Car Overturned in Whitmore Grove West of Redway

overturned car

[Photo by Michellee Senn]

At approximately 9:30 this morning, a vehicle overturned in Whitmore Grove on the bridge. For a time, the vehicle blocked both lanes. By a little after ten, however, the vehicle was removed. The driver received mionr injuries.



  • What kind of vehicle?

    • Toyota truck with a pitbull. Chump…..ill let u take over from here

      • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

        The spare is under the frame, cars don’t do that.

        Any info on how many pitbulls wearing bandannas were injured?

        Hopeful that the pounds acted like airbags and saved those pits, we just can’t get enough of them.

  • groba dude osnt trustafarian

    Glad you are not hurt!

    Next time try taking in the beautiful scenery available in that area, instead of just speeding through, as usual.

    • Why assume this person was speeding? My bet is on swerving to avoid oncoming car over the line divide, per usual.

      • Sharpen your pencil

        Judging by the front passenger side tire is busted off, I’d say the hit the guard rail at a higher rate of speed turnng the vehicle on it’s side. It is always easier to lay blame on other’s though!

      • Could have been a flying pig that distracted the driver. What do you mean “nope”?

      • You might be next..

        People drive so fast on Briceland road. It’s like a culturally specific thing. No matter how fast I might push it, there’ll be five cars right on my bumper. Pull over… five more, in a douche bag train. Pull over, then that otherwise peace-love hippie chick will give you the finger. All the way from the ‘Bay, and the Briceland Road has the rudest drivers. My only satisfaction is that they’ll all end up like that one, on their side, eventually! She was probably in a hurry to get back and water…now they gotta wait a few more hours!

  • RF tire missing. Either came off and caused it, or they weren’t paying attention to driving and hit the curb which caused tire to come off. Just my observation….?

  • Looks like a mechanical problem, hope all is well

  • Or could have swerved for a deer.

    • too fast: takes longer

      There’s been caution tape on the railing of that little bridge since it gets hit every week. If you drive at the very edge of control, it just takes a butterfly fart to send you to the other side.

  • Iv never seen a deer in Whitmore grove going to dam fast is my bet people blow by my house going way to fast slow down please

    • All you have to do is leave for where you’re going a bit earlier. But stupid people find it easier to just floor it and f-ck everybody. That’s why I drive a tank!

    • Judging by the speeds people go, as an average, through Redway, I’d say it was speeding, although I did not witness this particular incident!

    • I have come to a complete stop so many times on that bridge.

  • Glad no one was seriously hurt!!It’s a good day when you can walk away from a wreck!! And the driver didn’t run off into the woods🌲

  • Nature Lover/Plastic Hater

    I wish Richard would stop putting that stupid “Caution” tape on the railings; it winds up flaking off and falling into the river.

  • Anyone living out sprowl creek this is the woman that was “sleeping” on her horn all morning 630-730.. hope the dog is okay…

  • We have a sign that says 15mph,they come thru at 50or60,we had a dog that got ran over earlier this year.People are assholes out here,if they would have hit the cows they would have been pissed.But then we would have known who did it.

  • People need to go slower………i have almost got hit there. …..

  • I’m just gonna say to all you negative commenters , the driver and her dog were ok, and speed was not a factor in this as you all have jumped to the conclusion of…I know because I was the second person on scene!!! Spoke directly to the driver AND CHP. Try to have some compassion people. I travel that stretch of road regularly and do have many encounters myself with speeding assholes in my lane so I understand why you all immediately think that’s the case here, but there’s also many who travel safely too. Unfortunately those bad drivers out weigh the good. Let’s think and maybe know some facts before we start commenting rude things about people you may or may not know.

    • Fact is: truck on it's side

      So how did she tip it over? driving at a reasonable speed? The photo doesn’t lie, it looks an awful lot like somebody lost control.

    • I’m with you J T. People are tried, convicted and hanged here based on little to no real information other than a photo and a preliminary report. Heaven forbid they get on a jury. One person once commented that facts didn’t matter. omg!

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