Coast Guard Rescues Two Surfers

Coast Guard Station Noyo River responds to a report of the vessel Samurai taking on water

Coast Guard responding to a distress call earlier this year near Mendocino. [U.S. Coast Guard photo by Petty Officer 3rd Class William Roman.]

Press release from the US Coast Guard:

 A Coast Guard boat crew rescued two surfers in distress near the Humboldt Bay jetties Friday.

A good Samaritan contacted Coast Guard Station Humboldt Bay watchstanders after observing the surfers being pulled out to sea by the current.

A 47-foot Motor Lifeboat crew was dispatched to the scene. The Coast Guard crew located the surfers and took both aboard. The surfers were fatigued, but required no medical attention. They were brought to the Coast Guard Station and then returned to their vehicle.

“It’s very important to be aware of the local tides and currents before entering the water,” said Petty Officer 1st Class Scott Harrison, a boatswain’s mate assigned to Station Humboldt Bay and the coxswain of the rescue boat. “The surfers were new to the area and were dragged out of the mouth of the bay by a very fast tide shift. They were fortunate that a bystander saw them and contacted the Coast Guard.”

The Coast Guard urges surfers, as well as boaters, to always check the tides and the weather before heading out on the water.

It’s also important for surfers to file a float plan and let someone know where they plan to be and when they plan to return. This information can aid responders in the event of an emergency and reduce response time.



  • wow. the coast guard is well-trained civilian are able to return home to loved ones when they are literally in over their heads.

    thank you to all who bust ass to learn, then lead the charge in plucking those hapless few out of the vast ocean and back into the arms of loved ones.

  • Agreed. Coasties rock!

  • The current absolutely rips through there during tide swings. What knuckleheads. One hour before and one hour after slack tide, thats the window to be in the water at that location.

  • People surf there!!??

  • Thank you Coast Guard. You are appreciated.
    I am sure the surfers had no intention of having this happen. It is a lesson on the path of life. Again, Thank you Coast Guard!!!!

  • Thank you Coast Guard!

    I am sure the surfers didn’t plan this. It is a growth lesson on the path of life. Again, Thank you Coast Guard and Coast Guard families.

  • I was the one who called it in. Nobody else saw them. They went out quickly I had binoculars but they got out so far into the jaws that I lost sight of them, called the coasties a second time and then they scrambled the boat. I’ve been surfing for 55 years and I’m an experienced ocean lifeguard. You could tell they were in deep trouble and did not know exactly what they were doing. It was three hours before low tide, way too soon to go out there.

  • shawn the fisherman

    I love the Coast Guard. Thank you for your service. CG heroes everyday!

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