My Turn: A Board Member at the Southern Humboldt Community Park Wants to Point Out a Few Facts About His Position

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Bird bug birdhouse

A bird carries a bug back to a nesting box at the SoHum Community Park. [Photo by Kym Kemp]

Like several non-profits in Southern Humboldt, the Community Park, as anyone who reads the Letter to the Editor page knows, is a frequent focus of scrutiny.

One of the Board members is a little frustrated by the negative attention and accusations. He has something he’d like to say back.

My name is Ross Huber, and I have been a member of the Community Park Board since April 2013. I am writing this letter to my community because people have been misled in letters to the editor about how the park operates, who operates it, and who benefits from it. I understand that this is a controversial subject, but I don’t understand why this is a controversial subject. I see nothing but old personal grievances playing themselves out and it does no good for the community. It’s just a park…

I joined the board via an invite from the board and my Uncle Dennis who recently passed away. May he rest in peace. I am an engineer and since the park was going through an Environmental Impact Report, they thought I could lend some technical expertise. I drafted over 50 maps for the EIR pro-bono, saving the park tens of thousands of dollars.

I never would have joined if I had to run for it. You should be wary of people who want to do things so badly they would endure getting elected. They may have agendas. Parks do not need personal agendas; they need your hard work and energy.

This board has donated…so…much…energy. I don’t say that for your thanks. When I got back from rebuilding after Hurricane Katrina, officials wanted pictures with us for publicity and to feel like they did something. I got a Congressional Certificate of Special Recognition. The Congressman said thanks and took pictures with us. I call them vicarious volunteers. No thanks needed, no f’s given.

So, let’s talk about benefits because this one is really interesting. I am trying to understand what I supposedly get out of being on this board. Is it prestige, power, money? You can’t fathom the amount of hours we put in for this. We miss dinner and bedtime with our partners and kids on the regular. We donate thousands of our own dollars to events and infrastructure because if we don’t, it all goes to hell.

We are obligated to harass our community, family, friends and businesses for donations. Bless them for their generosity, but I hate doing it. We spend innumerable hours preparing for events and fundraisers to keep the park open. Did you know that each board member has to sell 10 tickets to fall splendor, donate $250 worth of stuff to the auction, and we don’t even get to eat the food or enjoy the show because we need to volunteer? Guess what I get paid for this? Here is a clue: It’s the roundest number.

So, why do I do this? I do this so our kids grow up in a place that has spaces for them to be kids and play. So adults have a place to walk, run, ride and get away from the stress of “adulting”. I do it because we need a farm for food security in the event of an emergency, and to help feed people without access to food. I do it so we can gather outdoors and celebrate our unique community with events like Rodeo and Easter. I do it to honor the people and businesses that have donated, and continue to donate. For the weddings, birthdays, picnics and baby showers. For the wildlife that shares the park. I do it to give back to my community and do my part. I do it because I love Southern Humboldt.

This is not some kind of privilege, it is a burden. It is very difficult to maintain at times. It especially hurts when you work so hard to do something for the benefit of your community and internet trolls from out of the area continue to make up lies, and local blogs continue to have to print them. Of course we will make bad decisions at times. Of course the park needs maintenance. Of course it needs money. We all have day jobs and many of us have kids! What is important is that we have a park. Dig in; get YOUR hands dirty, step up. If you don’t do it, maybe no one will.

Thanks for your time So Hum, Ross Huber

P.S. Fall Splendor is a couple weeks away. It’s a great event and our biggest fundraiser. Please go.
This is a personal letter and may not reflect the views of other board members.



  • ross
    thank you for all your dedication it is people like you that make a difference…our sohum “community” is a real thing…

    • What Ross had stated in his letter:

      “So, let’s talk about benefits because this one is really interesting. I am trying to understand what I supposedly get out of being on this board. Is it prestige, power, money?”

      He forgot the perks and advantages, over and above the public, becoming a SHCP Board Director, i.e. being able to have a private wedding at the Park, using the barn for a wedding reception, dinner and evening of song, dance, food and drink to celebrate the occasion, including a bon-fire (Aug 2016)? So I wonder how many other people could have been able to pull that off, if they were not on the Park Board?

      • Anybody can have a wedding at the Park. In fact we expect people to book the space.

        • Yes Eric, that maybe true, however this was no ordinary wedding. Back in 2016, could anyone “book the space” in the barn for a dinner, music and reception? Could anyone have a Big bonfire at the Park in late summer, did they get a burn permit?

          And by “book”, you mean people would pay the Park money, right? How much did Ross Huber pay the Park for his use for that special day and night?

          Was the Park closed that day for a private wedding?

  • thank you all. keep up the good work.

  • Heard you on the mud. Liked your comments and focus on what is also important to me. Thank you for your service, and now, your encouragement. Stay involved, some of us will come along side. Mark

    • So did I, and I heard how Ross deflected and did not want to talk about where they will get the water for irrigating sports fields; like water was only a very small detail or importance to the development. How can you ignore this, how can you plan for something that needs a huge amount of water that does not exist?

      Garberville water is in such dire straights, they are not issuing “will service” letters for people applying for County cannabis growing permits in their district. Now add 10 acres of sports fields grass or 8 to 10 million gallons of water use and demand for the Park’s development plans and projects…

    • Also in that KMUD News article, Ross made a very interesting comment; he stated that area where the ballfields are planned (Kimtu parking lot area) had the “least agriculture value”. Have you seen or read any kind of study or report that makes his claim? Probably not, since there is no study or report that makes that claim.

      The Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), formerly known as the Soil Conservation Service (SCS) is an agency of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). In 2014, the NRCS made a study of Humboldt County Prime farmland and soils. Included in that study and report was the Park property and in that part of the Park (Area 5) where the ballfields are proposed, the NRCS rated it “Prime Farm Soil”, definition by NRCS:

      “has the soil quality, growing season, and moisture supply needed to produce economically sustained high yields of crops when treated and managed according to acceptable farming methods, including water management.”

      So why is Ross stating “least agriculture value”, when the whole Park is Prime Ag farmland & soils? Who is Ross getting his information from, mad magazine? All you have to do is pull up the Park on the Humboldt County GIS map system and it states: Et2 and NRCS prime farm soil. What is Ross’s definition of “least”?

      I guess Ross thinks the South Fork Eel also has “least value” than irrigating ballfields, than Coho, Chinook and Steelhead, right?

  • This is so right on Ross! Thank you for all your hard work and putting up with all the BS! This park lover is very very grateful!

  • Please have all your board meetings open to the public. You could post the time and place of your board meetings on the park board website.
    Let the public attend!

  • Ross, you lost me at “My name is Ross Huber”:

    Adulting (v): to do grown up things and hold responsibilities such as, a 9-5 job, a mortgage/rent, a car payment, or anything else that makes one think of grown ups.

