Shade-y Character Arrested in Eureka

EPD arrests Brian Koffman

EPD arrests Brian Coffman (in the center with hat and glasses) yesterday. [Photo by Luis Ruiz]

Yesterday afternoon, Brian Coffman, a 32-year-old McKinleyville man, was arrested in the Bayshore Mall food court. According to Brittany Powell, spokesperson for the Eureka Police Department, officers from POP were assisting a bail bond company with the arrest.

“[H]e was there with his girl,” according to Luis Ruiz who took the photo. “[T]hey both had shades on and acting a Lil weird then we saw [an officer] come in and [go] straight to him and put him under arrest.”

Coffman was also picked up on misdemeanor drug charges and for allegedly being a Felon with a Firearm.

See story about Coffman from 2013. 



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