Miller Fire and Spy Rock Fires: Updates in Words and Photos

tree torching

Flames race up a fir tree on Miller Ranch Road yesterday afternoon. [Photo by a reader]

Yesterday, several fires broke out in Southern Humboldt and Northern Mendocino. The two of the larger blazes were the Miller Fire southwest of Harris and the Rock Fire on Spyrock Road.

Both fires are now either controlled or rapidly coming under control. The Spyrock was stopped yesterday and the Miller is now with better mapping believed to be 40 acres and was 40% contained as of 7:30 a.m.

Foot in a tire track running through the pink retardant dropped by airplanes on the Miller Fire yesterday. [Photo by a reader]

Video showing how the fire trucks, which had raced down a one lane dirt road, stood toe to toe with the flames and beat them back.

Burning greenhouses by Tim Tietz

Burning greenhouses on the Miller Fire [Photo by Tim Tietz]

Alexis Anderson captured the following images from the Rock Fire in Mendocino County which burned two double wide mobile homes and did extensive damage to a shop building, according to Caltrans.




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