    Used in a sentence: Jane is adulting quite well today as she is on time for work promptly at 8am and appears well groomed.


    I’ll give you some free advice, like what I told Peter Ryce years ago; “nobody would blame you if you bailed right now!”

    Ross, you do know the Park Board’s tax return(s) states; Ross Huber puts in 10 hours a week with Park related stuff. Is that what you mean by:

    “You can’t fathom the amount of hours we put in for this. We miss dinner and bedtime with our partners and kids on the regular. We donate thousands of our own dollars to events and infrastructure because if we don’t, it all goes to hell.

    Maybe if you put in 40 hours a week like Kathryn Lobato, they will pay you a $62,929 annual salary like they pay her? I’m sure she Thanks you for all the “pro-bono” work…

    • Ed, stop. Just stop…..

      • I will not stop until the Park Board recognizes they are a public benefit, charitable & tax exempt organization, abide by their stated articles of incorporation and allow the public or membership to vote for Board members, not be self selected or self appointed. They need ALL Board and committee meetings open to the public and protect ALL wildlife habitat on the property and watershed from development and dewatering the South Fork Eel River…

        If they can do that; everything they should have been doing from day one, then I will stop. No more, no less!

        • True or false, Ed. The majority of non-profits in this country operate under these two legal premises: they have self-selecting board and are under no obligation to hold public meetings. These are legal: true or false?

          • When did I say or imply it was illegal? The Park Board can have and do everything I stated and they choose not to! Why is that? Why do they want all the benefits of being a secretive organization and no transparency or accountability? Why is the Park Board afraid of having meetings open to the public?

        • Ed, you sure do a lot of bitching, what do you do to help this community ,you sure seem to spend a lot of time bashing it, but I guess if you got your hands dirty you’d be ED ACTION instead of just a background VOICE lol

          • Thanks “Man of action”. I have tried to donate my time and money to the Park:

            I asked the Park Board if I could donate the construction of horseshoe pits over at Tooby Park, I would pay for everything; labor, materials and 10 heavy duty pair of horseshoes, I was told No Thank You.

            I asked the Park Board if I could donate some upper-end wine (Caymus, Silver Oak, Duckhorn, Stag;s Leap, Jordan, Far Niente, Joseph Phelps, Shaffer, Belle Glos, Cask, Pine Ridge, Cakebread and Chateau Montelena) to auction at their fundraiser; they said No Thank You. I asked for 3 years, they said No Thank You. So each year they said NO I gave it all to Garberville Rotary and Heart Of The Redwoods Hospices for their wine auctions, they loved it….

            I have donated food, chips, salsa and bottled water for working days at Tooby Park. I have dropped off and donated dozens of cases of bottled water off at the Park, to use for meetings and what ever.

            I donated most all the food, snacks and drinks for the Park Boards open house at the Barn one year.

            I even offered to rent the Redway School gym, provide all the refreshments, do all the work, pay for an ad in the newspapers, pay to have a moderator and do all the set-up/tear-down/clean-up to have a community meeting about their Rezone and Development plans and had it all ready to go, months in advance, but they never got back to me, even after countless emails and phone calls.

            Every once and awhile, the Park Board would get back to me and say; “Eddy, go f_ _k yourself”! And so here I am and you want a piece of me? well, you’ll have to wait inline, because that line goes all the way around the block and then some…

            You think you know me, but you don’t. Have a great night.

    • Making fun of someone who donates 10 hours a week kinda makes you look like a jackass ed.

      • If that’s true, then writing the above letter, when you only work 10 hours a week makes one look really awful.

        • If you only work 10 hours a week yeah, then maybe the letter is overboard. If you donate 10 hours a week after your regular job that is allot. I believe that is 21 days of your life a year. How many do you donate? I’m pretty close to zero. How about you ed?

          • Mike, the only hours documented are for and by Board members. Why would I want to donate any time or money to support something I have no say and has no accountability to the public? What is wrong with the Park as it is right now? Why does the public need to be involved with a private project that does not have their meeting open to the public or include the public in their plans?

            Ross also stated:

            “Did you know that each board member has to sell 10 tickets to fall splendor, donate $250 worth of stuff to the auction, and we don’t even get to eat the food or enjoy the show because we need to volunteer?”

            At $100 a pop, do the math, there are 7 Board members = $7000 + $1750 for auction stuff = $8750 from the Board. Where is that documented in their bylaws and tax returns? Why would you make and require a 501c3 Board donate to themselves?

            Bottom line, it’s their private show and their private project, nothing that benefits the public or is anyway charitable…

            Have you seen their sponsor list?


        • That would be 520 hours a year…. That’s not nothing!

    • Here we go
      ” Dread voice”
      Is that gorilla supposed to be you?

      • Yeah, it’s me again.

        So when Ross stated in his letter:

        “This board has donated…so…much…energy. I don’t say that for your thanks”

        I wonder if Ross knows that Steve Dazey (past board member) was given some of the most beautiful land at the Park? I could never understand how the Park Board could not comprehend that the land given to Steve Dazey and Buck Mountain Ranch LP could not be used as a park for public use.

        Do you remember that public meeting back on March 17, 2009? Oh yeah, the meeting wasn’t public, sorry I forgot. And neither was their Lot Line Adjustment…

    • Ed,

      I’ve read your many, many posts about SHCP. Might I suggest you direct your attention to an agency that would be able to investigate your claims and actually take action if they are found to be correct rather than using your time and energy to make all these posts that mostly fall on deaf ears? The IRS governs non-profits, specifically 501(c)(3)s.

      • Thank you Guestx, I am well aware of them and so is the Park Board, just ask them…

      • Here’s how it works in the real world Guestx:

        You notify and file a complaint with the IRS (Department of Exempt Organizations) and after about 3 or 4 months they write you back, Thanking you, and they will look into it. Then about 3 to 4 months later, you get another letter, stating they have limited staff and you might consider contacting your County DA.

        So you contact the County DA and they tell you they don’t look into 501c3’s, you need to contact the State AG, e.g. Registry of Charitable Trusts.

        So you do that and what they tell you; they have a small staff and unless you can prove Millions and Millions are involved, they will consider your complain or suggest you contact the IRS.

        The other problem, by the time you do gather and obtain all the Park Boards documents that would prove your point, which they do not make public, years and years have past, which at that point is pointless and the Park Board knows this, all too well. The only thing you can do is chip away at them, document everything they do and hope something sticks!

        Does that answer your question?

  • Thank you, Ross, for articulating everything this park means to the community. It has been, and will continue to be, a labor of love. But that’s why we do it, to build a better community. Nothing noble is ever given in life, it is earned. There will always be people who have nothing to give but hate. With everything that’s happening in the world right now, it can seem all-consuming. If we look within ourselves, our community, that hate can be overcome with such labors of love. And I’m proud to be part of that.

