Overturned Pickup and Injured Driver on Hwy 36

Traffic Collision Car AccidentA pickup ran into the embankment on Hwy 36 about 5 miles east of Bridgeville near mile marker 31. The pickup overturned.

Bridgeville Fire, Cal Fire, and an ambulance are headed to the scene.

UPDATE 5:10 p.m.: The Incident Commander describes the driver as “walking wounded.” He also requests additional help for traffic control.



  • idiots!!! slow down!!!!

  • Lost Croat Outburst

    Thick smoke, eyes burning, can’t see shit: Pedal to the metal!! Pedal to the . . . . . .eeeeeeeeyaaaah.

  • I was just thinking to my self earlier this week that there hadn’t been a wreck out here on Hwy 36 in quite awhile!!! Obviously,I need to give up thinking!!! Watch out for the smoke & especially Growdozers/Plain Idiots/ WTH ever passing on Blind Corners & over the double yellow as well!!! Watch your ass & theirs as well!!!

  • Seems this yr compared to the last few, there aren’t nearly the trimmigrants trying to hitch rides out 36. I’ve seen one or two every few days, were as last yr it was multiple almost every day. Just an observation

  • Every time I drive 36 it’s 100 miles one way. If I’m not approaching the 50,000 mile Mark I’d be surprised. Respect yourself and set the best example you can to your fellow drivers, but above all respect 36 and all of Its beautiful,dangerous challenges. It Can be an awesome drive, but even 5 miles an hour above what would be safe, could not only cost someone their life, but won’t affect the overall finish time by more than maybe 3-5 minutes.

  • There was 2 I saw on Sunday that weren’t in the news

  • Accidents happen and it isn’t always “growdozers” or “idiots”. However I can say that there are a bunch of asshat driver’s that make driving 36 dangerous. Who the hell passes on a double yellow on a blond curve? Is your grow really worth it? Is your grow worth another humans life because of your irresponsible actions? Please slow the f@ck down. I can say for a fact, you will not get there significantly sooner. Also, the kind people that do pull over to let people pass, use a turnout. You make it dangerous when you pull over on a blind curbe with no turnout.

  • But you really have to respect the blind blonds of Humboldt….

  • What does passing someone on a double yellow curve have to do with growing?
    Eye roll

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