Hwy 36 Construction Closures Will Stop for Labor Day Weekend

Hwy 36 signTo ease traffic this coming weekend, construction on Hwy 36 improvements will cease at noon on Friday and not resume until 8 a.m. Tuesday, September 5.

Here’s the email sent out by Kody King of Mercer Fraser, the construction company working on Hwy 36:

Labor Day Weekend is quickly approaching and just wanted to let everyone know we will be working different hours to help with the Labor Day Weekend traffic. On Friday we need to be off the road by 12pm and no work will happen on the road the rest of the day once we open the road to traffic at 12pm. We will not be working on the project Monday September 4th as well. Full road closures will start up again on Tuesday September 5th at 8am in the morning. Hope everyone has a great Labor Day Weekend.



  • God help us over Labor Day weekend, drivers can’t handle it on regular days.

  • I drove through there about 6 am last Sunday, Aug. 20, and all the old road is still there and usable. I was expecting to see lots of new construction going on.

    • They’re just getting started, it takes awhile since they have yet to invent a shovel that stands by itself as yet!!! Workers still must hold them up wasting valuable time that could be used standing around without a shovel!!!

    • Been there, done that.

      It’s a two year project. Since when does moving a mountain happen overnight? You can thank the federal government and their politics for delays.

  • Doesn’t this press release say 36 will be OPEN labor day weekend?

  • God Bless all drivers traveling on 36!!please be safe

  • Does anybody wanna bet there will be accidents on the 36 ?over this weekend .

  • Lundbar Hillbilly

    Someone went over the side today about midday just west of B-ville. Ambulance and animal control (plus 2 CHP) were going that way as I continued west bound.
    I hope all are safe. The 36 is deadly; slow down this weekend, please people. Come home in one piece.

  • I was up there on Saturday, got photos of all the progress from day 1. Also have older photos of what it use to look like, documented, before this all happened. There are 2 gulches they have been getting filled in with dirt from Mercer frasiers yard. Its a slow process, but it will get done. There is a couple spots on the road u really want to slow down to 5mph for, I hit it doing 15 a few weeks ago, my truck went side-ways, kinda scary. There is also a spot where the road wants to become a ski-jump, guess the road is giving way, due to all the water in the hills. I know they say the new improved road will be safer, but with all the idiot stoned, and drunk drivers on it, it will just become a faster way to get into a accident, kill themselves or some-one else Ive noticed the accidents seem to happen 99% of the time after 3pm-7 days a week. When I have to travel 36, I leave my house here in Eureka butt-crack dawn, and am getting off 36 at noon, back to 101. Just feel safer that way

  • Thank you for the update and opening the road this weekend.

    With 299 closed due to the Helena Fire there will be lots of traffic on 36. Please be cautious and considerate to all drivers. Drive carefully.

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