Get Held Up By a Good Cause This Weekend

old fire truck painting by Cietha Wilson

Crop of a Painting by Cietha Wilson

Beginning Saturday morning and ending Sunday night, Whale Gulch Volunteer Fire Company will be holding a very special fundraiser at Four Corners. People going to the Taste of the Cove are encouraged to take the scenic route home via Chemise Mountain Road and join in the community festivities!

There will be music, food, and good company!

According to Nancy Peregrine who is a supporter, “Archie Umina, who has left us, and was our fire chief a few years ago, observed the fundraising methods of small villages in Mexico, where boulders were placed in the road to stop traffic, which the townsfolk used to request donations to Cruz Roja (Red Cross) from passersby. He initiated the 4 Corners fundraiser, as many people go to the Sinkyone Wilderness State Park for the Labor Day weekend.”

Peregrine says, “We who are carrying on in Archie’s footsteps will be there, including Archie’s wife Lily at the bake sale table, son Kyle, our assistant chief, and Ruby, daughter of Archie & Lily.”

She added, “The volunteers depend on community support! We look forward to seeing you at the intersection of Briceland-Thorn Rd. & Usal Rd!”


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