Fire Near Weott

A forest fire was spotted about 2:48 p.m. in the Weott area near Williford Road off the Avenue of the Giants. Power lines were down at the scene of the fire.

The State Parks, CAL FIRE Aircraft, Engines, Crews, Miranda Fire, Redcrest Fire, and PG&E responded to the fire which was spreading slowly. The quarter acre fire is mostly under control and fire personnel and equipment are being released.
Smoke from a fire in a state park



  • Weird place for a fire….access is closed at the Avenue. Does anyone live up there? That photo is east of 101….

  • Power was out briefly in Weott. Less than half an hour…

  • Why is there only information on fires in SoHum? What about the rest of the county? There were 3 fires in hoopa today. One was over 30 acres.

    • I can only do so much. I do report northern fires too usually, but today I didn’t find out about them until later and then didn’t get information sent to me as I did on the SoHum Fires. If you want me to report on something that I’m not, send the information you have to I do the best I can to cover northern Humboldt but frankly, folks in SoHum are used to me and send me more info than folks in the other end of the county.

    • Dothe rightthing.

      NoHum get your own awesome blogger. Or start your oun. Lots of news these daze. Good to get truly local updates. As well as as they can news from over hill.

  • You do so well, Kym! I live on the flight path, so I hear and often see aerial response. I am glad that our responders have a fight-first policy, but often I can’t find information when I hear a fire plane go over and circle (it is a very distinctive sound). In this weather, a fire plane circling can be scary, but I can always count on RHBB for the facts. Many thanks.

  • Friend heading south from Fortuna called and asked me to check with you why he’s seeing so much smoke to the west (of 101 south of Fortuna). He is staying a little east of Weott on the main stem. We appreciate all the info you provide for the whole community!

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