Man Arrested for Murder in Klamath Fire

Joshua RobertsTwo days ago, the Del Norte County Sheriff’s Department arrested 24-year-old Joshua Lee Roberts for murder and setting fire to a property.

Sgt. Donald McManus of the Sheriff’s Department explained that Roberts was arrested for charges stemming from the death of David John Mosher, age 65. Mosher’s body was found at 130 Redwood Road in Klamath after a fire on June 3, 2017 burned a mobile home.

McManus said, “[Roberts] was located in the Crescent City area [on the 27th.] He was detained by the Crescent City police.”

Roberts is also facing charges from attempting to resist arrest.



  • This guy was recently arrested in Crescent City for bashing my neighbor’s head in with a bat. They charged him with attempted murder but he only spent about a week in jail and they cut him loose. There’s no law here. Jail’s full. Guess that’s why the rent’s so low in the RV park.

  • Good job getting this piece of guano off the streets!!

  • Serious question: What’s the difference between the charge of “Attempting to resist arrest” and “Resisting arrest” ?

    • Atempting would be like the officers telling you two lay down hands behind your head and you don’t comply that’s atempting to resist and resisting is when you physically touch them or they try to grab you and You Yank away physically

    • Under the penal code, “Attempting” to commit a crime, carries half the punishment of actually committing the crime. I’m not sure how he attempted to resist though, so might just be a typo error. Typically, attempted means you tried to do it, but someone stopped you before you could complete the act.

  • Stupid people talk nonsense

    All these guys murdering and trials already happening. Dude who hit someone while drunk got a year, st etc… what happened to Marci kitchen? Why is her case not reported on any longer? She murdered two innocent girls, covered up the crime, left the scene, has been on vacations to Hawaii Oregon and who else knows where… fishy stuff going on

  • Get a gun carry concealed, do society a favor and take care of of business when your attacked and dudes trying to end your life.
    The sheriffs are busy with who k ows what and are apparently not able to make law and order happen.
    Its the upstanding citizens duity to uphold the law, fuck what they say, we all like living.
    Handle it.

  • Josh is heir to a royal family of scum. Josh’s father Roger Roberts is in prison for molesting his own daughter. Jerid Roberts; Josh’s brother is in prison for armed robbery of the Chinese restaurant next to safeway. I guess they’ll have a family reunion soon from prison. Too bad cause they seem like such nice people.

    • It’s all because of his mother Patricia he has been beat since he was a baby starved for a week then if he was good enough to be able to have a meal really is a good kid guaranteed this was an accident there was other people involved guaranteed he is not the type to go and do this on his own

    • Who ever posted this message really needs to get there facts straight u have no idea what u r talking about cuz if u did u would have gotten the information correct this is in regards to mel’s post

    • Josh is not scum look in the mirror….

  • Joshua is s very good and smart young man and always was a very happy kid unless someone pissed him off and they were asking for it.He was respectful always wanted to help if u expecting some kind of project.This person obviously did something to Josh and now he is getting punished for Dr asshole ducking with h.I love you Josh hang in there.Love you I will always be here for you if u need anything .


  • Why does he get punished for someone pulling a knife o n him self-defense

  • Why don’t you all get ur facts straight before you run ur fucken mouth

  • Love you BROTHER

  • Love you BROTHER u are worth much fuck these lames

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