Governor Brown Declares State of Emergency for Trinity County Due to Wildfire

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Press release from the State of California:

Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. today issued an emergency proclamation for Trinity County due to the effects of the Helena Fire, which has burned thousands of acres, damaged critical infrastructure, destroyed homes and caused the evacuation of residents.

The full text of the proclamation is below:


WHEREAS on August 30, 2017, the Helena Fire started in Trinity County and has rapidly burned thousands of acres of land and continues to burn; and
WHEREAS this fire has destroyed multiple homes and is threatening hundreds of additional homes and other structures, necessitating the evacuation of residents; and
WHEREAS the fire has damaged and continues to threaten critical infrastructure, including power lines, and has forced the closure of major highways and local roads; and
WHEREAS extreme weather conditions and high temperatures have further increased the risk of fires; and
WHEREAS the circumstances of this fire by reason of its magnitude, are or are likely to be beyond the control of the services, personnel, equipment, and facilities of any single local government and require the combined forces of a mutual aid region or regions to combat; and
WHEREAS under the provisions of section 8558(b) of the Government Code, I find that conditions of extreme peril to the safety of persons and property exists in Trinity County due to the Helena Fire; and
WHEREAS under the provisions of section 8571 of the Government Code, I find that strict compliance with the various statutes and regulations specified in this order would prevent, hinder, or delay the mitigation of the effects of the Helena Fire.
NOW, THEREFORE, I, EDMUND G. BROWN JR., Governor of the State of California, in accordance with the authority vested in me by the State Constitution and statutes, including the California Emergency Services Act, and in particular, section 8625 of the Government Code, HEREBY PROCLAIM A STATE OF EMERGENCY to exist in Trinity County.
1. All agencies of the state government utilize and employ state personnel, equipment, and facilities for the performance of any and all activities consistent with the direction of the Office of Emergency Services and the State Emergency Plan. Also, all citizens are to heed the advice of emergency officials with regard to this emergency in order to protect their safety.
2. The California National Guard shall mobilize as necessary under Military and Veterans Code section 146 (mobilization in case of catastrophic fires) to support disaster response and relief efforts and shall coordinate with all relevant state agencies, including the Office of Emergency Services, and all relevant state and local emergency responders and law enforcement within the impacted areas.
3. The Office of Emergency Services shall provide local government assistance to Trinity County, if appropriate, under the authority of the California Disaster Assistance Act, Government Code section 8680 et seq., and California Code of Regulations, Title 19, section 2900 et seq.
4. The provisions of Unemployment Insurance Code section 1253 imposing a one-week waiting period for unemployment insurance applicants are suspended as to all applicants who are unemployed as a direct result of the Helena Fire who applied for unemployment insurance benefits during the time period beginning August 30, 2017 and ending on the close of business on February 28, 2018, and who are otherwise eligible for unemployment insurance benefits.
5. Vehicle Code sections 9265(a), 9867, 14901, 14902, and 15255.2, requiring the imposition of fees, are suspended with regard to any request for replacement of a driver’s identification card, vehicle registration certificate, or certificate of title, by any individual who lost such records as a result of the Helena Fire. Such records shall be replaced without charge.
6. The provisions of Vehicle Code sections 4602 and 5902, requiring the timely registration or transfer of title are suspended with regard to any registration or transfer of title by any resident of Trinity County who is unable to comply with those requirements as a result of the Helena Fire. The time covered by this suspension shall not be included in calculating any late penalty pursuant to Vehicle Code section 9554.
7. Health and Safety Code sections 103525.5 and 103625, and Penal Code section 14251, requiring the imposition of fees, are hereby suspended with regard to any request for copies of certificates of birth, death, marriage, and dissolution of marriage records, by any individual who lost such records as a result of the Helena Fire. Such copies shall be provided without charge.
8. State statutes, rules, regulations and requirements are hereby suspended to the extent they apply to the following activities: (a) removal, storage, transportation, and disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous solid waste and debris resulting from the Helena Fire that has burned and continues to burn in areas that are subject to the jurisdiction of agencies within the California Environmental Protection Agency and the California Natural Resources Agency; and (b) necessary restoration and rehabilitation of timberland, streams, rivers, and other waterways. Such statutes, rules, regulations and requirements are hereby suspended only to the extent necessary for expediting the removal and cleanup of debris from the Helena Fire, and for implementing any restoration plan. Individuals who desire to conduct activities under this suspension of statutes, rules, regulations, and requirements shall first request that the appropriate Agency Secretary, or his delegate, make a determination that the proposed activities are eligible to be conducted under this suspension. The Secretary for the California Environmental Protection Agency and the Secretary for the California Natural Resources Agency shall use sound discretion in applying this Executive Order to ensure that the suspension serves the purpose of accelerating cleanup and recovery, while at the same time protecting public health and the environment. This order shall apply to, but is not necessarily limited to: solid waste facility permits; waste discharge requirements for storage and disposal; emergency timber harvesting; emergency construction activities; and waste discharge requirements and/or Water Quality Certification for discharges of fill material or pollutants. To the extent it is within their administrative authority, the boards, departments and offices within the California Environmental Protection Agency and the California Natural Resources Agency shall expedite the granting of other authorizations, waivers or permits necessary for the removal, storage, transportation, and disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous debris resulting from the Helena Fire, and for other actions necessary for the protection of public health and the environment.
9. As necessary to assist local governments and for the protection of public health and the environment, state agencies shall enter into contracts to arrange for the procurement of materials, goods, and services necessary to quickly assist with the response to and recovery from the impacts of the fire. Applicable provisions of the Government Code and the Public Contract Code, including but not limited to travel, advertising, and competitive bidding requirements, are suspended to the extent necessary to address the effects of the fires.
I FURTHER DIRECT that as soon as hereafter possible, this Proclamation be filed in the Office of the Secretary of State and that widespread publicity and notice be given of this Proclamation.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF I have hereunto set my hand and caused the Great Seal of the State of California to be affixed this 31st day of August 2017.

