Southern Humboldt Unified School District Passes Resolution Encouraging Legislation Granting Amnesty for Those Who Immigrated Here Illegally as Children

The Southern Humboldt Unified School District (SHUSD)Press release from The Southern Humboldt Unified School District:

The Southern Humboldt Unified School District’s Board of Trustees passed a Resolution last Thursday to encourage the California Congressional delegates to work with President Trump to enact legislation that would at the very least continue the DACA program. Included in this Resolution was providing every member of the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate who represent California, Senate Majority and Minority Leaders, House Speaker, and the President of the United States with copies of the Resolution passed by SHUSD. The SHUSD recognizes that there are students in the District who are directly affected by the ending of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals and maintains the directive of an education for all regardless of immigration status.

They also said,

To Whom It May Concern,

The Southern Humboldt Board of Trustees has passed the attached Resolution regarding the ending of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals in six months’ time and encourages Congress to take Action. We understand that a large majority of DACA recipients reside in California and we want to maintain that our schools provide an education for all students regardless of their immigration stat us . We would like to see the DACA program continue as a pathway to legal immigration for the students in our District. Please take this Resolution as our commitment to encourage all students to succeed and to take action in Congress to ensure these children who are not responsible for their parent’s choices are allowed to obtain an education. Plato said, “The direction in which education starts a man will determine his future in life.” We value each student in our

School District and would be remiss if we did not fight for their future that started in our education system.

Thank you,

Dennis O’Sullivan Board President

Below is the resolution:



  • Are there any other civilized nations on Planet Earth that allow foreigners to run across their borders unchecked, stay permanently, and have full access to government funded services like schools, welfare, WIC, Emergency Medicaid, etc?

    Serious question. Not trying to stir the pot.

    • People are not born here and who are here illegally ARE NOT, I REPEAT ARE NOT, ENTITLED TO WELFARE OF ANY TYPE, EMERGENCY MEDI-CAL ONLY

      • State public benefits can be easily acquired fraudulently because the burden of determining lawful status in the U.S. is on the shoulders of county social services employees who have neither the legal jurisdiction nor the practical ability to determine one’s immigration status. Only an immigration official or federal worker whom the Secretary of Homeland Security has authorized may determine the immigration status of a person in the country. Typically, any proof an illegal alien provides as evidence of legal status, regardless of its fraudulent nature, will satisfy social services agencies that determine the person’s benefit eligibility because an intake clerk simply cannot make the determination that someone is an illegal alien. Therefore, the law is often overlooked and many illegal aliens do in fact manage to qualify for state and local benefits.

        Then there’s the issue of people coming here illegally, popping out children (births paid for by medicaid), and then accessing all sorts of public programs, including federal ones, on behalf of their kids.

        Even without the public services part of the question, I’m still curious –

        Are there any other civilized nations on Planet Earth that allow foreigners to run across their borders unchecked and stay permanently?

      • We have many many homeless that need our attention and tax money first. Vets, disabled mentally/physically and seniors!!!!!

    • People who qualify for Daca must have been here before 2007 and under the age of 18 at that time, so it doesn’t allow for any other people who have entered into the US after that to be covered. Daca recipients have to pass a background check every two years and pay a 500 dollar registration fee. You cannot apply if you are a felon, have a significant misdemeanor, or 3 misdemeanors on your record. They do not receive federal financial aid, food stamps, housing voucher programs, or welfare (to my knowledge, even though they pay into social security). They only qualify for emergency Medicaid, in california if they meet certain financial criteria they can qualify for medical. They do qualify for insurance through their work, school, or private, if they can afford it. They pay state and federal tax just like you and I do. There are DACA recipients currently serving in our military. Before anyone can become a citizen they must become a permanent resident, a process that alone can take multiple years. Then they must live in the US for 5 years before being able to begin the process of naturalization and citizenship. It is an expensive and long process and it is not even easy for Daca recipients to apply for a green card because of their strange legal status.

      • Great comment. Thanks for sharing your knowledge on the subject. I wonder if Trump knows any of that?

      • why have an immigration policy if we don’t enforce it? slap in the face who immigrate legally

      • why does daca deserved to be honored when established immigration laws are not?

        • I agree that immigration law should be enforced, however I support DACA because it is strictly in place for children (and by extention their immediate family since they cannot live without them), not adults. Further it only applies to entries made before 2007, so while it protects children who had no say, and possibly did not even know they were breaking a law, the number of children it protects is finite. Our immigration policies and laws are so convoluted, there needs to be a great overhall. DACA recipients are contributing members of society and even serve in our military, THEY CANNOT JUST SIT AT HOME AND COLLECT DISABILITY like many people would like you to believe. I know more Americans who are able to work, but are on disability. They are more a strain on society than these DACA recipients will ever be.

  • Holding the “Dreamers” accountable for the actions of their parents is akin to blaming the aborted for the actions of their mothers.

  • Why haven’t they applied for their green cards?just be legal. It shouldn’t be made so hard to do so. Do the work,do the tests,pass and your there. I know plenty of immigrants who have done just that!!📒📝

    • I actually know people who have been in limbo for over 5 years… Because, A) they have a ridiculous requirement asked of them(like they must return to their place of citizenship for approval from their local govt-where, by the way, you might get beheaded for such a request), or B) They have turned in 100lbs worth of paperwork and done absolutely EVERYTHING asked of them and are simply waiting for the US govt to approve them…
      On the flip side I also know a few people who gotten theirs ridiculously easily!!! Immigration reform NEEDS to happen, but in a way that makes it more streamlined. It needs to be a simple outline of what is needed and if they meet the guidelines and background checks out it’s done. No more of this 5, 10 and even 15 years of jerking people around with NO end in sight.

      • Thinking allowed

        seems it’s a two way street- the government will not be rushed into saying ‘yes’ but way too many won’t take ‘no’ for an answer.

        The issue of returning to file is not silly. It is a dilemma. If the government allows a person violating the law to be successful, it just encourages more law breaking and discourages those who do respect the law. While the otherside is that there are too many who won’t comply already here for that to be a successful policy.

        This dilemma was created by the unwillingness of the government to either enforce the law or admit they have lost control.

    • G-mas if only it was that easy but it is not

  • Thank you board, for taking a compassionate and principled stand on this issue.
    Shame on all of you bigoted and heartless people who oppose this courageous statement

  • Deport all of them

  • The Hispanic students in our district are some of the smartest, politest, and respectful kids. They are well involved in sports and clubs and are very academically successful and on the path to college. They are human and deserve a chance.

    • no one is saying they aren’t good kids, irrelevant. don’t blame ppl for taking risk coming illegally but risks have consequences


    No, instead, let them stay, and teach THEIR kids it is okay to come into America illegally, have lots of babies, see that they are given amnesty, and so on and so on ….

    Soft-bellied [edit] who cannot even write well wanting legislators to pay attention to their whining. Fix the run-on sentences first and then we’ll believe you run a school district.

  • Thinking allowed

    Nonsense. There may be someone or even many someones in this group that would make wonderful additions to the country. A blanket deportation is just as awful as a blanket amnesty.

    But to become citizens would mean that they must believe that entering the country illegally for financial reasons was wrong. Because, if they are unwilling to commit to that, then they will support the next wave and the next and the next, to the detriment of the natives out of sheer self justification. It is a hard thing to do, especially as it’s easy to divert the discussion into whether the illegal is a ‘bad person’, which is not at all to the point.

    I, as a person already here, no matter how I got here, need a fellow citizen who will recognize what I believe are my hard won civic rights and not take what they want willy nilly.

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