Lightning Sizzles Over the Humboldt Bay Region

Lightning and rain moved into the Humboldt Bay Region about 8:20 p.m. There’s rain splashing hard and, unfortunately for those worried about fires, there’s lightning. Check out where the lightning is snapping here and turn on the Rain Radar in the Settings button to the right for an idea of which areas are getting wet.

In the above video, lightning lights up the sky from Loleta.

What are you seeing and where?



  • There was lightning and the accompanying thunder both north, east and south of the western part of the Freshwater valley ending with a few flashes to the southwest. At some point it started to rain but has since stopped.

  • We can see lightning in the distance (North) from Rio Dell.

  • Titlow Hill area – just lightening, high in the sky, no thunder, no rain

  • It’s just stopped raining in mckinyville but still see alittle lighting and thunder in the back ground

  • Katherine Ballard

    Stay safe everyone.

  • Eureka got it head-on. Still a few stray flashes, but the peak seemed to be around 8:30-9pm. Even when it was directly overhead I was still counting 3-5 miles, seemed pretty high up.

  • 1/10th of an inch of rain 8-10 miles south of Helena fire.

    Heard thunder once, didn’t see lightning.

  • Lightning, thunder, no rain in Trinidad for the past hour on going.

  • In the Ferndale Zone

    Saw several lightning strikes hit the ground somewhere north of Fernbridge.

  • Mack town saw lightening..heard thunder for approx 1 hour…micro burst of rain…then out to ocean ☇☇☇☈☈☈🌩🌩🌩🌧🌧🌧⛈⛈⛈

  • I could see the distant lightning flashes to the north all the way down here near Ettersburg while sitting on my porch and enjoying the show. Just hope it didn’t start any fires.

  • Incredible display

    Up by kneeland, seriously amazing lightning bolts across the sky, purple and gold to my eye, and thunder that boomed and rolled longer than ive heard in years.
    Where were the lightning strikes? Hail for real?
    What a dramatic change in weather!

    Lets all wish just the rain head towards the fires, with no lightning.
    A nice rainfall would be so great out there, it rained on the LA fires so why not here too?

  • Lightning strikes 1-2 miles from where I was in Fortuna, east and north. Super awesome to watch

  • Did any one else get hail? Just at the end of the rain last night on Pine Hill pea-size hail fell for a couple minutes.

  • Saw a big thunderhead just after sunset to the north east. Illuminated orange, it pushed up through other cloud an collapsed on itself, like a breaking wave. Looked like nuclear blast.

  • Rolling Thunder rhythms rumbling all along the mountains ridges with ongoing lightning show flashes and strobes…here in Fortuna. Longest and most diverse awesome show ever…I been pumping rain prayers for early Sept rains custom ordered soaking wet rains to put out the fires and not start any more and clear the air… Thinking wet…thinking about Chief Rolling Thunder Native American Rain Medicine man… Rain forecast for Thurs…hold that thought…beat the drums, clap yer hands and tap yer feet down, roll yer hips and yer shoulders and yer crown all around! Stand up on it! Sing! Dance! Jump and Shout! Please! Please! Please!
    Just enough to put the fires out out out!

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