Armed Robbers Steal 10 Pounds of Marijuana

Humboldt County Sheriff MarijuanaTwo black male adults reportedly stole ten pounds of marijuana about 10 p.m. on Gassaway Road in McKinleyville.

According to the scanner traffic which we managed to partially capture below, the two men allegedly stole the pounds while wielding a 45 caliber pistol.

Here’s the transcription of the scanner traffic captured:

[The first suspect was a black male adult] wearing a red sweater, basketball shorts, and had short hair. The second subject BMA [a black male adult] unknown name, 6’3″, lanky in build, gray hoodie, and also wearing basketball shorts.

The suspect didn’t fire the firearm but put the firearm in his face and demanded all the marijuana and then ordered the subject to get on the ground and then took off on foot in an unknown direction of travel. The marijuana was in a hard plastic silver suitcase.




    Unbelievable to me how many folks around here call the cops when they get robbed during a drug deal.

  • What, no gold teeth? No white SUV?

  • this is exactly the kind of thing that weed brings to humboldt. Roll on the time when the central valley crushes the shit bags growing up here and we can be left in peace. yeah yeah what would we do without weed money etc blah blah. the majority of growers don’t pay taxes anyways.

    • Humboldts a ghetto now……imagine the billion dollars in cash spent here….gone? Taxes or not,ghost county

      • Humboldt is has been a ghetto for a long time. Eureka is no different than anywhere else in the US with the same dynamics. it is a product of small town corruption. these local scumbags like the “don’t do it bro” that just took footbail in Eureka, again, will be robbing what ever he can at the time. there are thousands of them in Eureka/McK/Fort. thousands, all most all locally raised. what is it you think they will do for income?

    • I’m with you sickofem!

    • Hrmm , the sales tax, which is the tax that they do pay , is the one that most supports they county. They might not pay income tax on their profits but to say they dont pay taxes is wrong.

      • Everybody that buys anything pays sales tax, [edit]
        Try paying SSI, SDI, Medicare, Federal & Income taxes, like your supposed to. The ones that most dopers double dip into when they receive welfare benefits.

        • Dopes call them “dopers”.

        • Is there any reason for mame calling? Seriously ? And sure everyone pays sales tax, however since growers and spending huge amounts of money, i think it is fairly safe to say that when they leave the sales tax funds will be cut sharply. I am merely pointing out that they do pay some tax, maybe not federal taxes but excise and sales tax , property taxes and the like they do pay.

    • Really? How much weed did this guy steal,

      Every grower I know pays taxes. Normally 70-80K annual claimed income Otherwise they couldnt show income i order to qualify for lines of credit, auto/home loans.

    • Weed is legal. People have permits now. I know lots of people who paid out the ass to the county to get them. So, you sir are wrong.

  • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

    Plant of peace….. marihuana growers to federal authorities.

  • Victor G. Flashman

    It’s always African-Americans in hoodies… I have a hard time believing that white guys get jacked for pounds, and it always sounds like a story concocted by idiots to explain to their suppliers where the “missing” product went.

    If I fronted you weight, you better produce the cash or the dope, or take the consequences.

    Dope dealing 101. (see also: The Sopranos, Miami Vice et al) I don’t think there is a “remedial” course offered…

  • It’s Walmarts fault

  • Nobody knows da trouble I has seen, Nobody knows sepin me………………….

  • Some blacks view white people as a payday.That’s the reality of it,not to be racist or anything like that.

    • Some white people view black people as the enemy. That’s a reality. Not that I’m accusing people of being racist or anything like that…

      • Of course not. We all know there’s no such thing as racism. That’s fake news perpetuated by the liberals same as climate change and medicinal cannabis. And if you believe that you’ve got to be some Conservative wingnut.

      • Why won’t you let me speak. You even deleted yourself what’s going on here.

      • Diversity is only a strength when people are enlightened. Otherwise it’s a weapon. The majority are not enlightened. Here we are.

        • How do you get enlightened without diversifying?

          • We are all one consciousness. Hsu teaches people to identify by their spacesuit, their race, their religion . Without having an understanding of what we are, the nature of reality, it’s pointless. everyone is just a mind program for the state. That’s why all these groups are in constant contradiction, like they have picked their identity out of a catalog. There’s nothing to work with, I’m afraid

            • I’m not sure that we are all one consciousness. At any rate, we all experience reality through our own lenses. I see the world one way, a man brought up in New York and a transgender person brought up in a suburban Ohio home all have vastly different experiences. The spacesuit we all wear with its myriad colors, sizes, genders, and handicaps affects the way others treat us. And that is bound to affect our reality.


