Home of Murder Suspect Burns…Again

Fire in Shelter Cove

As the sun set last night, the home of a man in jail for murder, caught fire …a second time. [Photo by Kelsy Corrine Silvis]

A little before 7:30 last night, the Shelter Cove home of Eric Lively caught fire. Lively is in the Humboldt County Jail awaiting trial on charges of murdering Jesse Simpson, a much-loved member of the community on May 4.

Eric Lively reportedly admitted to driving the vehicle that struck and killed Jesse Simpson but said that the collision had happened by accident.

He has been previously been arrested at least twice. In 2010, he was arrested for a home invasion robbery in Placer County.  In 2013, Lively was arrested for allegedly striking a man with a vehicle over a drug debt.

On May 18 of this year about two weeks after he was arrested, Lively’s house caught fire about 4 a.m. Cheryl Antony spokesperson for Shelter Cove Fire explained, “Lively’s house was set on fire…after the murder.  The investigators said it was arson then.”

Firefighter spraying water on a burned residence.

Eric Lively’s home after the first fire. [Photo from Cheryl Antony]

Anthony said there wasn’t much left of the home after the blaze. “It was a burned out shell,” she explained. “Can’t believe it burned again.”

What worries Anthony and her neighbors is that the flames could have spread. She pointed out in an email early this morning, “It was especially dangerous because we are under a red flag warning. [There were] dangerous fire conditions due to high temps.  Low humidity.   And wind.”

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  • Who set this fire? You could have killed more people than Mr Lively did! Who in the cove hates this guy enough to do something this stupid?

  • fuckwalterwhite.com

    “He has been previously been arrested at least twice. In 2010, he was arrested for a home invasion robbery in Placer County. In 2013, Lively was arrested for allegedly striking a man with a vehicle over a drug debt.”

  • Hope they catch the creep that did this on a red flag day!

  • Don’t get your hopes up for a trial & conviction, remember its California.

  • Disgusting vigilantes with no respect for our nations or our laws.

  • Y’all should have torn the eyesore down. This was bound to happen.

  • Probably some trimagrants trying to stay warm

  • Dan fuller were is the chump ? He might be one of the ones that got busted that we know nothing about.the last fish and game bust.because Mr anti pot everything .might be in jail .our very biz harvesting his weed to comment on the black belt .

  • Fire. It’s always been a favorite of mine.

  • Just like Daddy said to me as a young boy:
    “There’s a whole lot of ugly comin’ at you by a never-ending parade of stupid.”

  • shawn the fisherman

    Arson is a terrible crime.. If it was? Some first responder might have been hurt or killed!

  • Stoopid dummy head

    It use to be the land of milk and honey now it has turned into the land of stoopid dummies.

  • Fine old Scottish tradition. “YOU’RE FIRED”

    • Hick your right, it use to be when you were fired you were fired, they burned your house and anything that was left with it.

  • How much money and manpower was wasted for this? I feel sorry for the volunteer firefighters who were subjected to deal with this act of stupidity. Thank you firefighters.

  • Well someone is loyal to the deceased…if he owned the house he sure as hell can’t use any equity out of it for lawyer fees etc…I kinda like it..but I don’t know the whole story ,LA da da…I love shelter cove…anyway,someone’s sending a message…so hums wild like that tho..yee has..

  • It’s just hell reaching up to grab anything that is left of Eric Lively and his pathetic existance on this earth! Our VFD didn’t even put any water on it, they protected surrounding properties…as they should. I think one of the neighbors pee’d on it…even that was a waste!

    • And the nearest neighbors are all glad to see it leveled! It was an eye sore and a danger to neighborhood children who might happen to venture, out of curiosity, into the building. Mind your own community! Ours does!

  • Just a reminder to Eric Lively as to how much he is despised by this community as a whole. Time has not healed the loss of Jesse Simpson, nor will it ever! It’s too bad there was no advance notice of the fire, we could have roasted hotdogs and marshmallows, had a party!

  • Taurus Ballzhoff

    Sick, sick, sick… Shelter Cove is one scary place…

  • We are in a red flag warning,mindless people.I guess you can’t fix stupid

  • Please, just a tunnel going from the BLM office area to the airport area and maybe I’d go there more often and not use up my brakes.

  • It would only cross like what,..ten thousand fault lines?

  • I may not have been here my entire life but isn’t there some story of an Indian curse out there?
    Other than the criminal act that created the subdivision to begin with.

    • Yes there is a curse. Tread lightly, that curse is directed towards the white man and it kills in mysterious ways…..

  • It was really weird when I first went there and there was all these paved roads with no houses, kind of spooky.

  • Since its not really habitable, you might want to ask the firedepartment to have a contolled burn to completely eliminate the risks of a fire spreading from arsen.
    As soon as its dry enough someones going to burn it again, now that we know this, its safer to have the firedepartment finish it.
    This is a great example of a functioning neighborhood!

  • As a friend of the family and one who has watched Jesse’s death affect his loved ones in such an emotionally hurtfull way, I was glad to see it burn to the ground! No more looking at the reminder of an already unbearable memory. Thank you to the fire department for doing their best to keep areas around the house safe and fire free.

  • Burn that motherfucker DOWN!!!!

    • We don’t need no water so just let the fucker burn, burn motherfucker burn! The roof,the roof,the roof is on fire!

  • He should have still been in jail for the home invasion

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