    • Matthew Banning; Since you are one of the newest SHCP Board members, how did you get asked or appointed?

      I also wanted to know if you also believe in what Ross stated in his letter above:

      “I never would have joined if I had to run for it. You should be wary of people who want to do things so badly they would endure getting elected. They may have agendas. Parks do not need personal agendas; they need your hard work and energy.”

      This is stated on the SHCP website, do you believe in this philosophy?

      “What is the park’s organizational structure and how does that relate to public participation in SHCP board meetings?”

      Public benefit entities qualifying for 501(c)(3) non-profit status may be structured as “membership” or “non-membership” organizations.  Some examples of the former would be KMUD, RRHC, MCC, and MRC.  These organizations maintain a roster of current members in good standing and hold elections in which these members get to choose among a slate of candidates for their boards of directors.  This approach provides a comforting feeling of democratic participation for all, tends to weight boards with people who have broad name recognition or effective campaigning personas, and sets the board up for potential disruption by minority factions or mischievous outsiders.

      A “non-membership” structure permits an organization to select its board by inviting potential directors specifically for their commitment to the organization’s goals, the energy they have available contribute to its service, and the mutual compatibility of their various personalities as participants in a smoothly-functioning, effective cooperative group.  Local examples besides the Park that have chosen this structure include Friends of the Eel, Hospice, ISF, RFFI, Sanctuary Forest, Trees, and WISH.  So this structure is nothing unusual, and in fact Humboldt Area Foundation is now recommending it, except in cases when special conditions make the “membership” framework desirable.

      A “membership” organization is obliged to give due notice of its board meetings and to make them open to the public.  “Non-membership” status doesn’t carry that requirement and so permits meetings on short notice and at irregular intervals, as the actual requirements of the organization may necessitate.

      However the park board is committed to holding regular public community meetings and public board meetings to facilitate both community participation and community access to information about the park.

      Can you tell us when that last item will take place, since it’s been over 7 years since the last public board meetings?

  • No on cares what you have to say Ed, you’re just a salty hater. Instead of complaining do something positive

    • I have been doing “something positive” Joe; allowing the public to see and read the facts! Its called sunshine and now the public can decide for themselves what to support knowing all the facts, not just the fear mongering and misinformation coming from the Park Board, or small group of select people who personally gain and benefit from projects at the Park or investors making money from interest with private loans.

      I’ll say it again; if the Park Board was only regulated by Humboldt County I could see your point, but they are not, they are regulated by laws in the State of California and the IRS, e.g. 501c3, public benefit, charitable, tax exempt organization and corporation. If they cannot abide by these laws, they need to step down and let law abiding citizens operate the Park as it was originally intended and regulated by law.

      Please read the Park Boards articles of incorporation, its very clear what they are allowed and not allowed to do:

  • Thanks Ross, we need more community minded people like you!
    I really appreciate the park boards efforts so far.
    We are the community we choose to make… Let’s make sure it’s a good one for the next generation.

  • Ed, shut the hell up already! Years and years and years…..looking for self validation, in all the wrong places.

    • Wow Bunny, you kiss your mother with that mouth? I guess it’s going to be years and years and years more, because you didn’t say please!

      • No really ed shut the hell up. Seriously…. get a life and stop fighting against something everybody wants.

        • Everybody? You know 600 people in SoHum would disagree with that. 600 people signed individual petitions opposing amplified concerts, festivals and fundraisers, rezoning and land use changes. They supported the preservation of valuable farmland and rejected the use of the SHCP for housing development, commercial recreation, motorized recreation, RV and camping facilities.

          So can you please tell me who “everybody” is in your world?

          And what about public meetings that “everybody” can attend? So we can hear from “everybody”…

          • thats 600 folks out of 12,000 rural so-hum residents that frequent garberville almost daily, do the math…still a minority…get over it. ed, do you even live here anymore?

            • Well jeff Davis, do you count everyone who comes into Garberville “almost daily”? Where do you come up with these numbers? And NO I don’t live there anymore, when did I say I did?, I just grew up there, called it my home and my home town until I die and it will be on my headstone. Oh yeah, and I speak out against anyone who would harm my home town and the South Fork Eel River. Is there a problem officer?

              That number of people must still be stuck in the Park Boards craw, because they kept trying to diminish those same 600 people too, like they didn’t even exist…

            • So according to your math, 600 is so minuscule, it don’t even qualify, right? How many letters of support did the Park Board get?

              What is the population of Garberville or even zip code 95542?

              • It’s not how many letters we got, which was a lot. But it’s how many donate their money, which is in the thousands as you well know.

                • “thousands”? So if that’s the case, then why did you sell 20 acres of the Park property? Why do you keep getting private loans ($267,232 in debt 2016)? Why do you lease the Park to private for-profit businesses?

                  Its funny, these “thousands” you talk about “how many donate their money”, does not appear in your tax returns!

                  In fact, your public support is only 56.63% in 2016, down 3% from 2015!

                  The Park Board states in your 990 tax return it costs $291,718 (2016) in expenses to own, operate and maintain the Park annually. I guess those “thousands” come in handy.

                  Nice you could find the time and chime in Eric, too bad you cannot get your facts straight…

                • Here’s the thing Eric, you did not show the Planning Commission or the Board of Supervisors the money, in fact you never said anything about “how many donate their money”, you just had people cut & paste a form letter from your website, have them sign it and submitted them. It’s kinda like likes on facebook, you can post however many you want. In fact, I understand you can hire a company that will post nice things about you, give you 5 stars and more likes to your facebook page…

        • Love you too man…

  • No locals? Really?

    I agree the park is awesome but just curious as to how you can get some community garden space there or is ll privtely leased? I wish your letter wasn’t so scathing is all. We all work hard and it seems like you’re whining a little. A burden? Then don’t do it. Ed and you should talk like men in person instead if internet nonsense in kyms blog… Drama drama

    • Just how does the “Community Park” feed people without food?; you really mean that the CP gains income from CalFresh, via the Farmer’s Market *retail* stand, yeah?

      • The community park donates a lot of food every week to many local non profits .. Get you facts straight

        • Koastdog, the Park Board doesn’t “donate” food to anyone, they are under contract and are paid to distribute food. There is a big difference between donating and being paid. And when I say “being paid”, I mean the Park Board is making a profit, a huge profit from Calfresh and they don’t even take EBT. The Park Board claims it cost over $30,000 to administer their Calfresh Outreach program in SoHum each year and they get reimbursed, i.e personal cost, operating cost, overhead etc. And they buy their own produce from themselves and bill Calfresh. How is that donating “a lot of food every week to many local non-profits”?

