[UPDATE 6:55 p.m.: Voluntary Evacuations] Fire Reported in Southeastern Humboldt County

vegetation fire iconAt approximately 2 p.m., a fire was reported in the 2200 block of Miller Ranch Road in southeastern Humboldt. This is southwest of the New Harris store and roughly ten miles east of Richardson Grove.

Fire engines are responding to the area.

UPDATE 2:32 p.m.: Reportedly the fire is 10 acres now and burning into timber. Air attack is saying it could get to 100 acres.

UPDATE 3:14 p.m.: The fire is now at 75 acres, according to scanner reports.

UPDATE 4:42 p.m.: According to the Northern California Geographic Area Coordination Center, “Miller fire, 75 acres grass, brush, timber, 0% contained. Moderate rate of spread. Structures threatened. Evacuations in progress.”

UPDATE 5:45 p.m.: Cal Fire tweeted, “#MillerFire…off Miller Ranch Rd & Bell Springs Rd, 10 miles NE Leggett (Humboldt County) Is now 90 acres.

UPDATE 6:07 p.m.: According to Cal Fire, the fire is 10% contained and the forward spread has stopped. Voluntary Evacuations are in place for Miller Ranch Road. That means: “You are strongly urged to leave the area. If you choose to remain, you should be prepared to take action immediately if the danger approaches.”

Multiple resources have been assigned. This includes Cal Fire Aircraft, Equipment, Crews, and Overhead as well as  Local Government Engines and Water Tenders;. There are approximately 150 people on the incident.

“Cal Fire engines are responding from as far as Marin and Santa Barbara…[A] small base camp [is] being set up to support incident personnel…[A]aircraft (Air Attack and Helicopters)[are] still flying the incident but air tankers have been released.

Miller Fire 8/31/17

The Miller Fire [Photo provided by Cal Fire]

UPDATE 6:34 p.m.: The weather is not cooperating. Harris is under a Red Flag Warning all night which indicates fire danger is high. In additon, NOAA states,

High pressure building in will bring drying offshore winds
tonight, followed by an extended period of very hot and dry
conditions. Gusty east winds will increase this evening and
continue through the night at high elevations, and poor overnight
recoveries can be expected. Winds will weaken during the day
Friday, but critically hot and dry conditions will continue
through at least Monday morning. While winds Friday through Sunday night are expected to be mostly weak, periods of critical fire weather will be possible given the extreme dryness expected.

UPDATE 6:55 p.m.: All Aircraft is being released off the Miller Fire, according to scanner traffic.

Photos of the Miller Ranch Road Fire by Tim Tietz:
Miller Fire 8/31/17 by Tim Tietz

Miller Fire 8/31/17 by Tim Tietz
UPDATE Friday: Miller Creek and Spy Rock Fires: Updates in Words and Photos



  • Is there a firebug running around?

  • Wildfire can start VERY easily with heat waves like this & low humidities (16% RH at my place)…
    Have an escape plan

  • There are a couple planes a couple helicopters the local Palo Verde volunteer and cal fire. Hope it gets put out soon. Thank you and good luck fire fighters.

  • Lives on miller ranch road

    Should I be evacuating?

    • I don’t know. I can’t get information. I’ve called Cal Fire and left a message. And I’ve been searching for every scrap I can find on the internet and on the scanner. But I just don’t know.

      • Is there any chance of 101 closing?

        • Miller Creek is a long ways from 101 about 10 miles. It is highly unlikely.

          • I think Kathy was asking about this… From the Mendo Voice… UPDATED 4:30pm 8/31/17 — A vehicle fire is being reported on northbound Highway 101 and West Road near Redwood Valley. Northbound lanes may be shut down. Scanner traffic indicates it is a blue Ford sedan that is now fully engulfed. Cal Fire is responding and trying to contain the blaze so it does not spread to nearby vegetation, according the the CHP incident page. It is unclear if there are any injuries involved at this time.

