Convoy Headed Up Titlow Hill Road

Convoy on Vista Point at Berry Summit

Convoy on Vista Point at Berry Summit this morning. [Photo slightly contrasted and cropped from image provided by a reader.]

A twelve to fifteen vehicle Humboldt County Sheriff’s convoy with a wood chipper was seen parked on Vista Point at Berry Summit this morning before 8 a.m. Another reader reports that he saw the same convoy later on Titlow Hill Road near Forest Service Route 1 before the top of Horse Mountain.

As the convoy included a wood chipper which is most often used in this context to dispose of large amounts of marijuana, we surmise that some growers will face an unexpected harvest today.



  • this has nothing to do with humboldt but here in mendo a convoy was seen driving up bell springs rd yesterday morning 9/12 and this morning 9/13 i havent seen any reports about this does anyone have any details

  • So what?
    There are cops all over town doing their job all the time.
    How is this news?

    • I promise you that when more than four officers gather together on an investigation in town and I know about it, I’ll report it because it damn sure is news.

      • Thank you Kym!!! Many appreciate you!!

      • Bust the illegal grows


        I don’t understand why you report these convoys. Particularly now, since they’re only going after illegal grows, not legal ones. Which means you’re potentially alerting criminals to an impending raid. And not your mom and pop growers (they’re too small to bother with these days), but bad actors, the ones destroying the environment and using violence to out in mega grows.

        You claim you’re just reporting the news. Fine, then report it after the raid is over. Otherwise you’re just alerting criminals that the law is on the way. How can you justify that?

        • For heaven’s sakes, when I report that law enforcement is at a residence in town serving a search warrant, my guess is that you want to know what they are doing. Certainly, most people do. When I post that there is a convoy headed out Briceland Road, I’m doing the same thing–reporting on what is happening. If it was aiding and abetting, why wouldn’t law enforcement tell me to stop or not answer my questions later? They don’t tell me to stop and they do answer my questions because it is public knowledge when they are in a public area and the public is entitled to know. That is the law.

          As to aiding and abetting…in my entire life of living in SoHum–55 years, I have never yet heard a grower say, “Whew, thanks to the news about the coming convoy on KMUD or Kym’s site, I was able to pick up my 100 plants and flee safely to the woods.” It’s not like other illegal behaviors. You own the land and the cannabis is growing on it so you are responsible whether you are there or not. A heads up wouldn’t let you escape law enforcement.

          I absolutely have not heard of a grower fleeing law enforcement because of my post about a convoy. And you’d think if it happened at least one of them would thank me. I do have folks thank me for doing the posts. I think some of them feel like it is a warning but I have never had one single case of someone saying “Because of your post I was able to escape.”

          Let me tell you what happens when I get a convoy tip. Usually, it is something like “There are 6 sheriff cars and a chipper heading south from Fortuna on 101. I have to verify it. That means two eye witnesses. Then I have to post the information which takes twenty minutes minimum. Then someone has to look at it and say, “Wow, I live in [fill in the blank–Shelter Cove, Alderpoint, Petrolia, Blocksburg] and I just know out of all the places that law enforcement is going to choose to go today from Hwy 101 they are going to pick my home.” Now, growers are optimists as a whole or they wouldn’t be doing this. They just keep checking in. It takes me at least a half an hour from tip time to verify to post and longer than that for the tipster to get the info to me and for the grower to read the post–let’s say an hour. So let’s say I update saying that law enforcement is now on Dyerville Loop Road. There are hundreds of likely grows that can be reached from there. It is now an hour from the time law enforcement was spotted and the neighborhood phone trees have been working overtime. At that point, the phone trees are possibly getting out the information to the target but more likely it is the 6 vehicles driving down a remote driveway that causes the grower to run.

        • Totally Man Gees Theyer Is So MANY Of Them Over Whelming Really !..,

      • Yes! Thank you for your integrity Kym.

    • @ muggin – u got served.

    • Muggin’, really, are you being ironic or does this really not seem newsworthy to you? Pot involves a huge part of the economy, it is an issue that is in a huge state of flux, nobody seems to really know what is going on. When a public agency takes a stand like this, it really is news around here. Hmm, I really like to use the word really!

