Rollover Accident South of Leggett

CHP with a rollover

[Photo by Stephanie Vansteen]

A Toyota rolled over on the driver’s side south of Leggett near Cummings about 5:42 p.m. The vehicle is blocking one lane on the southbound side.At this

At this point, we don’t know if anyone was injured.




  • Wonder… (sighs)… how do they roll over on an 4 lane highway.

  • No,injuries. I passed by and the driver was walking around talking on his cell phone. No ambulance at the time.

    Rollover could have been due to wildlife. No other vehicles seen, other than another with driver putting water in his radiator about 100 yds south

  • I was once in a small convoy where the person in front of me slowly drifted off the road, went over a small drop at the shoulder then over corrected. They almost tipped over. Their explanation was the wind pushed them over.

    I, following pretty close, felt no wind on my vehicle. Somehow it is difficult to believe that something that was not felt by anyone else and took a minute to happen without a response until they actually went off the road, at which point the brake lights finally came on, was anything but not noticing they were driving off the road until jarred into awareness. Yet the driver totally believed in this wind.

    Since losing concentration and drifting off the road has happened to me on long drives when there is little traffic to keep me focused, and I watched someone do that and remain adamant that they did not do it, I think it is not that uncommon. The thing to do is not let being startled by the drop off make a huge reaction that causes loss of control.

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