Helicopter and K-9 With Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office in Alderpoint Looking for Homicide Suspect

The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office is searching the Alderpoint area as of 3 p.m. searching for homicide suspect Zach Harrison. On Saturday, Harrison allegedly shot a local man with a rifle after a dispute about money.

Zachary Cordell Harrison

Zachary Cordell Harrison

Today, the Sheriff’s Office brought what one resident called “a very strong presence…helicopters and everything.” Another resident reported that there was a K-9 officer also on the scene and two people were briefly detained.

law enforcement searching an Alderpoint residence for a suspect

Law enforcement can be seen through the trees. [Photo and video by a reader]

Lt. Mike Fridley of the Sheriff’s Office confirmed that his department was in Alderpoint searching for Harrison. But, there have been no arrests so far, he said. Harrison was allegedly in a residence in the small town last night but though officers responded then and again today, Harrison managed to elude law enforcement.Humboldt County Sheriff K-9 vehicle

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  • Cops are going to have a rough time finding this kid he’s dug in like a tick he’s where the cops are too scared to go

  • Just keeping it real

    I hope they get that bad apple before anyone else gets hurt. Be safe 😇

  • What an idiot. Room temperature grower IQ. Not leaving the town where he committed the crime.

  • He will need to go to the AP store for more chikamasa(s) & beer. Set up a sting op across the street in the dep. Or behind the beer can recycling tower.

  • Squeezing the neighborhood to give him up.

  • they don’t call it murder mountain for nothing.

  • CHP Helicopter, look at the Cruel Evil in his eyes… Why would anybody kill another over money $$$$ ?
    Money is so temporary, now u have it, now it is gone, buthe life is so precious, better to have a fist fight or “let everyone know” someone ripped you off, but to shoot them, kill them and then be on the run….. it tells me this man is not in his right mind and is a danger to society as well as to the residents of AP. Hope they catch this guy before his kills again…. he looks like pure evil with that deadly glare in his eyes!

  • Definitely a CHP Helicopter with FLIR ( forward looking infrared) as well as a super high definition camera mounted on board, there is also a Command truck which works on the ground with this heli

  • Go get him boys

  • seems the the RES always hides the losers… and yet the biggest tweaked den always gets away with everything…

  • [Edit: We all know that prison rape occurs and I’ll be happy to have a discussion with you about rape and its effects but nowhere on my site will I allow gloating about it. Especially not accompanied by images-Kym]

  • The “rez” wasnt where this happened. It happened down the road from the rez so get ur facts straight if ur gonna dis my late grandmothers home!

    • Not saying it happened there. Just saying seams like the Rez is the place
      To go when you want to hide from your problems. And the drugs are all over on every crack there and it’s sad. Some people will never learn

      • Shut up about the rez did not happen like that

        • It happened out in the driveway of the Rez close enough and if they didn’t think anyone there had something to do with it or info to obtain then way did they shake the place down today. We all know if your looking for someone who is trying to hide in town they will be at the Rez or at bronco brothers.
          Also fact everyone that lives in the two mentioned places are tweekers.

        • Heard the place was raided, everyone there is a known tweaker.

  • First off Alderpoint is not murder mountain. How stupid are you. Rancho Sequioa otherwise known as Murder Mountain. And all this bickering over what seriously let it go. What happens in Alderpoint is daily what is the point to blow this out of proportion. I know that you all have a real life use it and stop the gossip unless you know the facts and from what I see NO ONE HAS THE FACTS only Zac does so until he’s ready to face this situation stop go about your life its only so hum

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