      Some dealers see growers as a payday.

    • Same goes for white upper class one percenters that have built an entire society on the backs of the exploitation and enslavement of poor undereducated black and brown people. It’s called socio-political economics. Look it up before you spew your ignorant small town racist world view all over this thread again and again and again and again every time there is news about a black person and a crime. Check out the per capita violent crime stats in this county based on the per capita race population. It’s all a bunch of white [edit] local boys strung out in meth and heroin. Of course there will be people of color that make it here to indulge on the last great cash grab of the California green rush. What did you expect? You and your redkneck family members grew so much bammer weed that the market got so saturated, the whole world knows about this place now. Furthermore, Kym, you should filter this kind of trash from these threads. All comments like mr fuckwaltwrwhite.coms do is perpetuate hate.

      • What you’re saying sounds very indulgy (pretty sure that’s not a real word, but it feels so right… what I mean is indulgent). We all have a hard time calling apples apples sometimes because oranges are so delicious and appealing, but an apple is NOT an orange; just like indulgy is not a word and if you will take a look at the stats/data as you recommend, you will find that STATISTICALLY, you are 100% wrong. Follow the link below to find the data I’m referencing:

        Yes, there are strung out white people, but there are also strung out black people and Asian people and Native American people. This ISN’T about race, man! It’s about calling apples apples!

        That said, @Wow, what in the actual hell?!
        1. Are you seriously suggesting that legalization will promote growers to join the ranks of the average tax paying citizen?! That’s crazy talk man! What is the ONE incentive growers have to work their asses off besides the nice cash flow? It’s NOT paying taxes on that nice cash flow (or child support, but that’s another story)!
        2. Not to get into more touchy shit, but are you saying people that carry guns are the real criminals??? How am I supposed to protect myself and my family from all the white, local, strung out rednecks??

      • So by indulge you mean rob people at gun point??

  • For one, as marijuana becomes legal people will finally be able to pay taxes on it openly, although most people I know that grow do pay all their taxes, it is just laundered somehow. And, they will now be able to report rip offs so real criminals that carry guns can finally get put in check. Win win.

  • Zero fucks given.

    • Reading these posts and replies is a sad deal. People who’ve done time or know people who’ve done time, semi-tough guys, idealists who have no idea and old hippies who think it’s still 1968. The most frightening are the folks who have the talking points down and yet can’t tell you what happened or when it took place. I wonder what these people would do if something really bad happened.

      • Sorry Uncle Dave, I thought it WAS still 1968. Yeah, Nixon’s still president, Vietnam is raging, college campuses in turmoil, RFK and ML King murdered by mutants, and Black Power comes on, wow, nothing really bad happened THEN…

        I call Humboldt pretty out of control these days, kinda starting to look like Sinaloa level crazy, and I am someone who tells folks NOT to travel to Mexico…

        Guess what, I am sorta waiting for the bodies to start stacking up, the REAL piracy to begin, and some really bad stuff to happen behind all this drug nonsense, and that’s not just some hippie shit…

  • Don’t you people understand, god made people different colors so that we could identify and lump like minded individuals together in groups easier. ie. Brown skin , equals criminal, blacks , Latinos , native, etc . White or pink skin equals, innocent victim or law abiding , god fearing , tax paying citizen

  • The sad thing that people prefer to ignore is race wars have always been intended as a way to keep society as a whole against each other. One of many ways used to control a population. The same reason laws and the legal system were created. Why do we need laws? Is humanity really so absolutely bloodthirsty and vicious that we would all rape and kill each other if we weren’t restrained?

    To say violent crime is worse than theft is merely a matter of opinion and ones own morals. Simply because something is against my morals doesn’t mean it is against someone else’s. If a person does something that goes against my morals but not there’s who is the person doing wrong? Them for doing something I personally find morally wrong but is completely acceptable based off their moral code or I am the one in the wrong for judging them and looking at them in a negative way because they aren’t following my morals a.k.a laws?

    White society has enslaved and slaughtered millions of people for hundreds of years without having it be an issue. We bred African-American the same way we do with farm animals, to create a healthier ans stronger animal. They were merely a piece of property to us, we could do with as we wish. Though god forbid they do something we don’t agree with like steal a couple pounds of crops. That’s simply unforgivable, we may have slaughtered their ancestors and laughed while doing it but that pales in comparison to the pot they stole.

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