Escaped Inmate Captured Today

David CarterPress release from the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation:

California Correctional Center’s (CCC) Crisis Response Team members have apprehended a minimum-security state prison inmate who walked away from High Rock Conservation Camp in Humboldt County on October 1, 2017.

At approximately 4:50 p.m., inmate David Carter, 27, was taken into custody after he was sighted by a motorist on Highway 101 approximately two miles south of Redcrest. CCC Crisis Response Team members took Carter into custody without incident.

Carter will be transported to CCC in Susanville, and will no longer be eligible to be housed in a Conservation Camp.

Carter was committed to CDCR on May 16, 2014, from Los Angeles County to serve a nine-year term for criminal threats to cause great bodily injury or death. He was scheduled to parole in November 2018.

Since 1977, 99 percent of all offenders who have left an adult institution, camp, or community-based program without permission have been apprehended.

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  • Help me mama it’s cold at night. I need my three hots & a cot. 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Now he will serve the full 9 years plus extra for escaping. He would have been paroled after 4.6 years had he not escaped.

  • Dumbass

  • LA punk loose in Humboldt in an orange jump suit during hunting season. What did he expect? It’s not like he could go into survivalist mode and trace Josiah Gregg’s route back to Redding, or down to Clear Lake (where the good doctor died of starvation).

    • Spot on, how do you remember that

      • The best history of the Gregg expedition I’ve read is The Quest for Quallawalu. Gregg led his party from the Trinity gold mines west to find the first overland route to Arcata Bay. His starving party left immediately for the south when they reached the ocean. Gregg was furious that they wanted to leave before he measured the longitude and latitude of the river mouth where they arrived. Hence the name Mad River.

  • This dumbass couldn’t survive a night at a river party. [edit]

  • They should double his Sentence then add another ten years just because…

  • He made “great bodily harm & death threats” but didn’t actually do anything and he got 9 years!!! There are men who batter the hell out of their partners and don’t serve time.

  • shawn the fisherman

    Prison is full of dumb people, Not surprised at all by his actions. When will the next genius make his escape from Hirock or where ever they put these tools?

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