57-Year-Old Eureka Man Arrested On Accusations of Sexually Abusing a Child

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

John BeidemanAfter an almost month long investigation, 57 year old John Robert Beideman was arrested at his Myrtletown home in Eureka. A search warrant was also served on his residence at the time of his arrest.
Beideman was booked into the Humboldt County Correctional Facility for the following charges.

PC 288.5 (a) Continuous sexual abuse of a child under the age of 14 years

PC 288.7 (a) Sexual intercourse/sodomy with a child 10 years old or younger

PC 288 (a) Lewd or lascivious acts with a child under the age of 14 years

PC 288 (b) (1) Forcible lewd act upon a child



  • Now here is a real POS, Not the Veteran trying to seek Mental Health!!

  • tiredofdumbdonald

    Please feed him to the sharks.

  • I have to say…publishing his photo has effectively ruined the rest of his life, guilty or not.
    I sat on a jury for the trial of a man similarly charged. Also after a “months long investigation”.
    The jury found this man not guilty after a very short deliberation. The “victim” testified. She had obviously been coached by her addicted mother, from whose custody she had been previously removed for neglect. The mother lied, the child lied, the investigating officers bullied and verbally abused the accused to a shocking degree(we heard tapes of their interrogation).
    I hope this defendent gets a fair shake from our flawed system.
    If he is guilty I hope he is severely punished.
    But please folks, do not take an accusation as fact or proof of guilt

    • Point very well taken.

    • The hills have eyez

      So many people get away with this horrible stuff, so they must be sure he did it since he was actually arrested. This complete bucket of slop was out at Patrick’s Point telling stories this summer. Makes me sick and I feel sick knowing my kids were even in the same vicinity as this dogs bollocks.

      • Sleepy Alligator

        Not defending this guy by any means but just because the police are “sure” enough to arrest someone does not mean the person is guilty. Police, just like the rest of us humans, are not flawless. Plenty of people have been arrested and found not guilty.

    • Yup, it happens… lives are ruined, people have to move away; in the age of the internet, no place is a good place to start over if you have been attacked by false charges.
      Not saying whether he’s guilty or not–i have no idea; but other than your comment, V.F., it seems most people consider it a sealed deal–he must be guilty or he wouldn’t have been arrested. What kind of logic is that?

      • No logic at all. Fear, anger…all reactive not contemplative. It is truly sad. The man on whose jury I sat was on social security. No lawyer. He got an excellent public defender (Casey Russo). But he spent 8 months in jail awaiting trial and lost his home, his vehicle….essentially everything he owned. It was absolutely tragic. And our system offers no assistance to the falsely accused.

    • Jury duty should be an experience for everyone......................

      Same here. I served on a rape case. The young college student testified the instructor had lured her into his office and raped her. She didn’t report it for more than a month. The local papers carried the story including an Internet university photo of him. The trial lasted 3.5 weeks. Rape authorities testified girls never lie about being raped. The victim testified (big mistake) because there was no evidence. The defense grilled her and she compromised her police report. The police reviewed her statement and she recounted her claims. When the prosecutor said she had rested her case the defense attorney said he had not completed his cross examination of the victim. She was recalled and made statements that were known to be false. The D.A. told the judge she need to speak to the victim. After 30 minutes the D.A. came back in and told the judge they were dropping all charges. Even though the university had tenured the instructor the university terminated the guy saying one of the rules for termination is if an instructor through the instructor actions, in classroom or outside of campus caused the university undo negative media information they can terminate the faculty. The instructor was falsely accused of a serious felony by a student who recanted and then he was terminated from the university. His life was ruined. Forever!! Last I heard he was filing a civil suit against the university and the newspaper.

    • I agree with Veterans Friend, and please don’t Judge, unless you have Proof, because innocent people can be “set up” by those who are criminally minded, things aren’t always as they seem.

      Two examples I know of where a business owner in my town was charged with a similar crime, he was kind of a socially awkward guy, but always nice, and never a problem.
      But locals judged him Guilty and shunned him and his business in our smallish town, it was terrible.
      He was found Not Guilty, all charges were dropped, but people still talk trash about him.

      And some years previous to that, another socially awkward guy in town was arrested for having illicit images on his laptop computer, same deal, he was Shunned, Big Time.
      He also was found Not Guilty, because he was “set up” by a creeper who had a grudge against him, but the Stigma followed him to the grave, it was truly sad.

    • I was thinking these same thoughts. Sometimes accused perverts are actually innocent.

    • Excellent comment.
      Our society is too easy to condemn, and as you say. With accusations like this, it can ruin his life (likely has; it will never be the same in Eureka for him), before he is found guilty. The accusations are very serious. Let the system of its best to find the truth.
      Kudos to you and your fellow jurors for doing your job well, in “a flawed system”, especially under the likely social pressure of heated local circumstances.

    • Letpeacebeginwithme

      This was heartbreaking to hear about. I have been doing Renaissance Faires for many years and Carpathian was an entertainer at many.I found him to be very kind and gentle.He was a loved story teller to Adults not just children.He never broke character.As you can imagine,many of us are in shock. I pray these allegations are untrue. I send prayers ,healing and deep peace to all that have been affected.

    • You are fucking lost. There’s obviously more than one victim involved and anyone who allows themselves to go down a slippery slope to even be accused of actions like this most likely will end up doing one or all of the horrendously wrong trespasses and has forever changed and broken an innocent child. How can you even give a shit if it has ruined this monsters life? Think about the kids he has abused and used and the nightmares they have because of him. If he is accused publicly then there is probably great proof of his guilt and personally I think we should stop wasting time and money, force people like him to a speedy trial with a guilty verdict bringing absolute and quick death for people who commit crime against children.

