[UPDATE 5:10 p.m.] Driver With Firearm Flees Accident: Crash Possibly Involving Two Suspects That Allegedly Threw Man Off Balcony in Garberville Yesterday

Humboldt COunty Sheriff's OfficeA possible suspect in yesterday’s assault on a man selling marijuana at a Garberville Inn may be on foot with a firearm headed towards the Meadows Business park between Garberville and Redway.

At 4:31 p.m. a silver sedan and another vehicle collided on Hwy 101 at mile marker 12.5 which is between Garberville and Redway. The silver sedan was unable to drive off and the driver fled on foot possibly with a firearm.

According to a report on the CHP Traffic Incident Information Page, the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office believes that the vehicle may be the one in which two suspects fled after allegedly striking a man with a firearm, throwing him off a balcony, and stealing his marijuana.

Law enforcement is responding to the area.

UPDATE 5:03 p.m.: The California Highway Patrol is establishing a perimeter.

UPDATE 5:10 p.m.: A Fortuna K-9 officer is on his way.

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  • From the above we can conclude that nothing good ever happens in [Edit], ever.

    Great news from the wreckage of a once semi-decent place…

  • Wait, people sell DRUGS at [Edit] motels???

  • Weed wars! HIGHly entertaining.
    G ville bandits on the loose, sheriffs dont have a clue and chp trying to pick up the slack.
    Back to the bongs and methpipes.

  • Short sighted assholes come here and try to steal a couple of pounds instead of hook up with a good connect and sell hundreds. No ambition, no brains, too much gangster rap, too much GTA.

    • Short sighted a**holes deal with these people an invite them to our neighborhoods endangering not only themselves but others in the community. The victim didn’t deserve getting hurled off a balcony, maybe, if lucky, it knocked some sense into him.

  • I heard sirens. Was wondering. Get ’em!

  • Who goes to sell dope without someone watching their six?

  • Just keeping it real

    Geeze. Sounds like a bad novel. Please be safe people and 5~0. Get those bad guys.

  • This is the kind if behavior we can expect as our community enables it. These criiminals will come out of the woodwork in order to make a quick buck.

  • JustWantToHeartheEndoftheStory

    But all this behavior was supposed to disappear, poof! in a cloud of smoke, when weed was legalized. Could it be the voters fell for a pack of lies???

    • Could it be that there is bound to be turmoil as the rules change?

      • You got it right Kym. It will take a few years of transition but once the rec sales start and there are taxes to be had things will change quickly. There will still be some little 30 plant grows around but the big players that aren’t legit will be history. Plus the price of black market will tank. The writing on the wall.

  • This is just the beginning, just wait as prices drop and people become more desperate, You ain’t seen nothin yet! This place is going to explode.

    • Why will it explode? Stealing weed will not be worth the effort if prices bottom out.

      However there may be an exodus from the area as folks are forced to look elsewhere for economic survival.

      What do you think will happen to real estate and property values after the green tide recedes

    • Maybe not. After centuries of regulation of liquor, there are still moonshiners out there selling. Their product tastes bad, can kill but somehow they have their following.

      Society can survive a small amount of law breaking. It’s when it is widespread enough that everyone thinks everyone else is breaking the law – that is normal and they’d be fools to be the only ones not knowing how the world works- that graft, bribery and general lawlessness take hold and disrespect for the law cripples society.

  • Just drove past this scene – WAS concerned for both parties, now I’m only concerned for the poor folks that got stuck in the wrong place at the wrong time…

    Traffic entering/exiting south Redway is blocked completely by sheriff cars; I hope you guys catch that asshat!

    • It’s a real bad time of year to be wandering around in the SoHum underbrush.
      May the hunter become the hunted. (Smirk)

  • Big Thanks to Kym & her incredible reporting! Keep up the good work!🥋🥇

  • Moonshiners make a few hundred gallons at the most. They sell to friends and relatives. Try putting a full blown distillery up in the woods and see what happens. Lol. Same with the weed. There will always be a few little grows to help friends but the big illegal grows will be gone. Its called taxation. Once the gov can start collecting taxes a good portion of that money will go to getting rid of the people who don’t pay them.

  • Is the silver car in the accident photo the selfsame silver Dodge Stratus with Oregon plates that was mentioned as fleeing from the motel yesterday?

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