[UPDATE 12:52 p.m.]Two Car Collision On Riverwalk Drive in Fortuna; Road Blocked

Traffic Collision Car AccidentAt approximately 12:40 p.m., two vehicles collided on Riverwalk Drive in Fortuna. Four people were injured, according to the scanner and Riverwalk Drive is currently blocked. However, traffic control is being set up.

UPDATE 12:52 p.m.: One-way controlled traffic is in effect around the collision. The patients are all refusing the ambulance.



  • Idiots coming together for a common cause-yippie and accident!

  • Same spot I was complaining about a couple weeks ago…luckily this did not involve any of the speeding big rig through the area

  • Please slow down people it’s not worth risking your lives or the lives of others. There is never an excuse to have to speed just to get somewhere faster unless of course it is an Emergancy and in that case Call an Ambulance. Just saying

  • Far worse than dieing, what if you live? What if you have to recover from serious injuries? What if the people involved don’t have insurance? What if it takes years to get disability? What if you end up homeless before that happens? What if it happened to me? Guess what? It happens everyday.

    • What if anything happens?

    • That is why I NEVER GO OUTSIDE.

      • Diesel DRW - Curb Weight 7762 lbs

        Me either! Mmmmmm netflix, coffee, my nice chair…

        Driving near Fortuna is not for the faint of heart. Yesterday I went to Eureka to get goodies at Partricks, food from Winco, and, stuff, from Target. On the way up, a guy in a shiny BMW X-5 with license plate HMBTBRD zoomed by on the right at about 85, then cut in sharply. I flashed my lights and he flipped me off. Typical. Later I saw his vehicle in the Target parking lot. Hmmmm, should I throw pennies at his fender, or just smash the windshield? Nahhhhh…
        Remember, those people you are being (impolite) to, their probably your neighbors, and many of them have functional memories! I am sure I have seen this license plate before…

        Then later, I was going back to Fortuna, traveling about, oh, 72-73 mph, and here comes ANOTHER 4X4 doing 85 or so, so I look to pull over to the right and here comes a 2007 Infinity G-35 (got THAT plate too)
        doing over 100! The usual high-school punk at the wheel, negligently lane-changing and endangering everyone! So a bad situation during a regular weekday trip to town, that could have easily killed someone!

        When you drive, you should remember that some folks have dash-cams, and some will call the CHP with your plates. If you like to drink or drug and drive, you are risking the safety of others, and your very freedom to drive in the first place.

        We are supposed to be living in the ultimate age of personal transportation, but this summer has been a nearly constant display of poor driving skills, lemming-ism, and sheer idiocy at the wheel by an ever-increasing number of Northern CA drivers. Let me assure you that if you hurt someone, or just get pulled over for dangerous driving, you will have a legal problem that you probably can’t handle, and that the CHP is getting pissed off about having to clean up after ALL those wrecks caused by crazy driving, intoxicated drivers, and common impatience. So smarten up, slow the fuck down, and smile! We’re filming right now…

        • Hey diesel curb weight, sounds like you’re at least part of the problem. Check out CA vehicle code 21654. Sounds like you need to stay out of the left lane, or at least read the signs that are posted all over.
          Keep Right Except To Pass

          • Victor G. Flashman

            I’m the sober guy, driving safely. See if you can tell the difference! I drive about 30,000 miles/year. No accidents in almost 50 years. I have gotten my share of the speeding tickets, in the last 10 years.

            Hope you get some too!

          • Now we know you are one of the speeder-wastes too! Thanks.

  • Gloom and doom commentors 🙁

  • At least their ok. Hope the vehicle’s are

  • I love all the grannies that chirp in “slow down young oneseeeeee” yet they’ve no idea as to cause of said accident. I drive places fast at times, yet the only accident I’ve ever been in, I was stopped on freeway in traffic jam and guy behind us was texting on phone, slammed into us from behind. Not speeding as per law, just wasn’t pAying attention…. speeding doesn’t cause accidents. Stupid people driving and stuff out of control of people are what causes accidents

    • Diesel DRW - Curb Weight 7762 lbs

      Stupid people, but not you! Noooooo… I’m not the dumb guy…

      Try driving the speed limit, or 6-7 mph over maximum. These are laws here, not just suggestions, and they exist for everyone’s safety, and not just the safety of little old people…

      Have some respect for SOMETHING, even if you don’t respect your own safety, or yourself, or anything at all.

      Your comment reflects your terrible attitude about and towards society in general. Best of luck avoiding death on the highway!

      • Pretty sure I didn’t specify my speed on here. On city streets I usually drive speed limit, but I won’t lie, on freeway I’ve driven 10-15 mph over the speed limit when running late. Take someone who drives the limit 100% of the time, and I’ll show you a liar. I my opinion, people driving too slow around here count for more accidents involving other cars than those speeding and involving other cars. Sorry if we disagree on this. I have probably driven close to as much as a ful time trucker does for work over the years, and I’ve quite a bit of experience watching what causes accidents on the road as I’ve witnessed many happen.

