[UPDATE 10:12 A.M.] Vehicle Flips on Roof on Highway 101 Near Sunset Avenue; Occupant Trapped Inside

Emergency personnel are at the scene of a traffic collision near the intersection of Highway 101 and Sunset Avenue. According to scanner traffic, a vehicle flipped over on the southbound side of the highway a little before 9:15 a.m.

Personnel are attempting to remove someone from the vehicle who is trapped inside. We’ll update this post when we hear more.

Update 9:29 a.m.: The patient was successfully extricated from the vehicle.

UPDATE 10:12 a.m.:


[Photo by Mark Nelson]



  • Texting and driving

  • HSU needs to teach driving classes to all incoming students, and tickets should be doubled for them, it costs us a lot to clean up their messes and its why everyone i know doesnt go to arcata anymore.
    The drivers are awful, they dont watch for pedestrians and have no idea how to get in and out of parking lots without hitting parked cars.

    The corridors a nightmare because of them! Where are the students who used to come here to get away from the hustlebustle city rather than bring it with them???? With all the public service costs they rack up, is HSU even generating money for arcata anymore?

  • Were you there?

  • Ah, which way is up ?

  • For me… nope… but there sure seem to be lots of ‘rollover’ accidents on 4 lane highways lately… in good weather. Dunno.

  • I hope their ok!!geeze lots of accidents,lots!! Drive safely,be alert,arrive alive,all of them!!!!🚘

  • What is the vehicle and how many people?

  • This comment is not necessarily *about* this accident, but was prompted by it: It’s annoying or worse when unnecessary rollovers happen, because (1) unless occasioned by a deer, or some other driver, long gone, who caused the rolled driver to go, or maybe a medical emergency on the part of the driver causing his foot to hit the gas and arms to jerk the wheel…. which of course are possibilities… the driver was either going hella too fast, or distracted by texting or something else. That is, either going too fast for any normal maneuver, or not seeing something ’til the last moment, then having to overreact. Dangerous driving is always annoying.
    There are WAY too many accidents along that stretch of 101 near Sunset and the St. Louis overpass. Knowing that, i slow down and anxiously clutch the wheel, then end up thinking, “What the heck? There is no problem here, nothing challenging at all, and the ONLY way i could lose control would be if i were speeding like a bat out of hell, inebriated, or texting or otherwise distracted.”
    Oh, and the other reason (2) these accidents are worse than annoying is that not only could the driver and his/her passengers be hurt or killed (and they basically are innocent of anything but stupidity in these examples–shouldn’t be a death sentence), but any other innocent driver–you, i, our kids–could happen along and end up in a deadly accident on a simple, easy piece of pavement, for no reason other than some careless person’s irresponsible driving.
    But as i said, maybe not the case in this situation. Whatever the case, i’m sorry to hear of one more terrifying incident.

  • Flipping cars is so cool. Everyone is doing it these days.

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