[UPDATE] ‘Ringleader’ of Marijuana Robbery Arrested, Said Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office

Trevor Jackson was arrested Saturday after a citizen tip. Jackson was described by the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office as the “ringleader” of a band of young men who attempted an armed robbery at a marijuana grow off Hwy 162 east of Willits about 2 a.m. on July 16.

“We’ve been looking for him in Redwood Valley,” explained Lt. Shannon Barney of the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office. “We’d been getting tips that he was driving around on stolen motorcycles.”

In addition, citizens complained that Jackson was burglarizing still more residences while armed. “He was seen multiple times with a long rifle,” Barney said.  “The community believed he was super dangerous.”

On Saturday, Barney said, a citizen called in another tip and deputies were nearby and able to quickly get Jackson surrounded. “He gave up without any issues,” Barney said.

Jackson will face charges in other cases, explained Barney. For earlier burglaries and for more recent ones. “We found him in possession of stolen property,” Barney said.

UPDATE 4:22 p.m.:

Press release from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office:

Since the initial investigation began in July, the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office has continued to investigate this case, identifying two additional suspects.

On 7/17/2017, Joshua Hanover, a 29 year old male who lives in the Redwood Valley area, was stopped on Highway 101 in Redwood Valley and arrested on an unrelated warrant from Sonoma County.  Subsequent to that arrest and this investigation Sheriff’s Detectives determined Joshua was a suspect in this robbery.  A case was submitted against him to the DA’s Office and he was subsequently charged with kidnapping for robbery and armed during the commission of a felony.  His bail was set at $525,000.

Detectives also identified Trevor Michael Jackson, 34, a transient in Redwood Valley as a suspect.  For approximately a month and a half, Mendocino County Sheriff’s Deputies and Allied Law Enforcement Agencies have been attempting to locate and arrest Jackson.  He has fled several times, on motorcycles and all terrain vehicles when deputies approach. On 08-26-17, at approximately 5:00 PM, based on a tip from a community member, Jackson was located hiding on a piece of property in the 4800 block of Black Bart Trail in Redwood Valley. Jackson was arrested without incident and booked on a felony arrest warrant stemming from this case. His bail on this case was set at  $500,000.

This case is still under investigation and Jackson is a suspect in numerous other thefts that have occurred in the area of Redwood Valley. Sheriff’s Detectives anticipate filing several additional cases with the DA’s Office for review of charges.  These charges will include motor vehicle theft, grand theft/possession of stolen property, weapons possession, and burglary charges.  Any persons with information about this case are encouraged to contact the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office.

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  • Really? That’s his life? Riding around heavily armed on stolen motorcycles, his folks must be so proud.

  • What a jerk, I hope his slap on the wrist really stings!!!

  • He doesn’t look like a sucked up tweeker.

  • His parents passed away…another lost soul. Could be your brother, your cousin. .. Get a grip with the negativity…holier-than-thou jack wagons.

    • Is that a joke? he didn’t steal a candy bar or a car, he’s out actively armed robbing homes and people he could have killed someone so easily. millions of people lose loved ones ever year and you don’t see them out Pulling guns on people. NO EXCUSE!

    • Maybe you can go give him a hug. But me personally, I don’t feel sorry for people that go around menacing and thieving while heavily armed.

    • If he was my brother or cousin, I’d turn him in….before he killed someone, or got killed.

    • Really? Talk to anyone who went to school or grew up with him. His parents were his first victims, forced to watch him become a piece of shit beyond their control. He’s been caught numerous times on camera. He’s just lucky we didn’t catch him. He’s been running roughshod through redwood/potter valley since he was a child, with parents.
      All in all just a bad person and complete waste of space.

    • I don’t think you knew this malicious cretin; thank your lucky stars for that!

  • He looks like a jock

  • Smug little man. Goin’ down.😉

  • Bad actor all the way around. He and his pals have been terrorizing the hoods and hills for years. I hope they get him good this time and find some of his accomplices.

  • I have very much ill-will towards bully thieves like that guy ,and i hope he gets all the time in prison he deserves. The streets are going to be much safe for now.

  • Brains Wellington

    Just the sort of thug the DA goes easy on. Nothing to confiscate or extort. We’ll see.

