County Extends Dry Weather Test Period Through October 16

This is a press release from the County of Humboldt:

Humboldt CountyThe Humboldt County Department of Health & Human Services Division of Environmental Health (DEH) has extended the dry weather test period for evaluation of water quantity supplies for proposed subdivisions and residential construction through Monday, Oct. 16.

Closure of the test period is implemented at the time of the first typical seasonal rainfall event.

All parties anticipating subdividing land or developing parcels with water supplies to serve individual or up to four connections should contact a qualified consultant to arrange for testing. The applicant’s agent must certify that at least 720 gallons of water per day for each residence can be produced.

Additional information regarding water quantity testing and water production test procedures can be obtained by calling DEH at 707-445-6215 or 800-963-9241.



  • 720 gallons a day! We use about 20 gallons/day between the 2 of us. That’s an outhouse and a solar shower every couple days. Guess I should have “stepped it up” during that 5 year historic drought and lived like a city slicker- killing the fish to death like everybody around me did! Babylon- that’s what you all worship, especially you fake rastas.

    • You must be an only child, to think of only yourself so quickly.
      just the two of you is the key.
      What about a family with two adults, five children, 2 dogs and a cat, seven chickens, three ducks, a horse, vegetable garden, 80 pot plants and two trimmers?

      Yeah…I can streatch 20 gallons of water…
      just give me a thimble,plastic grocery bag, apple core, wire hanger and some duct tape and bam boom bling blam ….Ta Da!

      What a tool…

      We live in humboldt for the fresh air, clean sourced water and amazing communties where children thrive ect. Get a clue “farce”.

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