  • Another sick f……..what is wrong with people .what switch goes off in there head ,and they turn in to a Predator Creep that prey on small children. Don’t ever let him out from behind bars for the rest of his Natural Born life if in fact he is found guilty by a court of law. The truth will set anybody free .

  • Worked with him for years and thought he was extremely strange…couldn’t put my finger on exactly what was wrong with him…now at least I have some idea. Hope it’s not true ( for the sake of everyone involved) but would not be surprised if it is.

  • LoCo is reporting that this guy is the same who, under the name Carpathian, dressed up in a spooky costume to tell scary stories to kids around the holidays. Posters for his performances have been posted all over Eureka at this time of year for years.

  • So, give him a fair trial and hang him?

    • I sure hope for his sake that he doesn’t get a trial by jurors like those commenting on this article. Very few seem fair and impartial. If he actually did it I hope he faces his consequences like a man, but to presume guilt on those simply accused is not the type of world I want to live in.

  • Let him have his day in, court like anyone else. But if he’s found guilty when it’s all said and done. Than shoot the pos

  • We humans are so weird. When a child is abused we pull out all the hateful stops against the perpetrator. I guess that’s natural. But we know there is a high correlation between men who have been abused as children and those convicted of this sad crime. And then no one wants to pay the high cost of the lifelong social services that might prevent that child from devolving into an adult abuser. We love and pity and support the victims when they are children, but as adults we’re ready to ‘shoot that pos’ Doesn’t anyone see the irony here?

  • People are worried about lives being ruined. Have you considered how this child’s life is ruined? This kind of thing lasts a lifetime. If he is innocent, puiblish that, too. If he isn’t, people need to be aware and keep their kids away from him.

    • If he is found innocent most people won’t care. They want the scandal.

    • Lee Richardson, spare the false moral outrage, you have no idea if this guy is guilty as charged, and even if he is… you also have no idea if the child’s life is ruined.

      Plenty of people are sexually abused as children, and they turn out JUST FINE, thank you.

      You are out of your league here.

      • “Plenty of people are sexually abused as children, and they turn out JUST FINE, thank you.”


        Speaking from experience, right?

        • Don’t be a jerk… of course, I’m speaking from experience, and I know PLENTY of people who have the SAME experiences and they turned out Fine as well [edit]

  • Ironically, up until this week, this POS worked at the Humboldt County Courthouse as a Court Clerk at the Civil window. Dealt with him almost daily filing paperwork for the firm I work at. He is the most unpleasant asshole they’ve ever had working there!! I always hated it when he was working because he was so rude! This explains a lot! Makes me sick!!!!! Rot in hell!

    • I’ve known him for years, as well. He was a POS when he lived in PA, and he’s only gotten worse since moving to CA.

    • JusticeWillBeServed

      I too have dealt with him on a semi-regular basis. I was always professional, but my personal opinion was that he was hiding something. The thought of him being a child molester or sexual predator has crossed my mind more than once. I have heard more stories than I can count from colleagues concerning issues with him. I have personally heard him being very rude to people. I also have knowledge that the courthouse defended his rude acts many times to different people. That type of behavior should not have been defended when it was obviously a bigger issue than one or two people. His bosses we’re fully aware of what was going on. Shame on the Humboldt County Courthouse for rewarding this man for his behaviors!!! He apparently has previous charges (not sure what type) and the way he treated people WAS abusive. I understand there is also an issue with the “job pool” around here, but THAT is not a reason to let someone like him abuse the public and come to his defense. I hope they take this experience and do something about it, but we also have to realize who we are dealing with. Those allegations he is being charged with are not usually reversed and found to be a crock. Those people who say “innocent until proven guilty”, well, let me just say this… a month long investigation of a county employee molesting a child or children under 10 years old is evidence enough. To bring a Humboldt County Courthouse Clerk’s Office employee on criminal charges of the abuse of a child such as his charges is not something the Sheriff’s office would take a chance on being wrong on. There must be some substantial evidence here. They are already under severe scrutiny for their employees hands in the Estates investigation that involves other county offices and the FBI. Do you really think they’re going to take a blind stab at a story and charges this big? No. He’s guilty. I hope the courthouse listens to local legal colleagues and citizens from now on and gets off of their asses and does their jobs! I also hope that they change the hiring process or follow through with the one that should be in place.

  • Nicely put nomore. Wow. And kym still won’t let me talk about breast tattoos…… oh well, ill just revert to violence instead lol

  • BULLIT,,, Well at least we know why your name is nomore and not knowmore

  • Wether he is guilty or not should be determined in a court room, not at the base of the hangmans tree.
    But if he is found guilty, i would help hold the rope. I would also water the tree to keep it alive. Because
    i’m sure it will be needed again in the future.

    • oh! I’m sorry but I found that to be a wonderful set of proses! Not sure whether I share the sentiment but I love how you constructed that thought! Sounds very Mark Twain!

  • He is going to hate life on the inside, the inmates will make sure of that.

  • I bet he tends to fancy himself in a kind of Stephen King type fashion

  • I blame Meth and I bet he will eventually also. meth creates a sex offenders.

  • I concur with “justice will be served”. T

    Bob should enter a guilty plea and go to prison and never come back.
    Spare his victims the pain and humiliation of a court trial. Unlike Bob’s cell mate, Chad Smith, who is dragging his victims through a very painful court trial.

    To the victims Bob molested, stay strong and never give up. There are many, many people praying for you. Put this evil man away.

    Hopefully, court management will wake up do their jobs.

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