Parent Effectiveness Training Offered at CR’s Garberville Instructional Site

From College of the Redwoods:

Payment plans and child care are available. Preregistration encouraged. Call 923-3065 for further questions about the class.



  • Ouch,$350.thats a bit.good idea,it’s alot of money for folks today though. That’s food money for a couple weeks.

    • I think thats standard for a 3 credit CR class.. maybe that was Humboldt.. memory serves selectively

      Also offered is Intro to Psych at Miranda H.S.

  • Victor G. Flashman

    That’s what you get for, like, one pound of bud, right? So, like, sell a pound! Oh and then, like, take the class!

    When you are done pinching and watering the pot in the van, like, go to class! OH and get someone to watch the kids! Don’t forget where your place is…

    OH and Goobsterdam moms and dads, try to stop getting tattoos and talking on the phone, poking the phone, and staring at, your phone, long enough to RAISE YOUR KIDS. That is if you have enough time in between spliffs…

    Hopefully the class isn’t being held in Eureka…

    Jeeze, no one will get that, no one from Goobsterdam anyway…

    • Wow Victor, I’m sorry we’re not all rich AND a perfect parent like you. I neither smoke nor grow, and that is a LOT of money!!! I work my ass off usually AT LEAST 5 days a week – usually up between 3 and 6am in order to be ready and get things ready for my kiddo to go to childcare, and get to work on time- I take pride in my job. Between gas, groceries, child care and bills a class such as this would not be in my budget – despite my interest in doing all I can to raise my daughter to the best of my ability with respect, manners, and morals. I haven’t gotten a tattoo since long before my child was born (not sure what your issue is with body ink anyway), and as for my phone – it’s basically used to keep in touch with my job and childcare provider and FLEETING moments such as this where my child is napping and dinner is in the oven- where I like to check in with the world and make sure I’m aware of what’s going on around me in my community. So excuse the hell out of me Sir if this makes me some kind of “bad parent” because I am unable to afford to go to this class. Now pardon me whileI go back to beating myself up for being overwhelmed and so obviously an unsuccessful parent.

    • Officially, this is the last time I will let Goobsterdam be used. Use it again and expect to edited or deleted.

  • Don't breed if you're too dumb to parent them once they're out

    Techniques in this course are unproven by science and there are far more effective and verified parenting education models. Do your research. Gordon methodology is loosely based on manipulating your child by bringing attention to what you “need.” People need to grow up. To “be the parent.” Quit tip-toeing around your children like they are the king’s and queens of your abode! Or worse make them beholden to your whims. Parents need to just put down their alcoholic beverages and their phones and engage with their children. Most fail to understand that the gist of any successful parent/child interaction is that kids will be kids and the adult must be the adult. Expecting a two or 3year old to behave or understand like an adult is miopic and self-serving. Likewise coddling and doing “for” an older child who is clearly able and needs to “do for himself” causes both the parent and child grief in the short and long term and hense the need for “parenting classes.” But one needn’t shell out 350$ and drive to town for 10 weeks to know that.

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