          Sounds like you need to get your facts straight…

    • No locals? Really? ~ you said:

      “Ed and you should talk like men in person instead if internet nonsense in kyms blog… Drama drama”

      just to set the record straight; I have opposed the Park Board and spoken “in person” at every public Board meeting and public planning/development meeting, scoping session and neighbors meeting the Park Board has allowed in public since 2008 to present. On top of public Humboldt County Supervisors hearings, Planning Commission, GSD Board meetings and Humboldt LAFCo Commission hearings that included Park Board development plans or approval. I also backed up every word I stated “in person” and on the record in writing.

      You should get your facts straight, you are starting to sound like the Park Board.

  • Thank you Ross for the letter and all your hard work on the board. Anyone that has been on a board knows the effort and personal time one has to put forward to be on a board. Hard work can feel like a burden at times, especially when people don’t appricate your efforts in our community.
    I appricate the community park and everyone’s effort!
    I wish for a community that works together so we can go forward for the generations to come.
    My kids, kids thank you!

    • Debra Carey ~ Let me remind you what the Park Board threatened to do if they did not get their rezone and why. It seems the Park Board is real good at holding the Community hostage to get only what they want:

      Eric V. Kirk, SHCP Board, in the Independent May 14, 2013:

      “Let us be clear that the Park Board is not “threatening” to sell the park if we don’t get the rezone”.”If we cannot operate the property as a park either through a rezone or a perpetual special agreement (which we have been informed is not an option), there is no point in continued ownership by the non-profit park entity. We could not fundraise; not through events, use fees, or grants. We would simply be forced to put the property up for sale. Certainly a selling point of the property is the possibility of subdivision into small farm parcels to sell off individually. It is the simple reality – not a threat”

      We have already seen the Park Board will sell and lease the Park property at the drop of a hat, without even a Thank you to the Community. Now they have everything they ever wanted, to do with as they see fit, not the public and sure not the Community.

      Let me give you one scenario about what the Park Board could do, i.e. Outraged Orangutan

      What if the Park Board leased some of the Park property to someone like Outraged Orangutan LLC. Remember these guys, yeah the guys that purchased the Dimmick Ranch (Reggae Rising) and brought you “Northern Nights” and other yearly concerts?

      I’m sure the “Tonic Nightlife Group” would be very interested in this deal, already zoned for weekend concerts and festivals 6 times a year, up to 5000 people with camping, right next to town and the airport, yeah baby! Who could ask for more, location, location, location and located directly in the heart, soul and belly of the Emerald Triangle.

      The Park Board laid down the foundation (build it and they will come), and they will come by the bus load. Maybe by then the Park will have its own off-ramp from 101? And they will up-grade the airport for private jets. Its a lifestyle, its what you say the community “needs”, right, do it for the children…

  • Well said ..and Thank You.

  • You know it isnt very cool to see people that want to be treated with respect complaining on the internet so much just becauese something isnt going their way. Want to be respected ? Treated like grown men / women ? It is pretty simple , first show respect, if not for others actions but for the fact that they have a postion. Secondly act like a grown up , even if you havent grown up yet start acting like one and you will start to be treated like one. Seems to me that someone has their panties bunched up because they did not get a job, or cant control things, so they have decided to attempt to publicly shame or guilt others into doing things the way they want them done anyways. Ffs this isnt high school, and unless there is something crimminal or endangering the health of others, there is no need for it. It makes people look petty childish and spoiled. Dont be that kid that takes the ball and runs away because they did not score a point. Instead offer to help, do you really need a tittle to walk around the park and pick trash ? Seriously anyone can do that and it will be helping the park, know what? You dont even need to let people know you do it, you dont need a special shirt or a shiny peice of metal. You can take photos of things that are dangerous or in a state of disreapir and send them in so people know about them and can work on them, or you can offer to take care of those things that are within your wheelhouse of skills. See actions not words speak to people, so much lies and bs anymore everyday all around us, myself idont beleive it anymore i watch, i allow what people do speak over their words, and i am sure i am not the only one

    • Guess you didn’t REALLY read his letter that described his ‘actions’. Look at you, so many words to put down a person who loves his community and has donated countless hours to show it.
      What have you done lately, besides write this overblown, verbose put-down?

      • If you did not get that i was in support of this letter from reading my comment, then you should reread it. My actions to improve the areas i am in are my private matters , i do not do them to be seen or known , i do they quietly and personally, as all true folks should, because i seek nothing in return. I have gained plently from my experances and for that i am greatful, my methods are simply to repay debts that i feel i owe for the pleasure of being here and an attempt to make things better for all.

  • Everyplace I have lived in has had a community park for its community. Lets all be apart of that change we want to see here in our small community which is made up of parents, children, elders, visitors, disabled and more. Thanks for your time and others who have made this vision real for everyone.

    • Skippy, the SoHum Community has always had Parks, people come from around the world to visit the Parks in Southern Humboldt. And don’t forget, Tooby Memorial Park was a community park, operated by the county from 1967 to 2004, then the SHCP took over its operation and claimed the property belonged to them.

      My point, most all Parks in communities are owned and operated by the state, county or local public authority, not a private non-profit…

      • Ah, now I know which team to root for. Even if they’re crooks, at least they’re not directly robbing our wallets like the other crooks do, leaving us without the money or the time to actually enjoy the parks we are forced to pay for.
        This private park sounds better and better with every post I read.

        • Wow shak, you sound like Ross Huber in his letter:

          “I never would have joined if I had to run for it. You should be wary of people who want to do things so badly they would endure getting elected. They may have agendas. Parks do not need personal agendas; they need your hard work and energy.”

          But yet, in Ross’s letter, it’s full of his own “agendas”. Everyone has “agendas”. Agendas are like opinions! I guess Ross does not believe in the democratic process, and has trust issues with elected officials.

          He also said: “I do it because we need a farm for food security in the event of an emergency, and to help feed people without access to food.”

          So how much of the food grown at the Park Farm is used for “food security” and not sold at the farmers market, farm stand, retail stores and restaurants? Where do you store this food for emergency? What do you consider an “emergency”? And when you say “help feed people without access to food”, you mean getting paid by Calfresh? Because I do not know of the Park Board just giving food away to people without getting paid? Do you consider these your “agendas”?

          Its amazing to me, that the public is asked and expected to trust someone who doesn’t want anyone to know what he or she is doing behind closed doors, but distrusts anyone who has a open, accessible and transparent agenda…

          One look at the Park Board facebook page, shows you how much advertising they provide to for-profit and private businesses. I guess it’s what Ross meant when he said “I do it to honor the people and businesses that have donated, and continue to donate.” Sure sounds like an agenda to me!

          • Ed, until the day they have the stolen authority to rob our wallets directly, I will continue to root for them. I prefer freedom of choice, not thuggery. Everyone has an agenda, true. It’s those who force us to pay for the agenda’s that are the real crooks.

            • shak; do you pay income tax or property tax?

