Victim of Armed Robbery Said He Met Suspects at Bar Who Stole 10 Pounds From Him

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

Humboldt County Sheriff badgeOn Sunday, 08/27, at approximately 9:30 PM, Humboldt County Sheriff Office deputies investigated the report of an armed robbery at an apartment complex in McKinleyville. The victim of the robbery stated that two black male adults robbed him of 10 pounds of processed marijuana at gunpoint.

After the robbery, the suspects fled on foot in an unknown direction of travel.

The victim said he met the suspects at a bar in Arcata and arranged to sell them the 10 pounds of marijuana. Unfortunately, the suspects chose a different manner of exchange in obtaining the marijuana. A be on the lookout bulletin was sent to neighboring law enforcement agencies, but the suspects are still outstanding.

Earlier Chapter: Amed Robbers Steal 10 Pounds of Marijuana



  • What does that mean a different manner of of exchange in obtaining marijuana?

    • It means being ripped off is NOT what he had in mind!!! [edit]

    • I believe law enforcement is referring to the suspects preferring to steal rather than to exchange money for the product.

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      As I have previously stated, growing, dealing, and smoking weed is for people who have little intelligence.

      Don’t sell to people you don’t know! Be prepared to defend yourself and your family and your people. Please don’t endanger your neighbors or anyone else with your stupid drug crime!

      Selling cannabis to strangers is stupid, and quite illegal!

  • charles engebretson

    Idiot and his money soon parted…you met a couple guys at a bar and just brought them home…bet thats the last time ya do that…sucks you got ripped but cmon man…let’s get drunk and try to sell ten pounds to two strangers

  • Lol!!UP TOP. Lol

  • Jimmydeansausage

    Bar should have cameras and their faces should be shown to all. Have these thieves exposed.

  • They don’t call it dope for nuthin’.

  • still slingin weed in bars to complete strangers,,, unfuckinreal,,,,extremely desperate or extremely stupid,,,,,or both?????

  • Yeah I got ripped off.ok what was taken? 10 pounds of the sticky not sure if y’all will help me I’m very stupid.

  • Notinmycreekbruh

    Rule no 1 dont deal with blacks.
    Rule,no 2 dont deal with strangers that are blacks.
    Rule no 3 , see rule no 1+2
    Idiot! Taking them home, they know where you live now! They will be back ! They were blacks.
    Your done, move idiot!

    • Just “Don’t Deal With Strangers” will suffice.
      Keep you racist comments and attitude to yourself. You are a sorry individual.

    • You are dismissing an entire group of people?

      Dang, what about Willie Mays, Rosa Parks, Nelson Mandela, Mohammed Ali, Prince, Stevie Wonder, Frederick Douglass, Michael Jordan, Sojourner Truth, Ray Charles, Bob Marley, Nat King Cole, Benjamin Banneker, Patricia Bath, Oprah Winfrey, Maya Angelou, the Williams sisters, Beyonce, George Washington Carver, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Trevor Noah, Lewis Latimer, Otis Boykin, Langston Hughes, Alice Walker, WEB Du Bois, Harriet Tubman, Barak Obama, Pele, Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, James Brown, John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Aretha Franklin, Jimi Hendrix, Billie Holiday, etc.

      • Why did I get deleted.

        • Because I can only take so many racist comments. I try to talk through one or two and then I delete them.

          • So when I said if you want to be a dope dealer put your boots on man up and if s**t goes wrong don’t call the cops because they already got their hands full what’s racist about that

            • That’s not what you said. You said, “What do any of those black people have to do with robbing stupid white growers. Blacks have found the end of the rainbow here.”

          • Kym , how come you did not mention any conservative Blacks. you are the racist.

            • What?

              I am unaware of the political leanings of most of those people I named.

              • That’s because you do not care to do the research, and any conservative is out of your mind set as you see them as mis-guided and below your core values. There are so many conservatives that are black or Mexican in the news and on the web that it would be hard to miss them, unless they are repugnant to you. I see you as very closed minded and blinded by your own prejudice ,you cannot see it as you are to close to the real problem.

                • That makes no sense.

                  First, you said I mentioned no conservative blacks in my quick list of black people that I knew were admirable in response to bruh making disparaging remarks about an entire race.

                  Then, when I said I was unaware of the political leanings of the people on that list so I had no idea whether or not they were conservative, you said I did not care to do the research (you are right there, I don’t care to spend my time researching their political leanings as whether I admire them or not has nothing to do with their politics.)

                  Next, I think you are saying that any conservative is “out of your mind set as you see them as mis-guided and below your core values.” You know nothing about who I value or not. Do you know my dad was very conservative and very admirable? Other conservatives who I admire include my neighbor, the Redway Fire Captain Brian Anderson and more famous conservatives such as John McCain, Alexander Hamilton, Margaret Thatcher, Colin Powell and Condeleeza Rice (whom I omitted from my list along with many others because I forgot them at the time.)

