[UPDATE 9:24 a.m.] Three Fires Burning Along Hwy 101 Near Hookton Road

Vegetation FireMultiple people are reporting three separate fires burning in vegetation on Hwy 101 southbound near the Hookton offramp and up Tompkin Hill.

Several agencies including Cal Fire and Loleta Fire are responding.

UPDATE 9:14 a.m.: According to the scanner, Hookton onramp to 101 is closed.

UPDATE 9:21 a.m: The fires are extinguished, reports a firefighter on the scanner.

UPDATE 9:24 a.m.: “Looks like we have five real small spots,” reports the Incident Commander. The onramp is now open.



  • Yesterday multiple fires heading into Eureka…now three fires near Hookton Road…please tell me these aren’t started on purpose!!!!! Perhaps trailer chains dragging and sparking?

  • No chains this time. Arson!

  • This is a scary time for someone to be a firebug. Too many coincidences to it to be anything else. I hope that s/he gets caught right this minute.

    • The sooner the better for al our sake!!! So the firefighters aren’t already busy, fighting a fire that was intentionally set!!! When some accidental fire breaks out at the same time!!!

  • It’s hard to imagine why someone would set these. Dumb!!thoughtless!!

    • As usual, I agree with you, G-M.
      I had a roommate in college who was a “fire bug.” I’d known her since grade school, and had no sign of anything being “wrong” with her. Going to her appearances in court, I discovered her life had been a living hell from infancy on. She was given over to psychiatric care, and I thanked the Stars for that; but there was no recompence for her victims. I hope this one gets caught before anyone dies.

  • He’s been setting fires near the county property at worswick near fernbridge too.look for a transient with a mountain bike and dirty camo clothing

  • It makes me sad that people think that starting fires makes them something , What the hell do they gain / DO THEY REALY NO ? They mit get a pay check butt was it realy wearth all the other people to loss there homes and anemles over it ?And how does there hart feel ? eny thing ?

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