Multiple 911 Calls Reporting Man Face Down in Trinity River

First responders were dispatched just before 3:30 p.m. to the Trinity River near Tish Tang Road after multiple callers reported seeing a man face down in the water. According to the dispatcher, the person “appears…stuck on a snag.”

Hoopa Tribal police are being contacted and requested to bring a boat to the Campbell Creek Road area of south Hoopa.



  • Not another! The trinity is not a kind river!!

    • Yes it is, the Mighty T claims a few every year, even the fit and health ones.

    • The Trinity is like any other water… U have to respect the water

    • No,no,no, can’t blame the river. Can’t blame the roads for accidents, can’t blame spoons for obesity, can’t blame pencils for spelling, can’t blame guns for killing people, and on and on.

      • Rivers change develop differant curents based upon several factors. This is sad and nobody knows yet if any human error was involved other than a person trying to cool off with a swim in a river , perfectly natural thing to do btw. The presence of a snag in the articial leads me to think that maybe a undertow type of current trapped this soul and got them hung up. Yes you can blame a river. You can also blame unsafe roads for accidents as well infact there have been several cases where victims of unsafe roads families have sued counties , states and federal goverments and won. In basic training drill sargents would force the people on the over weight programs to eat everything off the blade of a dinner knife, because the spoons and forks made for larger bites, smaller bites infact reduce eating as it takes longer to eat and gives your body time to send signals to your brain that it has had enough. That is proven .

      • So close, yet so far away. Good effort

  • NotYourAverageCoyote

    That’s why you don’t swim the river when traditional dances are happening, water is life, and death…

  • Condolences to this family for their loss.God bless

  • The Trinity carries a lot of spirit, im not native and mean no disrespect, it just has a different feel to me than the Mad or Eel. Not sure how to describe it, its a humbling feeling, like the ocean. Beautiful and strong.
    It is quite powerful river, i saw people white water rafting a week before the Helena fire started.

  • I walk to the Trinity River every day and spend a few silent moments in thanks for everything in my life

  • The river has a calming affect and makes me smile,and happy that I’m surrounded by so much beauty!! We love to fish too.we were raised on fishing,hunting camping. But we always new the dangers of the power of the water.🏞

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