Law Enforcement Have Detained a Man Wearing an Orange Jumpsuit in the Area of the High Rock Conservation Camp

Possible capture of escaped inmateWe have received multiple reports of a man in an orange jumpsuit being detained by law enforcement about a mile north of the Honeydew exit including one from Supervisor Estelle Fennell. Yesterday, an inmate, David Carter, fled the High Rock Conservation Camp.

One reader described seeing three CHP going over 90 mph northbound on 101. She said they pulled over just before Redcrest and went “over the guardrail with assault [rifles].”

Another reader, Tori Miclette of Myers Flat Garberville, said that the man detained matched the photo of the escaped inmate from last night. According to Miclette, she was driving on Hwy 101 when a CHP “passed by really fast.” Then later, “just before the Honeydew offramp,  I saw a black man in an orange jumpsuit in cuffs sitting on the side of the road …between two law enforcement vehicles.” Afterwards, she checked our posted photo of the escapee and said, “Definitely, the guy in the photo now that I saw his photo.”

We have not received replies to our calls to the California Department of Corrections and are not able to confirm the man in the orange jumpsuit is Carter.

UPDATE: Escaped Inmate Captured Today


  • Laytonville Rock


  • Didn’t get very far. HAHAHAHA

  • He’s not in prison for being smart, none of them are.

  • Conservation is Concentration Camp

    Back to working for a dollar a day doing one of the most dangerous jobs there is, fighting fires…… nope, they will send him to a maximum security with a enhanced sentence for escape.
    Bummer deal, he’s in more trouble now!

  • Bet he was COOOOLD las night!

  • I think I Will escape and keep wearing this Orange jump suit nobody will notice me now that’s a real convict thar looks like he had a real good plan I mean at least take soom food with you and find a pair of pants some Wher with all the trash laying around seems like it would not be that hard to find some old cloths and like I said he should of took enough foodto last him two weeks and nave a blanket good thing he was not esapeing from a real prison he probley would just turned himself back in

  • The reason inmates escape is usually due to 1) homosexual pressure, 2) gambling debts, or 3) some family issue back home that he feels needs his intervention.. The fact he was wearing an orange jumpsuit is testimony to the urgency of his act. He needed to get “outta Dodge” now!

  • If he was smart,he wouldn’t be in jail!!! Very glad they captured him yay🖒

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