Smoke Levels Near Helena Fire on 299 Are Hazardous

Smoke compared to eclipse

The larger picture shows how today’s sun is obscured by smoke. The inset shows how much brighter the sun was during the solar eclipse–Photos taken in Weaverville, Trinity County, California. [Shared by a commenter on this post.]

Press release from the North Coast Unified Air Quality Management District:

For the following areas until late afternoon today and returning in the evening:
TRINITY COUNTY: Weaverville, Lewiston, Junction City, Big Bar and areas along the river corridor adjacent to the fire).

Smoke levels in these areas have been classified as Hazardous. Smoke in these areas is creating a health hazard. Please watch for updates.

People are recommended to restrict outdoor activity.

Symptoms that may be related to excess smoke exposure include:
 Repeated coughing
 Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
 Wheezing
 Chest tightness or pain
 Palpitations
 Nausea or unusual fatigue
 Lightheadedness

Cleaner Air Shelters in Trinity County:
Veterans Hall, 109 Memorial Drive, Weaverville. Open 24 hrs.

Please see the NCUAQMD’s General Public Service Announcement for recommendations on limiting smoke exposure.
For 24-hour Air Quality Advisory Information, call the NCUAQMD’s hotline toll-free at 1-866-BURN-DAY (1-866-287-6329), or visit the website at

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  • Hell I’m on dyerville loop and it’s hazardous.

  • What’s a clean air shelter?

  • Is it healthy to hike the Trinity Alps, more specifically, Boulder lakes trail?

    • I would avoid it. That is not too far from Weaverville, and I would be uncomfortable being away from cell service that close to a wildfire. I would be afraid of getting trapped. If you really want to go, I would call up the Weaverville ranger station and ask. They may not even be giving out permits for that area if the air quality is bad.

  • 5 pm — here in Lake Co., the smoke is so thick you can’t see across the lake; in fact, you can hardly see the lake itself from a short distance. Local source,, reports that the source of the smoke is primarily from the Helena fire in Trinity County, as well as a current of smoke spreading over the region from as far away as Montana. The fire station on Mt. Konocti (4000+ feet) was closed because of lack of visibility earlier today. Very creepy. Heading up your way on Saturday for long-awaited gathering of old friends, and now reading about fire between New Harris & Richardson Grove, plus fire on Spy Rock Road. Lots more hot dry weather coming, too…. Thank you, Kym & correspondents, for keeping us informed (way better than CalFire website!) Keep safe everyone, and don’t play with matches.

  • Is it safe to go camping in Denny

  • Given the density of the smoke in central and southern Humboldt…
    We could use a few clean air shelters…

  • Yes my name is lucky I live in Redding it is very bad I would do anything to have a clean place to go until the smoke lifts I have asthma I can’t even have my AC unit on I volunteer at the Good News Rescue Mission considering going there for a couple days

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