Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Once Again Scoured the Area Near Alderpoint Looking for the Suspect in Last Weekend’s Fatal Shooting

Zachary Cordell Harrison

Zachary Cordell Harrison

Yesterday, the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department again searched without success the areas east of Garberville around Alderpoint for Zach Harrison a suspect in the shooting death of 58-year-old Robert James Holtsclaw on September 23.

“We tried to keep it low-key,” explained Lt. Dennis Young of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department. “We sent up six members of our special operations team.” He said that they were assisted by the California Highway Patrol helicopter.

Young said that they had hoped to catch Harrison “while he was moving to minimize problems, but we did not locate him.”

The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department would like to catch Harrison who is considered armed and dangerous. Lt. Young said they know the community is understandably worried. “If someone shot and killed someone and was still on the loose where I was, I would not be comfortable,” he acknowledged.

“Our…guys are really pleased we got a lot of support from the community,” he said. “You never know when you go out into areas that don’t see law enforcement very much. [But,] our eyes weren’t on marijuana. Our eyes were on the safety of the community…That’s why most of us get into that line of work.” He stressed, “We want to protect everybody in our community.”

Young urged community members to reach out. “Hopefully, someone in the community might give us some information and we can arrest Zach,” he said. “They can call the main line [(707) 445-7251] or the tip line [(707) 268-2539] and leave an anonymous message or Investigator Mark Peterson [(707) 268 3663].”

UPDATE 10/9/17: SoHum Man Sought in Shooting Death Believed to Be Armed and Dangerous

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  • Harrison not Henderson. 🙂 third paragraph.

    • Someone had Harry and the Hendersons on their mind! Its nice to see the community treating the police kindly, hopefully someone turns him in so the victims family can have a little peace and the community rest easier:)

    • This hasn’t been my day…thank you. I’ll just slink away and blush for awhile.

  • JustWantToHeartheEndoftheStory

    Somebody is hiding him. Or did he join forces with the two black dudes who crashed their car and head for Oregon? SoHum is so interesting….

  • Get em Boys !!! If you ain’t after the green stuff , I’m sure people will help you turn stones over to find this guy.

  • Does anybody have a photo of his truck or at least know the year of the Ford?

  • I don’t think he’s a danger to the locals. It was a financial dispute.

    • Locals not in danger, HA! Are you kidding me. This guy stabbed someone at the Mateel. He beat a worker in town almost to death. He beat his girlfriends face & now murder. Wake up n smell the coffee fool!

    • Stupid people talk nonsense

      It wasn’t a financial dispute. Dudes a fuckin tweaker. Too many people running their mouth not knowing anything other than what the media reports. Please, don’t comment unless you have an actual idea as to what’s going on. The house is well known, the people involved are drug addicts, the girl who tried to dry snitch on stuff has no clue what she’s talking about and was wrong.

      • [edit] it was a financial dispute zach didn’t even mean to actually shoot him that’s my big brother your talking about [edit] he’s not a danger to society

        • [edit] Your brother was a coward. He didn’t mean to shoot? What was he trying to do? Give me a fucking break. Now he’s hiding cause he cannot face the consequences.

    • Seriously? Dumbest thing I have heard in awhile, he’s not dangerous it’s perfectly normal to murder someone over a financial dispute! Seek help!

      • Stupid people talk nonsense

        You don’t know how to read then, as my message didn’t state he wasn’t dangerous. Just that it wasn’t over a finance issue. Unless you’re a different anon guest and responding to first guest. Then I’m dumb for thinking you were talking to me 😉

    • I meant this man isn’t just randomly shooting people. It mentioned in one post here the dispute was over money. I don’t know the man or any people like him so I’m not really afraid he’ll show up on my doorstep and start shooting for no reason. It seems his crimes have involved people he knows and is acquainted with.

  • He’s sleeping in a tent on top of bear Butte mountain

  • people on meth for long periods of time our always unstable and dangerous.He stole a four wheeler the same night is that considered dangerous?
    Piece of S..t good rid dons. .

    Don’t worry he only kill you if you owe him money .”he not dangerous”

  • TWEEKERS Need Money For More Meth


    Get all the growers in the neighborhood to pool their money together & put up the reward

    • Meth is the cheapest drug there is . Tweakers need money to buy cigarettes, soda pop and chef boyardee mini raviolis cause they gots no teeth But not meth . They get meth for a promise to steal more stuff from their “unsuspecting” neighbors.
      Guy probably showed up without his promised stolen things, Like stuffed unicorns and whatnots.

  • Thought I saw him 3 days ago walking to kimtu camp site in willow creek ca.

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