              The SHCP Board is regulated by the state and federal government (State Attorney General, Board of Equalization & IRS). They are exempt from property and income tax. They are paid with state and federal entitlements for their Calfresh Outreach program, that come directly from public taxes. The public can deduct 50% of the value of their donations from their personal income tax when they give to the SHCP.

              And you don’t think the SHCP is robbing your wallet?

              My point; if the SHCP Board was charitable and doing anything that benefits the whole community and public I could understand your argument, but for the last 17 years the SHCP has been nothing but a money cow and land grab for only a select group of Board members, private investors and private developers, taking a free ride on the backs of tax paying citizens!

  • Proud of our community

    Ross Huber, I do not know you but I would be honored to shake your hand!! Thank you and the other board members for your selfless time you have given our community. My family and I have lived in so hum for 10 years and love the community park. We have road our motorcycle there, shot our bow and arrows over there, many peaceful walks and kids love the animals and garden!! Thanks for all you guys have done.

  • I admit that I have been skeptical about the parks inner workings, but in these times when it feels like the glue that held the Southrn Humboldt community together has worn thin, I feel it’s the time more than ever to rally behind community projects.
    Thank you Ross for making me reprise my attitude. Southern Humboldt seems to have been fractured and crippled by the obsession to grow pot. A lot of people are leaving, it’s just not the SoHum they know and love anymore.
    The park can represent the great sense of community we are capable of, because right now I barely recognize Southern Humboldt.

    • Stay Tuned, the SHCP is not a community project. They only lease to private developers, e.g. Randall Sand & Gravel, 10 acres private vineyard, 30 acres private cattle grazing, 10 acres private farming. These are all private for-profit businesses, not community projects. Why doesn’t the SHCP have a community farm and garden? Why doesn’t the SHCP take EBT at their weekly farm stand at Tooby Park? Why doesn’t SHCP allow the local 4-H & FFA groups to have projects? Or have local schools grow food and a place for ag projects?

      Even if the SHCP was a community project; why is the SHCP not a member of the Southern Humboldt Chamber of Commerce or a member of NorCAN (Northern California Association of Non-profits)?

  • I heard that hundreds of locals asked for no amplified events in the Park? So, the mantra that ” everyone wants them” is fake news? But never mind, plans are still going forward by the self-appointed Park Board to get that venue going. The wealthiest investors are in negotiations, the ones who will sign leases and pay for new wider roads, parking lots, stages, street lights and more fencing. Peace and quiet in the neighborhoods? Nope. That’s just asking too much. The Dance Macabre must go on. The wildlife there can take a hike. We gotta have our parties! And those wow profits! The new crop of one-percenters need your support!
    And hurry up. Make the Park like suburban and urban parks. Gotta get those kids and parents into uniforms and tournaments. Already got the ugly vineyard and cattle settled in. Suck that water out of the South Fork. Hey, it’s already trashed, so what the hell. Yeah Ross, think about what you’re wishing for and if you get it, what if a child asks you what it was like before it was a Rent-A-Park? Will you tell them it was beautiful? Will you and your board regret having worked so heroically to excavate it into your uninspired utilitarian vision?

  • every day i recreate in the park and enjoy the abundance of nature…
    appreciate the creation and attention community members/leaders put into it…
    never read anything Ed V says…
    better to ignore him and Neo-Nazis too…
    neither deserves attention…

    • Well, then you better remember how it is right now, because if the Park Board only gets 25% of what was approved in their Rezone, Conditional Use Permit and Development plans, i.e. Camping, Sports Field Complex, Concerts, Festivals and Parking Lots, you can kiss all that “abundance of nature” goodbye…

      • How dare they put in a sports field, or have festivals, parking lots??? No the garberville area doesn’t need parking! They need to turn more of the parking they have into community squares! They are going to water the grass?!! Nazis for sure…

        • Parking 2 miles from town on prime ag land…no problemo. Have fun walking up that hill. Watch out for the growdozers…

  • Thanks for your intelligent and well documented discussion, Ed. Hang in there…

    • Agree. Glad someone is paying attention.

      Thanks, Ed.

    • I stand with those who are against “non profits” operating with appointed, paid boards, dealing in secret and meeting in private, and possessing a shady exterior. I am suspicious of all of them, from SHCHD, to the Mateel, and the “community park”. If you are above board, go unpaid, and without personal gain!

      We don’t need a bicycle track, a basketball court etc. We don’t need concerts either.

      This project is a poor plan, ill-conceived and in a bad location. This entire operation appears to be an exercise in incompetent management, and corrupt execution.

      Demand accountability, open meetings, an elected unpaid board, and appropriate usage of the property. Failing that, save the money for operations in the interests of the community…

  • Smells like double standards.

    Good on you, Ed Voice, keep up the fight. We can’t all be paid to object to having no choice but to literally pay for the urbanization of our rural paradise. You’re far from alone.

  • HI Ross. Thank you for all you have done. Don’t listen the the nay sayers. I get to travel the USA and the world for work. Everywhere I go in the USA a park that provides a venue for music, food, relaxation, dog walking, sports, youth athletics, bike riding, bird watching, agriculture, jogging to name just a small few, is a huge increadable asset to the community, increases property values and improves our lives. To have this with no taxation, no membership, no fees to the community even more amazing.
    Ignore the party of no grumpy old people. I support the party of yes we want a good future for us and our kids. Thank you again and long live the park.

    • world guy; back on September 8, 2010, was the last SHCP public meeting where the public could ask questions and get answers about the SHCP Board’s Rezone, Conditional Use Permit, CEQA EIR and development process. It was called a scoping meeting and had a large turnout, about 60 people spoke, gave comments and asked questions. It was moderated by Michael Richardson from the Planning Department and then 2nd District Supervisor Cliff Clendenen. I remember one speaker in particular, when he stated;

      “We want a park run by the people, not by the government.”

      Unfortunately, since the Southern Humboldt Community Park is a private, non-membership, non-profit corporation, with a self-appointed board, governed by self-written by-laws, the only legally effective input the public has is through the county planning process and the state CEQA process. While the SHCP board holds public meetings from time to time, it is in no way required to consider seriously, let alone act upon the input it receives, unless that input is also part of a state or county government process. In short, this park is not “run by the people”; however flawed, government provides the only resource for persons wishing to participate meaningfully in shaping the park’s future. SHCP is in exactly the same category as any other private development group, except it is exempt from taxes on its land and donations.

      And I would also like to know how loud late night amplified music from private events, fundraisers, concerts camping, parking lots, stages & sports tournaments, night lighting and increased traffic “increase property values and improve our lives”?

      The reason I ask, the SHCP Board has been approved to have an unlimited amount of those events, with up to 800 people per day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year, until midnight on Friday and Saturday nights. On top of 5 larger events up to 2500 people and one Bigger 2 day festival up to 5000 people each year with camping onsite.