        • Hold your hormones, Sonny Boy

          Sometimes I wish people would put a sign on their windshield about just how much faster they want me to go when I am already going over the speed limit. Just so we can understand each other after they dangerously pass me anyway and I catch up to them at the next stop light.

        • Victor G. Flashman

          Well then, you’re exempt from all common law then, since you wised up long ago. Never mind…

  • The speed limit through here is 35. It is way too fast for that corner. Fortuna should lower the speed limit to 25 on Riverwalk drive.

  • No one was speeding, and no one was injured. The accident was caused by mechanical failure.

    • Diesel DRW - Curb Weight 7762 lbs

      You must be a trucker. That’s what they all say. Couldn’t possibly be anyone’s fault…

      • Actually that was the cause stated on the report. I know one of the drivers involved in this accident personally. I’m sure it was scary for everyone involved. I’m very thankful that the outcome wasn’t worse.

  • Am just saying half the time it’s the chp who’s driving arounder 85-100 with no emergency lights on. Have seen it more than once.

    • Diesel DRW - Curb Weight 7762 lbs

      The CHP is the LAST LINE of PROFESSIONAL LAW ENFORCEMENT in a large and lawless area. Whatever your perception of the CHP, you need to respect what they have to do, which is:

      1) Protect public safety
      2) Pull over and deal with people who, like you, do not respect authority or common laws
      3) Clean up and investigate all the stupid accidents caused by negligence, intoxicated drivers, and poor driving.
      4) Back up local LEO’S with manpower, weapons, and equipment, when the shit goes down
      5) Hang around and be present to insure safer driving near construction projects

      In fact, a CHP officer may be called upon to: deliver emergency supplies, provide relief during disasters, deliver a baby, change a flat tire, and give YOU assistance when YOU need it, so you better be damn glad that they are around, and show some respect when you talk about the CHP in public!

      It’s a tireless, difficult and stressful job, pretty much thankless, like most service and public jobs, and it’s 24/7.

      I bet YOU couldn’t EVEN do it.

      • Hey diesel curb weight, sounds like you’re at least part of the problem. Check out CA vehicle code 21654. Sounds like you need to stay out of the left lane, or at least read the signs that are posted all over.
        Keep Right Except To Pass

        • Victor G. Flashman

          I don’t know which state you live in, but in CA the signs say “Slow Traffic Keep Right”. They don’t say “Get out of the way of extreme speeders”, or “Yield to Unsafe Drivers”, or even, “pull over for idiots in pickups”.

          Yes, that’s me in YOUR way. 101 is not 5, and the speed limit is not 101mph, it’s 65.

          Wear your glasses, I do!

          • Victor G. Flashman

            And, 21654 refers to the “slowpoke statute”, and it applies to the flow of traffic, not the “flow” of the guy who is REALLY speeding: so if I am going nearly 75 in a 65, but YOU are going 85, the “flow of traffic” does not apply, and we are expected to be civil, and act like courteous grownups!

            Hardly ever happens, in Northern CA, that is, North of, well anywhere! You can go as fast as you like, but someone will always get pissed that you are not getting out of THEIR way.

            One thing I HAVE noticed about driving in Humboldt, if there are only two drivers on ANY road, one will do something that makes the other mad! Never fails!

          • amimissingsomething

            Opinions are like aholes. Your opinion does not make law. If your going slower than the person behind you just do the sensible thing and pull over to let them by. If you can read then the next time you are heading north on 101 and right where there freeway goes to 2 lanes for Richardsons Grove pull over and take the time to read about your responsibility to pull over if more than 5 cares are behind you. I don’t care if your going 200 mph if there are 5 cars behind you pull over. People just like yourself cause accidents every day because they are right or wrong or think they’re right. Pull over and let people going faster than you pass and this small world of ours would be much more pleasant to deal with!!

            • Are you speaking about law, or making up everything as you go along? Unsafe is unsafe, regardless of your desires. AND: everyone has an equal amount of right and access to use the road. You may want to go fast, but you should be trying to drive responsibly instead of just driving selfishly.

              You have no right to drive faster than flow of traffic, in CA, or to be extra pushy, for whatever reason. Courtesy and safety dictate more than law – try not acting like an emotional 2 year old. Other people will like you more…

      • I have respect for the chp. That not what I am saying. What I am saying is that they should drive the same way as they except us to drive and if we don’t than we get tickets. If they are not on a emergency call with lights and sirens what gives them the right to drive over 80 mphs.

  • If every one drives faster and pushes thar limit drive like hell we would not have this problem it would take care of itself

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