Ferndale Schools Fighting to Keep $400,000 in Funding

Ferndale School from their webpage.

Ferndale Elementary School [Photo from their web page]

Press release from Senator Mike McGuire:

Senator Mike McGuire has been working with Ferndale school officials and California Department of Finance representatives for the past several months to find a solution to secure $400,000 dollars annually in state funding to support the small, rural school district.

Due to a change in the way the state funds local school districts, six rural small school districts across the state, including Ferndale Unified, may stop receiving “Necessary Small School Funding” – a dedicated funding source for very small districts.

“This is an equity issue. All students – from the rural corners of the North Coast to the urban neighborhoods of Los Angeles – deserve results driven schools in their community. Ferndale Schools are some of the best in Northern California and we are committed to working with the community, district and state officials in the coming months on this important issue, Senator McGuire said.”

Senator McGuire has been working with the school district and the Department of Finance to find a way to save the small school funding. In August, Senator McGuire met with Superintendent Beth Anderson to discuss the issue. McGuire will be bringing Superintendents from each of the six small school districts – impacted by the potential elimination of Necessary Small School Funding.

“Senator McGuire understands how important this issue is to Ferndale and we are glad he’s championing this critical funding issue for us as well as for districts across the state,” Superintendent Anderson said.

There are six unified school districts in the state that receive a “Necessary Small High School” allocation based on the criteria that they are the only high school in their school district – Ferndale Unified being one of them. Necessary Small Schools Funding – a total of $2 million statewide – provides support for districts that operate very small schools, particularly those that are located in rural areas of the state and where pupils would otherwise have to spend an excessive amount of time travelling to and from school. The program subsidizes the high operating costs of small schools in districts that lack the size to absorb those costs. State law restricts this funding to very small districts.




  • The 10 minute drive to fortuna is a bit much…

    • Its a problem when you work and your child can not get to sports practices or clubs or meetings becsuse of logistics. My family has been going to Ferndale elementary for 4 generations…i would be sad to see it go

      • Kids living in blocksburg ride the bus for three hours a day. I’m sure your kids could handle the massive commute to fortuna.
        If public transportation is too demeaning for your little ones then just reopen the old one room school house on grizzly bluff rd.
        There’s no reason to dump a pile of tax money into a town that can’t support it’s own children’s education. It would be comical to call it “Ferndale the victorian village on welfare”

        • groba dude osnt trustafarian

          But, Ferndale is special! Precious! Founded by Scandanavians! Well known socialists…

          Why can’t ALL services just be provided by the State? Especially in remote areas!

          WHY should Ferndale folks have to support their own schools?

          In my opinion, there is no such thing as a good public school, in any area of CA. If you want your children to be well educated, you may want to leave Humboldt County.

          It’s probable that having kids, when you live on a pot farm out in the boonies, in a broke-ass county, is approximately the same as child abuse!

          AND, if you want the government to provide for your every need, you are advised to go live in Norway.

          I sent my children to private schools, and private colleges, and while it cost a lot, it was worth every cent.

          It is necessary to sacrifice, if you want to raise great children. You won’t get a good education, out in the forest, or out in Petrolia, or out on a cow farm in Ferndale…

        • Blocksburg kids got to keep their k-8 school. And Blocksburg kids deserve a high school. You don’t want to take other kids’ local schools because your kids don’t have what they should have, do you??

        • No matter what happens we can all get together on one sharp point of reality, the children are being robbed of a decent education, since this wonderfull golden state is near the bottom in educational standards, everybody should ask Mike your state rep, WHY? dont worry he wont address the problem, he will send you down a new trail of fecal waste.

    • Been there, done that.

      I wouldn’t send my kid to Fortuna schools if they paid me. Or better yet YOU paid. Take your Prius back to Arcata.

  • If all the barns that have large indoor grows would donate the profits of one of the lights they would get the $400,000 back

  • Maybe take some of the money they are getting ready to approve for legal fees for the illegals. Citizens should come first.

  • Teacher in a Necessary Small School

    The way the state funds education is complicated and totally unfair to rural areas. It is disheartening that politicians have no idea of the real-life impacts from their decisions. I wish California would fund all schools adequately.

    • Your comment is the best one. I’ve been to East San Jose and saw substandard schools architecturally speaking. Some are not kept up. A 40-minute or so drive to Atherton’s public school and you’ll find very wealthy parents raising funds for it like it is a private school. The difference in fields and structures alone is immense. I’m sure the difference in education is immense, too. Property tax is one way to fund schools, but in poorer districts, it seems to be very unfair, if the goal is to best educate our children.

  • Just use the money that caltrans has saved by not replacing fernbridge

  • Alameda Superintendent, close to $300,000.00 total. http://transparentcalifornia.com/salaries/2016/school-districts/alameda/alameda-unified/

    Using the link provided above, district by district is disclosed.
    I’ll repost it here in case it’s too difficult to find. http://transparentcalifornia.com/agencies/salaries/school-districts/

    • Those are just the superintendent and doesn’t include the rest of the office. How much goes to all of the charter schools? There are a lot of them in Humboldt county.

      • That’s a good question. Perhaps google can help you find your answers?
        When the state collects taxes from every citizen, to be constitutionally distributed to every community equally, the transparent data sheets need a closer look. Why are certain communities going without, while other communities are swimming in the money? Why are taxpayers paying outrageous wages to far away communities while their own communities suffer? Why does equal distribution matter under constitutional taxing? What is constitutional taxing? What is unconstitutional taxing? Is the federal government authorized by the constitution to be involved in education? Is the state constitutionally authorized to be involved in education? Who is constitutionally authorized to educate our children? Why? What happens when governments control education?

        • What happens is we invent the internet and go to the moon.

          • necessary small schools would include our communities of honeydew and Petrolia, who used to be part of ferndale’s district back in the mid eighties before we repopulated the hills and qualified for mattole school district. seemed to be us newcomers couldn’t board our children in Ferndale gracefully. anyway, numbers of kids attended, numbers plumited and forced cutbacks but now numbers are increasing again and we need a quality education out here. its discusting how we scrimp and hire and fire. we have a wonderful community with lots of volanteers but need that small school funding because most funding comes from a.d.a. or average daily attendance and that takes bigger numbers to functionality.

          • we’ve been to the moon. A rocket was recently sent to Mars. Just to update you.

        • When the people of Humboldt PAY taxes like the above the board players they may get more services…

  • I would not say Ferndale has some of the best schools in NorCal. A lot of misinformation is taught at those schools, along with unrealistic expectations and skewed views of the world. I’m all for these kids getting shipped to Fortuna to broaden their horizons

  • amimissingsomething

    Gov. Moonbeam can come up with 31 million to defend illegal aliens and pay their attorney fees, yet a school district with legal citizens can’t be given 400 thousand. Something is wrong with this picture. Call me whatever you want but our California government is completely off the rails. Maybe they can borrow the money from Moonbeams fast track trains to nowhere?

  • When the wall gets built there will be more money for schools from the savings in education, health care, law enforcement, welfare, food stamps, etc. that is being spent on illegal immigrants.

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