                  I didn’t try to balance my list with conservative and liberal people of color. I just mentioned those that came to mind. I admire them for various reasons most of which are not political. Why would I research their politics?

                  I don’t know the politics of Tana French, Jonas Salk, and Arland Dean Williams Jr. I still admire them whether they are conservative or liberal.

                  I don’t presume to know your values. Please, try to keep an open mind about mine.

            • Clarence Thomas is an embarrassment to us all, black, white, and plaid, that’s why.

      • More racism. Don’t know when to stop?

      • WTH is a ‘nagger’?

      • Need you say the list you mentioned they are black and all and I mean all had a unlawful part in history read on the facts. Count the crimes in Humboldt that blacks were involved say the last 25years and list them all the crimes if your such great historian be honest please. Thank you for being so understanding of black history just a little bit upset about all this black poor me B.S.

        • All had an unlawful part in history? I’m a little confused. What has Neil deGrasse Tyson done now? Trevor Noah? etc?

          I’m afraid that counting the crimes black or white people have committed in Humboldt would take pouring over years of records. I don’t have the time. But I guarantee if you did look over the arrest records in Humboldt County you would find the vast number of those arrested are white.

        • The County Per 1000 Residents
          80.4 Black
          26.9 Non-Black

          Eureka itself Per 1000 Residents
          513.6 Black
          276.8 Non-Black

          • It looks like you are saying that Humboldt Co. is 80.4% black but I’m sure you mean something different. Can you explain?

          • An arrest rate is calculated by dividing the number of reported arrests by the respective population; the result is multiplied by 100,000. Humboldt likely doesn’t have 100,000 people so a smaller number was used. Using 1000 bloats both rates a bit but equally.

            The issue about statistics though is they don’t tell the full story. Humboldt County and EPD have a disproportionate number of black vs non-black arrest. Which based off the amount of non-black vs black in overall population means blacks tend to be targeted for arrest more often than any other race.

    • Dothe rightthing.

      Yup, strangers in a bar would have sufficed. Drunk got rolled. Old story bro. Sad it was a black issue.

    • Wow…

      Wall Streets White. Remember 08? One might empty your pockets while the other takes your house.
      Yea most Black kids are born into a world which offerers 1/25 the opportunities of simply being white: Case in point the opportunity* to do business with you creekbruh. See how that works.

      Know your Enemy.

    • Fotuna rsident?

  • But they seemed chill bro, yeah and then all of a sudden he said its on you homie and pulled a gun.
    Never bring home strangers let alone fucking canadians!

  • If you are going to deal with strangers, take a pic of them, a pic of their ID, and a pic of their ride including plates. Then give your phone to a friend or hide it (leave it on). Tell the buyer it is non negotiable, and tell them why!

  • By now, it is being rolled up into blunts down in Oakland. Sorry man! Next time, have a few big friends with you, and money in hand before showing all of it.

  • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

    People that aren’t drug dealers or members of The Marijuana Caliphate, simply don’t have these issues.
    God has given you a second chance and it’s time to repent of the drug life, rejoin sober and productive humans.
    Nothing about marihuana is productive, because marijuana is destructive.

    Move on, start a new life- plan on some of their friends visiting you for more free drugs.

    • Caliphate is strictly Muslim FYI.

    • Dothe rightthing.

      Wish I knew who You were. Apparently you don’t discuss these things at the bridge. You are a hidyhole troll. Bring it into the light. At least open the curtains in your basement.

    • There’s no talking sense to a strung out marijuana addict.

      • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

        Right! Like I’m supposed to help these zombies and Caliphate members?
        Once I’m on CHP, I’ll help them by ticketing them, confiscating their cash, making them scatter their marihuana on the ground, and arresting them for various crimes.

        That’s the only true way to help z marihuana addict, is by sending them to jail where help is available to them.

      • Who lives near humboldt and uses phrases like ” marjuana addict?”… not only foolishly ignorant, judgemental, and moronic, but also factually impossible – weed ain’t addictive… many folks with 140 plus IQ’s smoke it daily…

    • So which big money marijuana company did you buy stocks in HBC? & How do you get paid? By the hour or by the post? I think I might be seeing you on other media as well. Are you very busy?

  • So you want to meet people at the bar that you don’t even know sell your drugs and when you get robbed you want to call the cops. That is complete b******t you should pay for the cops time.

  • The moral of this story
    “Live & Learn”

  • The same thing happened near Fort Bragg a couple of years ago. The same type of guys [edit] One robbery they scorched a grower`s scrotum with a blowtorch (probably propane) to get him to reveal the location of his stash and treasury. The other robbery they pistol – whipped a grower which left him kind of stupid for a while.

  • Gee wonder if it’s the same black guys who ripped off and shot the guy down in Briceland?

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