Miranda 4-H Wins Top Humboldt County Club

Top Club award received by Miranda 4-H in 2017in Eureka, California

Top Club award received by Miranda 4-H: From left to right: Mimi LeClair, Daphne Hobbs, Logan Hobbs, Braxton Lehnert, Oscar LeClair, Shanna Archibold, Jonathan Archibold and Brody Van Vleck.
[Photo provided by Miranda 4-H]

Press release from Miranda 4-H:

Miranda 4-H was shocked to find ourselves awarded Top 4-H Club of the year by Humboldt County 4-H and accepted the award with much thanks. We were not expecting to receive such an award.

Jonathan Archibold (who has recently become a county ambassador) said, “I can’t believe how well our club did; it was the perfect underdog story. I feel that we worked hard to get here though.”

We must thank those members of our club that made this possible. First, we would like to thank Shana Archibold (Miranda 4-H Club’s supervisor) for being a guide for our club and keeping us on our feet as well. Next, we would like to thank Braxton Lehnert for his hard work in creating our secretary’s book.

Miranda 4-H was also proud to do the flag salute at County Awards night and considered it an honor. Jonathan Archibold is now a county ambassador. Our club is very proud of him. He said,“I worked very hard to get here and, although I am glad I am an ambassador, I feel that I earned it and was not very surprised.”

Our club is very proud to be awarded Top Club and thanks all those that contributed.



  • Charles Engebretson

    Such a good character builder…4 H

  • Thinking allowed

    Congratulation. Small but mighty!

  • 4-H made a big impact on my family. My grandmother, mother, myself and other siblings not only participated as youth but also participated as leaders in several states. Two sisters earned several 4-H related scholarships. I completed many different projects from home economics to gun safety and model rocketry. Through the required record keeping I learn some basic accounting and cost analysis skills that have served me well in my professional life. I offer my sincere gratitude to the many adults who volunteered their time to teach me these skills that have enriched my life.

  • Great job Miranda 4H!

  • You should also thank jessica willis and kelly eudy for restarting 4-H in southern humboldt which was dead in the water. Spending nearly five years getting the ball rolling again. Its a great club and all the kids worked real heard to bring this award home.

  • Congratulations to all the young people and adults who worked together. Great photo, love the smile Shanna! Those of us who have had the pleasure to be part of 4-H know the work and fun that went into this! Great family memories forever……

  • Super excited for our club. These kids are absolutely amazing. Super proud of my child being being apart of such an awesome group. Proud mama!

  • Congratulations to a great group of young people.

  • Good job

  • Chapeau! One for the little guy.

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