Man Sought for Marijuana Robbery Arrested After Fleeing Traffic Stop

This is a press release from the California Highway Patrol. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

Anthony Burgess

Anthony Burgess

On 08/27/2017 at approximately 2251 hours, CHP officer K. Phillips observed a silver Honda Civic Coupe with a mechanical violation and initiated a traffic stop. Upon stopping, a male passenger took footbail [fled on foot] from the Honda. Officer Phillips gave chase and took the passenger, later identified as Anthony Burgess into custody several blocks away. It was later learned that Burgess had been revoked from post release community supervision, and had an active warrant for armed robbery out of Humboldt County. Heroin was also located in his personal bag located inside the Honda. The driver of the Honda was arrested under suspicion of driving under the influence by CHP officer J. Esselman, and additionally had a no bail warrant for comtempt of the Humboldt County Superior Court.

Earlier Chapter: One Sought for Armed Robbery During Marijuana Sale; One Arrested



  • Two more off the streets, looks like for a bit longer than the usual catch & release!!!

    • Victor G. Flashman


      Can’t someone DO something about this guy??

      He gets arrested again and we have to give him a TROPHY! MOST ARRESTS IN HISTORY.


  • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

    What motivates someone to mark up their face?

    Tattoos are nearly as bad as marihuana, but if he takes the case to court and says he was eradicating the marihuana and not stealing it, certainly he’ll be found not guilty.

    Eradicating marihuana isn’t a crime, if anything we need more people out there stomping the dope.

    • Go Cardinals!!

    • Muddy Black Dodge

      Go away Bridge Chimp. No one wants your trolling on this blog or in this beautiful county… Attention readers…. don’t feed the Bridge Chimp, don’t comment or argue with this fool.

      • I love the comments! He speaks for me and many others I know. Please add your own if you have something to say rather than shouting for censorship and suppression of other opinions. I suspect you might be part of the Marijuana Caliphate here to destroy our freedom?

        • wow, another clueless use of the word “Caliphate”. meanwhile we have a hard drug epidemic destroying our nation. I blame people like yourself because it is mostly the offspring of people like yourself that are part of this epidemic. the route of education is the only true path out.

          • they were indoctrinated by the right wing nut jobs now calling themselves the freedom caucus. it all stated in 2011 with the birth of the wingnut news websites to brainwash them. it is literally a product of a think tank that they paid for to create another generation of hate in which in theory should lean to the right. with 90 million snowflakes just in Gen Z they have known they are fucked since 2010 when the data came out. I view it as something the patriot act covers and they should be locked up for implementing it. it is a premediated action of evil. protect your kids because that’s the target with all this hate and disinformation.

            • Victor G. Flashman

              I have decided not to comment on Chump or Sparklemahn’s comments.

              On the other hand, Chump is just a local character who enjoys absurdism,[edit]
              Best not to disturb them, any more than they already are…

      • He must lead a very sad life for sure…

      • NICE photo!!!! Thank you for posting!

    • C. H. U. M. P.

      Points of View

      C. H. U. M. P.

  • he is already back on the street .knowing our do nothing district attorney i won’t mention any names .

  • Maybe they’ll keep him now.🖒

  • Why would anyone associate themselves with burgess? He’s just going to steal from you in the end. Maybe he can try and steal some commisary in prison and get beat.

  • This guy desperately want you to think he is a gang banger. A little too desperately if you ask me. I bet his free phone call was to mom.

  • The revolving door at our jail is beyond ridiculous. It is to a point where everyone can blame our DA, judges and county supervisors for not trying to keep the public safe. This guy has proven, over and over, he has no intention of changing, so should be kept off the streets for many years. Everyone needs to remember these times when it comes to elections.

  • If a person who hates pot as much as the chump .why does he live in the world capital of pot ? why don’t you move away to like Alaska I don’t think there is as much pot being grown there. just saying ?

  • Funny how our leggislators want to revamp the bail system.

  • More like pendejo instead of loco

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