[UPDATE 10 p.m.] One Person With a Head Injury After Accident on Spyrock Road

Traffic Collision Car AccidentA Honda Civic hatchback crashed about three miles up Spyrock Road north of Laytonville about 9 p.m. One person has a head injury.

UPDATE 9:10 p.m.: A medical helicopter was requested.

The vehicle is off the road. However, if traveling in the area, be aware that emergency vehicles are responding.

UPDATE 9:27 p.m.: The air ambulance was canceled.

UPDATE 10 p.m.: The CHP Traffic Incident Information Page reports this is a minor injury accident.



  • Spyrock sure has been hot for news stories lately. I’m sure the residents are thrilled.

    • This resident is saddened by recent tragic events, but so thankful to see the first responders here trying to save lives and property.

    • What about my comment has you so upset? Isn’t it a fact that there have been numerous events on spyrock lately that have made the news? And do you think that I’m wrong for stating that the residents of spyrock must be “thrilled” about that? Maybe you’re too dense to know that that was sarcasm. I know for a fact that my friends who live on spyrock would never be happy about their neighbors’ place burning to the ground or for anyone being injured in a vehicle accident. I’m pretty sure I could say the same for all the residents there. So maybe you should get a life if you have a problem with that.

  • Local truthteller

    Thank you for getting this info out so soon. I was close by and had no idea what was happening. I hope everyone is ok. Thank you to the first responders.

    • I agree! I also am a resident of spyrock. And was at the top when I had spotted the air bus and was wondering what was going on. Had plans to go out but decided to stay in after reading this so I didn’t get in the way of emergency responders. Thank you to all emergency personnel, kym kemp, and truthteller!

  • Another 2 wheel drive on spy rock , washboard makers

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