  • Please folks. Ask everyone you know. A dog or cat can have a wonderful life thanks to a few words to the right person.

  • People are so judgmental, everywhere. There are many reasons why dogs can wind up in the shelter. I do absolutely believe that breeding is a big problem. The dogs in shelters though, aren’t always there because of something they did. I wound up moving, begging my new landlord, paying extra deposits, etc, to be able to keep our beautiful pit. Paying additional renters insurance to cover any potential dog related damages and issues. I am not saying anyone should have a dog, but I do believe the amount of locations in humboldt that allow dogs, is a big deal. If someone has to move, upgrade to a bigger home, downsize, whatever it is, it is near impossible to bring your dog with you. It is very unfortunate. People definitely have to make smarter decisions when it comes to their furry friends. Don’t ever assume your landlord will be ok with it. Get it in writing prior to bringing your fur baby home.

  • Thinking allowed

    Did any euthanasias take place?

  • Brody and the dog in the purple harness listed in this post were euthanized, as well as more dogs not included in this post. There are dogs on the euth list who were given more time to find foster homes. Please email if a person can provide a foster or adoptive home.

  • All the breeds I just saw are on the list of every rental company that if you own one you can’t rent from them. Maybe quit paying the homeless extra money for owning a dog. With the housing shortage in Humboldt County why would anybody adopt one of those dogs.

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