Willits Man Dead After Accident on Hwy 20

Press release from the California Highway Patrol:

Party#1 was riding the Yamaha…eastbound on SR-20 near milepost marker 20MEN14.38. Party#1 caught up to another vehicle, which was also traveling eastbound. [Vehicle 1] and the second vehicle were approaching a moderate lefthand curve when Party#1 decided to pass the other vehicle while crossing over the solid double yellow lines. Party#1 crossed into the westbound lane while traveling through the lefthand curve and passed the other vehicle. Once Party #1 was [past] the other vehicle, he began to cross back into the eastbound lane. Party

#1 failed to properly negotiate the lefthand curve and he allowed [his motorcyle] to leave the roadway of SR-20 in a southeasterly direction. [It] left the roadway and collided into a large tree, Party #1 was ejected…Both Party #1 and [his vehicle] came to rest on the south downhill embankment of SR-20. Party #1 was pronounced dead at the scene of the collision.

Party #1 was wearing a DOT approved helmet at the time of the collision. Alcohol or drugs are not suspected to be a contributing factor in this collision.



  • This is a very dangerous road. There is always someone speeding, always someone going over the double yellow. I commuted this road all summer: too much traffic and not enough road! Hiway 20 has been a death trap since the 60’s, and the state hasn’t really improved it much in over 50 years!

    For some real excitement, drive from Lakeport to Willits and back. Lake County contains a large number of industrial-strength drunks, who love to go to Ukiah and back… Mendo is full of crazy guys in dozers, who drive over 80mph on 101. The cops are never around.

    Take your life in your hands! Stay out of the way, but say goodbye to everyone first, say a few prayers, go out to drive somewhere in Northern CA!

    Slow down, be safe, drive sober!

  • Condolences to the family.

  • DOT approved doesn’t mean what it used to. Before the mandatory helmet law, half helmets were not legal. If you wore a helmet, it had to be at least 3/4.

  • shawn the fisherman

    First time I looked into a mans eyes as he passed was up in Cresent city in 1987 must be before helmet laws cause he was not wearing one. You gotta have a loose feeling for safety to ride a donor cycle.

    • What was the second?

      • shawn the fisherman

        I was on a fish tender delivering Salmon out of Kodiak, Alaska summer of 1991 and a float plane working as a spotter for the herring season crashed next to us out at sea. Was really bad we got him out and on board but he only lasted a few minutes! That was the second. Now for the third…..

  • Interesting imagining him being alive after a fatal accident, but hey…

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