October is Sea Level Rise Awareness Month, Arcata Planning Division Schedules Series of Events to Educate Public

This is a press release from the City of Arcata:

Saturday, October 7’s Pastels on the Plaza is a great place to start learning how sea level rise will impact Arcata, and possible responses. City staff will be on hand to answer questions as a sidewalk square is decorated with sea level rise-themed art. Stop by, get informed about rising sea levels, and bring your questions and ideas.

The sea level rise learning continues with a guided trail walk at the Arcata Marsh and Wildlife Sanctuary at 1 p.m. Areas of current and projected sea level rise impacts will be identified. Meet in the Arcata Marsh Interpretive Center parking lot at 569 South G Street. After the trail walk, gather at the Interpretive Center Amphitheater at 2:30 p.m. for City staff presentations, with time for questions and opportunities to provide feedback. An after-party will follow at participating Marsh District businesses.

October is Sea Level Rise Awareness Month and the Arcata Planning Division has scheduled a series of events to help people learn about sea level rise and be engaged in the public process as the City Council explores potential responses to this challenge.

The most vulnerable areas are lands adjacent to Humboldt Bay, with impacts to South G Street homes and businesses, and agricultural lands projected. The Arcata City Council is considering responses that incorporate strategies of protection and defense of significant investments like the wastewater treatment plant in low-lying areas where it is feasible and cost effective, accommodating and adapting to rising seas by retrofitting existing structures and managing stormwater, and eventually retreating by relocating or removing existing development in low-lying areas.

The Council wants to hear from the public about potential responses to rising sea levels. City staff will present all ideas and concerns gathered from these public events to the City Council. Community members are strongly encouraged to attend all Council meetings and study sessions where sea level rise will be discussed.

For more information about the City’s sea level rise response and opportunities to contribute your ideas, sign up for sea level rise meeting eNotifications at www.cityofarcata.org, or email sdiehlmccarthy@cityofarcata.org.



  • The new bike trail along the bay is immune to global warming problems because we want it.

    • It would have made FAR more sense to develop the trail IN the tracks (as was originally proposed) instead of spending all that money on grading and paving a new bike lane. But I think that the inflexible proponents of the railroad development are under similar illusions about the future of Humboldt Bay. OH WELL.

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