Governor of California

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  • are you kidding me? a first.

    • Are you kidding me???? So not.
      Remember this winter when it rained a lot and washed out the highways?
      He declared one then and got $ here.

      I think you people are nuts, i want a governor who is working to keep our water and air clean with no fracking or drilling. One who will stand up to our current administration.
      Unless you want events like these fires in your neughborhood with no one to help you, you better get on board. There are no more important issues than this, the pentagon sure thinks so, whats in their top 5 most dangerous things facing our country? Climate demise.
      1000 people just died in a landslide in asia. That will be us soon.
      I guess all the more open minded clear thinkers are out helping with community emergencies and have left you folks to comment. We will succeed from the country before we get a givernor like trump, like it or go somewhere else, itd probably be best for everyone if folks who are climate change deniers move to houston and the like, if theres no problem then why not?

      Oh and moonbeam, the 90’s called and wants its nickname back.

      • Sounds like you have anger management problems. Maybe you should seek professional help.

        Oh, FYI, the fracking craze in Kern County had about half of the approximately 800 sites contaminated. The regulators, from California’s version of the EPA, failed to even inspect them. These regulators were appointed by Mr. Brown. Perhaps it had something to do with all the money he took from oil companies for his election.

        Look it up, Hmmmm….

  • That fraud should resign. Best thing he could do for the state. He and the disgraced, recalled Gray Davis are responsible for the worst environmental disaster in California history. His cronyism and backroom politics led to the methane release in Southern Cal. Thousands will probably die of cancer in the future and many suffer now. Just Google it and get the real story. He’s a monster.

  • Good Job “Moon Beam” total moron . Worst of all time. Except for Polesi! of coarse . Total moron. Makes the things Trump say sound very good. Stand behind your leader you silly liberals

    • Yeah, things are going really well under your con-man arent they?
      Feel free to move to some state where ignorant haters can be happy. (You know, one of those states the rest of us are supporting, since they are being run so well by repugs.)

  • Gavin Newsom as governor would be a total disaster, wish we could separate from Sacramento. Governor Brown and his crazy train, his legacy. New laws on marijuana the new $$ for the state, going to be nuts.. can we close the curtain now?

  • This fire is destroying 50 acres every 5 minutes, and all you clowns can do is complain about lame ass shit. Thank you Governor Brown for the help.

  • Glad additional help being sent!! This is a tragedy & people want to complain about politics..people are losing their homes & lives..wake up

  • I am one of those people and I do care, this proclamation will help my family with recovery. From what I’ve heard the fire burned everyone’s house up to ours on river acres rd and a 120 ft pine that is now leaning towards my brothers home along with his storage sheds which had solvents and oil also burned. Hopefully removing these things can be made easier by this proclamation..Mainly because were old and can’t do it ourselves. Don’t believe that first guy you can’t possibly “Remember this winter”. It not here yet. Thank you Weaverville Firefighters and Junction City Volunteer Fire for saving my moms home on the Trinity River. Here is a picture my sister took when her and my mom evacuated and one a JC Firefighter took the next afternoon Aug 30.

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