      • There are many people here who’s lives don’t revolve around marijuana and don’t give a crap about where the convoy is headed this week. There are grows all over the place and busts going down all the time. None of them are changing anything noteworthy and aren’t anything that’s not going to happen again and again and again very soon with no net impact on the bigger picture. Same old story, insert new date and location. We get tired of the play by play weed reports because it reminds us of the depressing fact that so many people here are completely consumed by the drug culture instead of contributing something positive or healthy to society. Let me know when the national guard comes in [edit]or when we free the weed just like every other harmless plant and it finally stops being something for morons to obsess over all day every day. That would be news. A few cops with a chipper, not so much…

        • You take the time to write all that out. I don’t understand you people against Kyms post. If you see in the title “convoy” don’t click on it… and damn sure don’t take 10 mins out of your day to type up paragraphs on how you don’t appreciate her writing about it. Move along people. Keep up the good work kym. Lots of people enjoy reading about it. Thanks

        • So many of us are so tired or clicking on convoy tittled news stories on this and other sight, it is like our thumbs are bleeding and if not certainly our eyes are from reading news stories we dont care about . Thats basicly what i got outta theae comments

        • I watch ESPN for sports news. I don’t follow soccer but they do show soccer highlights because some people are interested in seeing them. Instead of writing angry letters to ESPN telling them I don’t care about soccer I simply don’t pay attention to those highlights and somehow find something else in the world interesting to me when soccer highlights are on. Pretty crazy strategy but it just might work for you with the convoy news thing. Try it

    • Pressure treated wood in the chipper. I’ve seen it. We need proof y’all

    • Narcotics agent? You have to tell us if U are

  • Yeah thank you kym. We appreciate the news

    • @mogtx +2!

      I am becoming convinced these idiot contrarians constantly attacking Kym are simply trolls not worth her time (or ours). I wish there was some way to eliminate the ugly comments whose only function is to make a troll happy [in their otherwise pathetic life].

      I vote for deletion of any comment attacking Kym 🙂 The rest of us are fair game.


    • Or at least Humboldt county supervisor

  • Go getem boys !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let’s clean this county up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • thanks kym! ill check back for further updates.

  • shawn the fisherman

    Humboldt’s new Sheriff is on it. Like this guy a whole lot better. Go tear them a new one, For all the people who are tired of huge grows killing the Salmon among other things..

  • Thank you for reporting what is going on in the Willow Creek community watershed. It’s so important to weed out the illegal grows that are happening.
    I have no problem with legal grows that are regulated and follow good farming practices and pay fees and taxes.
    These illegal grows have the potential to effect the watershed of Willow Creek and the drinking water of over 2,000 residents.
    Thank you again for letting growers know that the County will be after the careless and selfish…

    • Get real planning department-sundberg

      Water Guy

      EFF is a permitted water quality issue for the people of willow creek , you think a decommissioned contaminated mill site /junk car lot is any better? Taxes or not get real about wastewater discharge , permitting farms that were not pre existing, water source… visibility to public etc.

      Salmon safe ???

  • Why are they chipping the cannibis when folks who have cancer could really use it in a good way. It has been proven to benefit those who are ill.

    • Pressure treated wood in the mix too. Hypocrisy

      • Over the years in this county there have been numerous accusations of cannabis eradication officers cutting fuel lines on diesel storage tanks, while conducting private property grow raids, and letting the diesel fuel empty onto the ground, sometimes hundreds of gallons. I don’t know that it’s true, but I believe it. All that being said do you really think officers give a fuck about sending pressure treated lumber through the chipper?

        • most of the ASTs are gravity feed to the genie and when the HCSO takes the genie they cut the feed line and let it bleed onto the ground until someone else notices it and wraps it or until it empties out onto the ground. it is literally illegal and the County would be liable if one could prove it.

          • And supposedly they have gone as far as to attempt to cite property owners and slam them with huge environmental fines. Not sure if that’s true or not but I believe it. Dirty Coppers!

    • Are you going to pay for the testing to determine if it has been tainted with avid or eagle 20 ?

  • Driving out the compatition for those who could to pay for legalization fees.

  • Communists hate competition…

  • BobtheBorderwallbuilder

    The tweekers on tittilow!
    Like roaches theyll be scrambling,..
    Skeet skeet tweekers hide your meth and guns !

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