[UPDATE 4:35 p.m.: Map] Buck Fire in Trinity County Balloons From 50 to 500 Acres Overnight Sending Up Huge Smoke Column That Can Be Seen From SoHum

Buck Fire Sept 14 inciwebInformation from the US Forest Service InciWeb:

The Buck Fire began at approximately 6:42 p.m. on September 12, 2017 as the result of a lightning strike near Black Rock Mountain, close to the Yolla-Bolly Middle Eel Wilderness. At present the fire is close to 500 acres and burning in dense understory of a remote section of the forest. The fire is located near the East Fork of the South Fork of the Trinity River.

Ground based fire fighting units are on scene with additional resources on order. Aerial support is being provided out of the Redding Air Attack Base.

No forest closure orders are in effect for this fire, however the public is advised to remain vigilant and be aware of the ongoing fire situation in the area.

UPDATE 4:35 p.m.: Map of the Buck Fire from Shasta Trinity National Forest:
Map of Buck Fire 9/14/17



  • Would different management strategies make a difference? Or is it past the point where “management,” can have any impact at all?

    • I guess you could use Oregon as an example and most of the State is on fire. I noticed while I was up there this year that the contractors hired to thin out the forest leave a big mess on the floor, everywhere, and it looked just like another money grab with no intention of its actual purpose. I don’t know if they were to come back and do cleanup in a different mobilization, but it looked as if they were just going to leave it. I saw burn piles in some areas but not everywhere.

    • Back to the ways of the indigenous/native peoples is what my personal opinion is. Cyclical, intentional burns were employed for many reasons and when they were “banned,” this shit started to happen more frequently. White folks getting paid to “work-the-woods,” ha! Getting paid to start fires because traditional means were slashed and burned…

  • The map shows the fire reaching Black Rock Lake, a beautiful camping spot..

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