      How does this “improve” human lives, let alone wildlife habitat?

  • Ross , you are an awesome and accomplished person with a great future and a wonderful family . [edit] I know how thankless volunteerism is .

  • Hope all can work it out

    Ross to me what sux is you leasing park land for a private party to grow grapes for his personal monetary gain. That was never discussed as an option at any of the meetings in the beginning. It was in fact something folks were opposed to, its not something being done for the community, especially when its non organic and chemicals are being sprayed there.
    Those are the kind of things that are making long time supporters wary of your intentions.
    The area by the kimtu lot was torn up and then nothing done with it??? Why??? Unfortunately a person living there is known for doing heavy equipment work without asking, was the area on kimtu planned in what you gave to the county to approve? Cuz i didnt see it, i think he did that land work illegally, which again makes many wary.
    Those of us who gave in the beginning to make the park happen remember talk of sports fields and such, good things for the kids like the skateramp, but also a heavy influence on preserving the wildlife and the corridor they use there to and from the river. I remember farmers talking about how ag land has been built on everywhere, and that the park had some of the last in so hum. That was what made a big discussion about whether fields/buildings were a good idea or if it ought to be left for ag use. And i remember the fantastic discovery that the now farm area allowed for dry farming tomatoes!!

    Many non profits are very forthcoming as to how their money is used, so maybe showing kathryns work detail would show why she has that salary. I think some people are looking for a more open book thing, and unless youre having a meeting of just board members with the need to discuss matters needing privacy like personnel, my understanding is that you cannot close a meeting to the public and your meeting time/place ought to be posted on your site so people can come.

    There have been many many nasty awful completely untrue rumours about certain founders&board members over the years, unfortunately, so the more transparent the board is with the public, the better.
    And just fyi, all of us on local boards have to do personal fundraising and the like, thats part of what we sign up for, its not just you. Other boards actually have members doing way more than what you desribe, not to be mean, just real. We are blessed with many amazing people who donate so much to keep our nonprofits going! Including the park board, its a hard and thankless position a lot of the time, but like the mateel and kmud, you are on a very public board and maybe answering some of the detailed questions posed could help.
    I know theres a long time thing with ed and maybe in the past the board has answered questions in detail but lately it seems there have been just ugh eds buggin us again type responses to some pretty fair questions, so maybe making those answers public could help?

    We all remember how loud that first big barn party was all the way up sprowel creek and old briceland. It went all nite and was super fun, i loved it, but got that it was really not appropriate for neighbors and not good for the animals living there. Its ok to say, yeah it was too loud, we offerred neighbors hotel rooms when another party was planned,but that wasnt a good solution for them. So why do we need a wknd festival there when we could have loud music until 10 and then silent disco after or something like that.

    The rodeo there would destroy the land so badly its ludicrous to even think it, i would go from a supporter to an active non supporter if you guys do that. Why not use the old raceway in phillipsville?

    I appreciate the board and know its been a long journey, but it does have the feel that you all arent really caring about the original mission statement and all the money&time a lot of us gave then.
    I hope good positive discussions can be had, and that we can find solutions together. Thank you for taking the time to write ross 🙂

    • You mean Irie Boogie? Why would anyone even consider staying in a hotel for this! I was at that meeting in 2008, when that idea was proposed. It was also proposed that ear plugs should be provided to the neighbors and they should install sound proof curtains… OMG, I could not believe what I was hearing. All so people could party and boogie with Garth and his friends, because they had been kicked off Bear Buttes!

      To be honest, those Pipejam concerts were just as bad, as in too loud and too late to be hearing and feeling that bass and sub, boom, boom, boom, all night long.

      The Park Board did not know how to control themselves and did not care one bit about people or wildlife affected by the noise. Action speaks louder than words. And now, we are all to believe it will never happen again? Well, was there a public meeting about having the rodeo down at the Park? Or the private vineyard, farming or cattle grazing? This Park Board is not going to change. They are going to do whatever they want, whenever they want and as loud as they want. They don’t give a flying duck about anybody except themselves, their track record speaks for itself. They want to be private about it, let them deal with it on their own…

  • Thanks to you Ross and all the others who have contributed to the dream. In the current changing times we need to reaffirm our community’s commitment to the future. The park, the Mateel , the Healthcare District and the Senior Center are all parts of the whole and all will become more important in a changing economy. Thanks to all the board members who walk the walk in difficult times. All these institutions will need our support more than ever in the coming days.

    • Dave, IMHO; I know the Park has been in existence for 17 years, but don’t you think it’s a little premature to consider it to be an institution? Sure it’s appropriate, i.e. Healthcare District, but what about the Fire District, Community Services District, Public School District, Public Safety, Public Library, Churches and Community Service organizations, i.e. VFW, Rotary, Lions, Kiwanis, Hospice? These are all “institutions”, all with their own inherent set of differences and challenges. However, they are not a dream or vision, but a reality and bedrock of any community.

      Please tell the community, why you consider the Southern Humboldt Community Park an institution?

  • Taurus Ballzhoff

    And, Dave, remember: When the so called institutions are operated transparently, in public, by elected board members, and operated profitably, without taxes on the property holders, operated competently and honestly, they may come to be supported by the community.

    Remember, board members: Loyalty is not cheap, it has to be earned. Public agencies and non-profits need to avoid impropriety, board members need to avoid personal gain, and true sacrifice requires a true heart. If you are altruistic, you won’t need to ask why…

    • In case you haven’t noticed there aren’t a lot of people standing in line to get on these boards. Having been on a number of them and had hundreds of meetings where very few of the public cared enough to show up I tend to come down on the side that cares enough to take on the job. I certainly don’t see anything sinister in their actions.

      • Dave ~ let me remind you; the Park Board doesn’t have meeting where the public, who do care, can go and speak, listen or agree/disagree. Its all done behind closed doors, in private, far away from the public.

        You said: “I tend to come down on the side that cares enough to take on the job”

        Well, unless you were appointed by Steve Dazey in the beginning, you were not on the Park Board. And that same method of appointing Board members remains in effect today, for sitting Board Members and Directors Emeritus only!

        “I certainly don’t see anything sinister in their actions.”

        Well I’m sure you don’t, given your past track record not doing anything about Barbara Mitchell embezzling 10’s of thousands from the Hospital District and you not wanting to question it or lift a finger to stop it!

        You don’t see it, because you close your eye’s to it!

        Look what Huber states in his letter:

        “I understand that this is a controversial subject, but I don’t understand why this is a controversial subject. I see nothing but old personal grievances playing themselves out and it does no good for the community. It’s just a park…”

        Wow, where do I start? “It’s just a park”? No, it was part of a larger cattle ranch that Steve Dazey called a Park; not a private concert or festival venue, not a private Rent-A-Park, not a private farm or private sports fields, but a public open space without development that people can enjoy and share with the wildlife habitat.