  • This shit is very real. Thank you so much Mendo S.D!

  • Viking Pride, From your response it appears that you know him. Yes, it is sad his parents have passed. Yet, no one to me has responded as holier than though. Folks who have been harmed by the man’s choices and the rest of the folks have no respect for thieves. He is blessed no one chose to deal lethally with him. Hard time is ahead for the man and if you are a friend, then maybe you can give him compassion and insight into how his actions harmed others, and please realize that those of us who been ripped off and threatened by folks who have no compunction to make the choice to be a thug will have little sympathy for excuses made on behalf of those who live a life of crime.

  • He’s the one in trouble not his parents. Be upset with him fine. But don’t Bring his family down, his choices not theirs. All are so quick to judge on charges before people are actually convicted these days. Let the system do it’s job. He will get what’s coming to him what ever that maybe.

  • Thars a thing called work the world does not owe him shit if his parents passed away he probely had it made not saying he did but of he did it all went right in the crack pipe

  • I went to school with this guy, in Potter Valley. He’s been ripping people off for over 15 years.

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    A Marijuana thief, in Mendocino County? I am surprised the locals did not hang him themselves! Good luck Trevor, might want to find another place to live, following the likely to be microscopic term of your sentence in the Mendo Jail. Or come on up to Fortuna and Hang out with Anthony Burgess! Get some face tats! You two were born to ride together!

  • Christopher Hulliger

    He robbed me in my Motorhome In 2007 outside my mom’s in Lakeport, cops wernt interested even though he pulled a gun on me

  • fuckwalterwhite.com

    That Sons of Anarchy TV show was so stupid…

  • This is what mere will do. I loved next to him 10 years ago and he was a good guy now look at him

  • They got the wrong guy: that’s Brett Favre former Green Bay Packers QB.

  • It’s amazing how amazing man he is in other ways if it wasint for him ,I wouldn’t have my daughter in my life today I do believe and law enforcement didint help me and he’s been good to us other people too maybe I hope for extensive rehabilitation for addicts not his whole life that is bye far not a fair sentence

  • I happen to love and care for this man ..he is family to me..He has been there for me many times, and believe me they were bad times..please keep an open mind and look at the whole picture here..Traver Jackson has a heart and he loves his family..If you have crossed him , and he’s hungry he will eat you for lunch..anyway Traver We are all out here for you and you know who we are…….Kathy hayden

  • Check this out ivr lived in Mendo since. 87 went to school played ball ..its home..I know Trevor…. personally dont really care for him ..But you men. Callin the God dam cops yo do another mans job is just plain Cowardism at its finest…you got a problem with somebody deal with it ..strait up heads up or get ran over..thats life it natures way of taken out the weak…Trevor has never did me. Wrong…why u might say???? Cause never gave him a chance…so you cowards out there if ya did you know what u did your not innocent ill tell ya thst…Dont be a cop caller is my point…and prison dont help anybody its all about money.money its human cattle so if ur sayin that will do him good
    ..Your wrong…youall have good day now

  • YOU still want to go to Boonville and screw with those people? I didn’t think so

  • funny he got busted at the local family crack shack , bunch why didnt the residents get introuble for harboring a fugitive ?

    the residents were arrested last year for …

    RESISTING AN OFFICER: Edward M. McKee, 40, of Redwood Valley, was arrested at 7:30 p.m. Monday on suspicion of resisting or delaying a police officer, manufacturing a controlled substance by chemical extraction and possession of ammunition by a prohibited person. He was booked at the county jail under $50,000 bail. The Mendocino Major Crimes Task Force arrested him.

    CHILD ENDANGERMENT: August L. McKee, 39, of Redwood Valley, was arrested at 7:30 p.m. Monday on suspicion of child endangerment, methamphetamine possession for sale, marijuana cultivation and marijuana possession for sale. She was booked at the county jail under $32,500 bail. The Mendocino Major Crimes Task Force arrested her.

  • Ringleader what a joke in fact it so far from true …….pretty sure I know exactly where your so called ring leader was when this nonsense took place way to poison the community. What happened to innocent until Proven guilty….

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