HSU Becoming ‘Smoke and Tobacco-Free’ Tomorrow; CSU Chancellor Issues Executive Order

The is a press release from Humboldt State University:

Humboldt State University will join other California State University campuses in becoming a smoke and tobacco-free campus beginning Sept. 1.

The effort comes after the CSU Chancellor’s Office issued an executive order announcing a system-wide policy that all 23 campuses will become smoke and tobacco free. The policy will apply to all students, faculty, staff, volunteers, contractors or vendors, and visitors. It also covers all University buildings, including residence halls, and off-campus buildings like the HSU Aquatic Center in Eureka and the Telonicher Marine Lab in Trinidad, Calif.

The policy prohibits the use of cigarettes, cigars, pipes, and other smoke emitting products, including e-cigarettes and vapor devices. Further definitions are provided in the executive order, which is available online.

“A cornerstone of the California State University and higher education is the principle of one’s individual freedom to learn, teach, work, think, and take part in their intellectual and career endeavors in a fulfilling, rewarding, safe, and healthy environment,” the Executive Order states.

“Thus, in order to provide the California State University’s faculty, staff, students, guests and the public with campuses that support the principle of one’s individual freedom to learn, teach, work, think and take part in their intellectual endeavors in a fulfilling, rewarding, safe and healthy environment, the creation and implementation of a ‘smoke and tobacco free’ policy systemwide is necessary and welcome,” the Executive Order continues.

Humboldt State will convene a task force to guide the campus as it becomes smoke and tobacco-free that will focus on the environmental and health benefits of avoiding smoke and tobacco-products.

The Executive Order can be viewed at http://www.calstate.edu/EO/EO-1108.html.



  • Ahahahaha. Good luck.

    BTW, HSU doesn’t own the public right of way. City of Arcata smoke free ordinance allows for smoking on the street as long as you don’t loiter. (Sec. 5705)

  • Or exhale…

    All those laws make you want a smoke?? Hmmmm, me too!

  • They can’t possibly include the sacred herb. That would be taboo and bad for ‘bisness.

  • Fantastic! I hated having to breath toxic smoke and see cigarette butts littered while I was attending HSU. Not much sense in banning vapor devices imo but this is long overdue.

  • Keep the Air Clean

    About damn time!

  • I thought it was years ago.Hope everyone does,better for everyone🚭

  • Man….. Some people smoke because they are stressed out. Now people are gonna have to go way out of the way just to release stress. Well at least they didn’t ban pickles. Everyone can still have pickles. I AM PICKLE RICK!!!!!!!

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