        In the original pitch asking people to donate to the purchase this property; it stated the Park would protect that property from “haphazard development”. But yet, that is exactly what the Park Board has done to it, turned it into one big private development scheme, without any thought or planning of the wildlife habitat, water consumption or carbon footprint. It has never been about a Park, it has always been about money, power and prestige, not “We The People”…

  • Taurus Ballzhoff

    When a board is supposed to be elected, but members are habitually appointed, as in the case of SHCHD, it looks bad. Whether or not it is sinister, remains to be seen. The SHCHD board is certainly filled with folks who get no results over time, folks who do not have healthcare backgrounds. The SHCHD board could be called ineffective, possibly incompetent, certainly out of touch. Just because you sit on a board and donate your time does not make your service appropriate, or the board competent to the task.

    Paid board members, as the ones involved with the Community Park, do look rather sinister. Especially when they get defensive. The Mateel, well, I just don’t know. I do know that large groups of people handling large amounts of cash… That’s a recipe for corruption. Incompetence added to corruption, usually will give poor results…

    Altruism should be mitigated with circumspection and great morality. Hell, even Adventist Health can’t get this right!

    Not saying I am any better, but I do expect better from those who purport to serve the community.

  • So Dave, since we were talking about the Park Board, how would the public know where to stand inline, since they are self-appointed and self-elected?

    Its funny they don’t have time to amend their bylaws and become a membership organization and the Board elected by the membership; but they have time to amend their bylaws for Director Emeritus?

  • T… I just don’t share some the concerns you, Voice and others do. I have very good friends who are concerned about noise and traffic flow down there and I think those issues are genuine concerns. But the wholesale attacks on the board and impugning of their motives is unnecessary in my opinion. I know some of the folks who have been instrumental in the establishment of the park and they are good people who do care about the future of the community.

  • its amazing to me Dave, that “noise and traffic flow” have “genuine concern” to you since this is being planned by those same “good people who do care about the future of the community”?

    How is it good for the community to plan for “noise and traffic”? Its not the Park Boards mission or exempt purpose to plan for “noise and traffic”, maybe, just maybe allot of people in the community don’t want “noise and traffic”, but that is exactly what the Park Board did, without public meetings!

    And since the beginning, there has been no accountability or transparency with anyone on the SHCP Board, starting with Southern Humboldt Working Together and when the first Board was appointed for the SHCP. No one on that Board ever wanted public meeting, they never wanted to make public their escrow paperwork, loan documents, property sale agreements, property transfer, conveyance or lot line adjustments and transfer of property between themselves, investors or developers. And after all the smoke cleared, it just so happened the same people who were “instrumental in the establishment of the park”, those same “good people who care about the future of the community”, all came away with property out of the deal and nothing out of their own pocket. So yeah, I have asked questions and their answers have always been what you just said…

    In Ross’s letter, he states:

    “I am writing this letter to my community because people have been misled in letters to the editor about how the park operates, who operates it, and who benefits from it.”

    Why can’t Ross answer those 3 basic questions? They must be on his mind. I would like to know how he thinks anyone is being “misled”. Ross wrote this letter, and he need to own it and explain it…

  • Ed for a guy who hasn’t lived here in years you sure got your shorts in a bunch over a project that has nothing to do with you. Im sure we who have decided to stay and contribute can work this out without your input. Oh by the way I attended a function last week and had a discussion with one of your family’s old neighbors across the river. He confirmed that you and your moms claim that you were there before Randal’s was just B.S. like I have stated before. Its really about getting back at Randal’s the this whole s”t show is all about isn’t it? Have a nice day.

    • Well Dave, one of my neighbors at River Crest was Shawn Studebaker, he bought the Moody house as you first drive in, is that who you talked to. Maybe ask Jim Johnson. Or look at the photo below, its from the high water in 1974, where is Randall Sand & Gravel. We had purchased our new home at River Crest in 1966. Next time you see Diana Totten, ask her if Randall Sand & Gravel had their operation on the river bar below our old house before the new bridge was built. In fact, ask Darlene Madsen or Ron Olsen.

      You always want to start something you cannot finish, careful what you wish for Dave…

      And your wrong Dave, the development planned at the Park will degrade and affect the South Fork Eel River which belongs to everyone, including wildlife habitat.

      How is questioning the Park Board ethics, lack of transparency and development plans have to do with Randall?

      It funny, whenever I make since, you like to play the “you don’t live here” card.

      BTW, Garberville/Redway is my hometown, you cannot take that away from me!

  • Ed…You need to grow up and get over this obsession of yours. I know you think you’ve built up an elaborate indictment of the motives of the park board but after all this time you are starting to sound like a school yard tattle tale. In the final analysis since you don’t live here anymore its none of your business. Just another out of the area troll. Go get yourself a life. There must be some issue down there you can get your teeth into. By the way Randalls always floods in high water that’s where they get a new supply of gravel to mine. If you remember we pointed this out to you when your family tried to stop us renewing Randalls permit and disregarded your argument about environmental impact.

    • Smells like double standards.

      Dave, you are aware that Ed’s not just speaking for himself? Most people can’t make a career out of protesting what others are paid to push on us all, whether we want it or not. Our area is a forested paradise, it’s demoralizing to see an urbanization bandwagon essentially paving another slice of it, and on our dime. Your sentiment toward Ed Voice reads like a true vendetta of your own.

  • Nice dodge Dave, so where is Randall Sand & Gravel in that 1974 photo?

    Thank you for your opinion Dave, however, no one needs to live in Southern Humboldt to help and protect the South Fork Eel River. Water is life Dave…

  • Victor G. Flashman

    The true “Garberville Way” is more like Dave Kirby’s, (abuse and harass, impugn and attack), than Ed Voice’s (think, document, present), but [edit] believe they will win out!

    It’s not supposed to be personal. No one is attacking you, Dave…

    My experience of Garberville reflects the hardwired brain dysfunction present in the folks from the North Coast, everywhere North of Marin, that is. Folks from Mendo seem totally broken, but Garberville is truly the island of misfit toys…

    We know you folks in Garberville think you should just be able to get away with anything at all, and maybe you used to, but there are folks around who are educated and who can string thoughts together, who can research and document, and who can actually see the forest through the trees…

    Garberville is a big old mess, but the future reveals itself every day. Do we want corruption, incompetence, dishonesty, a fiefdom, a community operated by the self-serving? Or an area which exists above the pale of greed, cash, hate, inequity?

    Figure it out, folks! Do you want a decent place to live or do you want to live where money is power?

  • No locals? Really?