            Scanner traffic indicates that some vehicles are turning around on the highway to avoid being stuck in traffic as northbound lanes of Highway 101 may be closed. Please be patient as emergency responders are also waiting in traffic attempting to reach the scene, according to the scanner.

      • Lives on miller ranch road

        Thank you for staying on it. Lots of people in the triple-digit block of Miller Ranch rd., and I’m watching ashes fall in front of my face wondering if I should’ve left already.
        I’ll be watching your updates

      • I drove by the entrance and fundraise for the fire department, I stopped and spoke with people. . Miller ranch road is suppose to be eveacuated. If that person is still home on miller ranch road go to the top lots of people will be there!

    • Yes miller ranch Rd is all suppose to be evacuated !
      That is only common sense. It is not mandatory yet but fires can move a lot quickly in areas like this. Be careful!

  • I’m at Richardsons Grove now. From Rio Dell south, the smoke is terrible. The wind is starting up. Hope they get the out soon.


  • I’ve got friends in the area who are packing for evacuation. I estimate they are within a mile of the fire, and with a bit of wind a mile is not a long way. I don’t think there is more than 1 way in and out on Miller Ranch Road so anyone else down there might want to start packing too. Don’t get cut off.

  • Do we know which specific areas are preparing for evacuation? Thanks.

  • The county computer called and put us on standby alert for evacuation. I live at the back of Rancho Palo Verde. If I lived on Miller Creek road I would consider packing up the dogs. I have a bag packed every summer. I have fought fire on my land…not by my mistake…3 x. 2 times on my birthday. It is the hottest month. Pack that bag, turn that truck around, open that gate.

  • Keep us posted Kym. I live lower benbow near Richardson grove, area.
    Smoky here.

  • Did marijuana farms burn????

  • SoHumMountainRanger

    Do we know anything now?

  • Thank you to Alderpoint fire department for getting there so quick and taking the lead.
    You guys rock.
    Thank you to Palo Verde and all the volunteers that helped put out the spot fires
    That was a very difficult spot to defend and it definitely would of jumped without the help of all the volunteers
    Y’all rock
    And cal fire
    Y’all kick ass too

    • Thank you, Mark! Love you guys! Is it mostly contained?

      • Pretty well contained, hopefully it won’t be a problem at all today, they released us (Palo Verde Volunteers) around 9pm last night along with most of the crews that were there. The amazing convict crew stayed on to do mop up along with probably Cal fire and one of our water tenders as well.
        Thanks so much for all the amazing resources and humans that responded!

  • Thank you heroes, fight fighters our angels

  • Of course thank you to the fire fighters from every agency and volunteers, but thank you Kym for your reporting. I have property very, very, close by and it took us several hours to get there to check on it. The whole drive, when we had cell service, we tried the cal fire website and their phone number for info but we did not get anywhere. I would just like to say thank you. I read your site everyday but today you made a difference in my life and I appreciate it greatly. Thank you

  • Where is Miller ranch road?
    My son is up there and I’m worried!
    Is the fire past island mountain rd. turnoff on bell springs going south?

  • Anyone know how contained it is now?

  • Any updates this am? Appreciate you, Kym!!

  • Thanks so much to all the brave fire-fighters and home defenders, especially the Palo Verde crew that I belonged to and fought fires with as long ago as 1984! And special thanks to Kym, who puts out this invaluable news service that gave great comfort to this worried father, whose beloved daughter is living within a mile of the blaze!

  • No more updates? I saw quite a few fire trucks headed back up the hill while I was on my way to take my kiddo to school.

  • Is the miller fire out now

    • As of this morning, it was not out. However, I believe that firefighters expect to control it.

      • I heard from someone on the Miller fire that it started in one of the upper buildings at 2222 Miller ranch rd. Those 2 buildings are a 2 story indoor and a barn that housed a giant diesel generator. Who is responsible for this fire? Who was running that indoor? Who was staying at that property? And who owns it right now?

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