Former Employee Identified as Suspect Wanted for Wielding a Knife During Robbery of McKinleyville Shell Last Night

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

 Jonathan AndersonOn Sunday evening at about 9:30, the Shell gas station at 1606 Central Avenue in McKinleyville was robbed of approximately $200.00 in cash and 5 cans of tobacco “chew”. The clerk on duty told deputies that he was vacuuming the store when a white male adult, later identified as 24 year old Jonathan Anderson (11/18/1992), entered the store wearing a grey hoody with a red bandana covering his face. The suspect was carrying a kitchen knife and demanded the clerk go behind the counter and open the register. While the clerk was complying with this demand, the suspect went to a cabinet and took a package of tobacco “chew”.

After viewing the surveillance video, the suspect was identified as a former employee of the gas station who was fired a week ago for stealing lottery tickets. As a result of this information, the deputies went to Anderson’s residence to interview him. During the interview, Anderson confessed to the robbery.

The stolen tobacco and cash were found in Anderson’s bedroom. Anderson told the deputies before arriving home after the robbery; he stashed the hooded sweatshirt, handkerchief, and the knife near a McKinleyville business. The deputies responded to the location described and found the items Anderson discarded. Anderson said he robbed the store to pay off a debt. He was arrested for armed robbery and booked into the Humboldt County Correctional Facility.



  • charles engebretson

    What a “dip” shit

  • You just can’t hire competent evil minions anymore.

  • Is their any dip shit award? Good grief Charlie brown!!!

  • I used to work there 30+ years ago and I was always afraid I’d get something like this when I was on nights by myself.
    This guy is actually quite typical of your average incompetent criminal. Prisons aren’t exactly bursting with PhDs.

  • How come fucktards talk to the po-lice yo?!is there a sentimental moment when they want too confess their actions and just admit to committing a felony (felonies) and just go to prison and do some hard my younger dumb days I got out of more than a few DUI by simply looking the officer in the eye and saying “no I haven’t had a drop of alcohol” instead of saying “oh you know what ,,i only had a couple”…deny,deny,deny fucktards..get a job..go fill out an application for work everyday..[edit]..shit he even told them where the clothes were..funny shit..

  • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

    I wonder if the debt was over a visa card and he was worried about his credit rating?

    People should always live BELOW their means and not go into debt.

    Very sad he’ll be going to prison over $200 and chaw.

    Anyone reading his jacket will make fun of him.

  • A real rocket scientist!

  • You guys are all insensitive fuckin assholes.. I hope you fall a cliff or just fuckin drop dead… this is someone’s child some ones brother someone’s sister could be someone’s dad like come on you guys are just as bad

  • Too bad jail does not equal rehab. He looks like he can still change into a good citizen.

  • Interesting, they usually don’t state the amount of cash taken. Maybe this is an attempt to show how little you cash you can get by knocking over a gas station.

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