    I’ve reread the letter by Ross a few times, and really you sound like a spoiled brat. Ed voice may be annoying, but he is calling you all out. A board that gets paid is pretty annoying for some one like me who can’t rent community garden space without leasing acres and acres . while my family and I do go down there, it does always feel like a private party and it’s not mine. A community park should feel like it belongs to everyone, but it is just that privatized elitist babylon urban b.s. like the town square. It’s public, but not. All these exgrowers trying to get paid more

  • Jessica Kitely; What does the Park Boards “environmental report” have to do with “These folks know what they’re doing”. The Park Board paid $379,000 to private consultants to prepare their “environmental report”! How is that being responsible? Just because they had paid and produced an one sided 800 page “environmental report”, does not mean it’s worth the paper it’s written on! You think the Park Board did not have any say of what information went into that “environmental report”? Think again…

    As to your comment:

    “Oops – that’s not true. The Community Park Board doesn’t make a dollar – not one. It’s a fact that’s very easy to verify, as I did last month.”

    Maybe if you had read the Park Boards tax returns, instead of their “environmental report”; you would know that 1) Kathryn Lobato was paid as Executive Director, while at the same time sitting Park Board member. 2) Tim Metz, Peter Ryce and Dennis Huber were all accruing interest on private loans while sitting Park Board members. 3) Steve Dazey was given and trading property at the Park while a sitting Park Board member. This happened for 3 consecutive years, just after the Park Board sold 20 acres of the Park property for $1,000,000.00 and still could not pay off the Park, mainly because of past compounded interest! And this is only the tip of the iceberg.

    BTW, 2016 tax records show the Park still has $267,232 in outstand private loans accruing interest.

    You might want to do a little homework first before making your misleading accusations and misinformation…

    If you have not seen or read it, it was the Park Boards attempt to publicly produce a “Financial History” of the Park back in 2010. they pulled it off their website because it made things worse and begged more questions they did not want to answer:

    • No offense Mr. Voice, but I don’t need to be lectured and spoken down to. I’ve lived in this community for 29 years and am raising two kids here – two kids that have had rare, perhaps even non-existent opportunities, for organized sports. It is extraordinarily difficult to transform kids into responsible adults without an abundance of recreational opportunities.

      The point of me bringing up tax returns and the environmental impact report is because I did a lot of reading and research during the Park’s rezoning process to formulate my opinion. As did you, I assume. And what happened was we reached different conclusions and different levels of support. We’ll have to agree to disagree, but I’m not going to back up my stance by posting erroneous information. I’m not willing to do that. Nevertheless, I wish you the best of luck and good health, Mr. Voice.

      • None taken, I’m sorry you feel I “lectured and spoken down to” you, that was not my intention, it was to educate you so you would stop spreading the same false narrative and information as many have done and still do.

        Ed Voice & Voice Family
        Former Garberville/Redway resident and homeowner 1961-2015
        SHUSD Alumni K-12/South Fork HS Class of 1975

      • And, not to lecture and talk down to you, if you’re researching having organized sports fields down at the Park, as they have got approved by the County in the Park Boards rezone; please keep in mind, as written in their EIR, they would need a minimum of more than 8 million gallons of water (May-Oct) per year from the South Fork Eel to water/irrigate the amount of ballfields as proposed in their development plans (Area 5). And as you know from living in the area, the river and its limited number of Coho, Chinook and Steelhead salmon species would be put in even more risk and danger from such a large amount of water being diverted during the hottest and lowest flows of the year, like right now.

        So I guess my question would be; do you want salmon to survive in the river or have nice green ballfields? Because you cannot have both as planned in the Park Boards EIR.

    • “The Park Board paid $379,000 to private consultants to prepare their “environmental report”
      ouch, that hurt the other crook’s wallet. They could have made twice that much.

      • No shak, the Park Board paid “$379,000” to those private and for-profits consultants out of the money you and whoever donated their time and money to the Park, without any say in the matter, without knowing how the Park Boards plan will degrade and harm the wildlife habitat, watershed and scenic beauty of the Park .

        Ask the Park Board how much they paid Amy Skewes-Cox, AICP, whose consulting firm is from Marin County:

        You can read where Amy Skewes-Cox (representing the Park Board) replies to public comments from the Park Boards EIR:

        Its funny, that when I make comments and ask questions about the Park Board or their development plans I am ostracized because I “don’t even live here”, but yet the Park Board can hire, what they called the “closer”, to argue for the Park Boards development scheme and where does she live? Well it’s not Southern Humboldt!

  • Here’s the thing; if I am so wrong and the Park Board is so right, how come the Park Board can never dispute my claims or documented facts? Even in this blog thread above, including Ross’s letter, not once could the Park Board dispute the facts. They can only let “trolls” and anonymous people answer and speak for them, i.e. ~you don’t even live here~. This is your constructive argument? I call it denial.

    For an area that considers itself; organic, one with nature, back to the land, leaders in renewable energy, one love, save mother earth and save our salmon; you sure have a hypocritical way of showing it…

  • Ed, you have better access to documents… I am curious how much of the 8 million gallons of water to be used May-Oct will be captured in the winter and stored in big tanks?

    • None, not from the river. The Park only has riparian water rights, they cannot store water from the river. Their 55,000 gallon storage tank stores water from a spring they share with McKee and another property owner on the other side of 101 and its restricted by CDFW.

      Even if they petition the state to change their water rights to store water from the river for that amount, where do you put the storage tanks and how many acres (which was not included in their EIR)?

      One of the conditions of approval for construction of ballfields at the Park:

      Adaptive Management Plan for water demand supply and water supply subject to review and approval of county agencies.

      This plan would need to be submitted to the Planning Department and approved first, before any construction can start…

  • Hey Ross Huber, this was just posted today:

    If you “LOVE” Southern Humboldt as much as you say you do, you are quoted as saying in photo 17/20:

    Fall Splendor volunteer and Community Park board member Ross Huber, of Garberville, said, “If the move of the event from Garberville to this donated venue was contentious, it wouldn’t be sold out – but it is. I think people are enjoying a chance to have a night out anyway from Southern Humboldt”

    Its funny you used the word “contentious”. No one I know ever said “it wouldn’t be sold out”, if you moved it to Eureka; it was the fact you took income away from Southern Humboldt, including the Mateel and other local business. I guess you can try and spin it anyway you want. However, it’s hypocritical of you to say that the development plans and water usage at the Park are justified because of the income generated in Southern Humboldt from people coming from out of town and spending money, i.e. sports tournaments, concerts, festivals, weddings etc.

    And there’s the fact you didn’t even ask the community what they wanted or what they thought. It’s always a one sided conversation with the Park Board, because it’s not really a “Community Park”, it’s a private business, with private investors, and a self-appointed board of directors without board meetings open to the public! Do as I say, not as I do…

    So I guess the Park Board will not be paying Jennifer Metz this year (as in past years) for putting on the fundraiser, since the “venue” was “donated”?

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